Monday, January 11, 2010

I don't understand why this is a "thing". Which is another reason why I should probly avoid procreation of any sort.

My girlfriends were chatting the other day on our message board about how they told their husbands that they were pregnant. Before I knew these girls, I didn't really know that it was a big thing to try to figure out a way to tell your husband/family/friends that you're expecting a child. I try to avoid all that sort of stuff if possible. I'm happy when people I know who want to have babies get pregnant, for sure! But that's about where the interest ends for me. Because I'm made of dirt and evil and stuff.

This all explains why my contribution to the discussion was as follows: "I'm thinking that if I ever got pregnant, I'd tell Leo by throwing things at his penis. Just a guess, though. And I'm not sure he'd get it if I told him like that. It'd probably be accompanied by me yelling a lot about being knocked up, so hopefully he'd pick up on it from the yelling part."

Speaking of Leo, he accompanied me to dinner last night at a new(ish) Japanese place over in Lenexa/West OP/whateverthefuck part of town it is called Edokko Sushi. I read about it on (just guess! I betcha know what I'm gonna say!) Fat City last week when they talked about the place having all-you-can-eat Maki rolls on Sundays. Leo and I loooove sushi. But we like nigiri AND maki. I wasn't sure how well a night of just maki rolls would go over for us, but figured it was worth a try, for just $24.95.

Turns out that is per person. I don't know about you all, but even for a fat chick like me, eating enough maki to get my money's worth on a deal like that is ridiculously hard. But still, $50 is a low-end cost for a sushi meal for Leo and I, and so we settled in and gave it the old college try! They include a salad and bowl of soup with the cost of the all you can eat meal, so we started with that. And then we ordered 6 rolls that sounded good to us. Turned out that the 6 rolls, plus the soup and salad and the tea we ordered came to less than the cost of the all-you-can-eat deal. (We must like cheap rolls, I guess!) So they charged us for the normal cost of the rolls, and the soups and salads, and sent us on our way.

Regardless, we really liked the place, and will be back in the future. I'd highly recommend it! The people were super-nice, the service was quick, the restaurant atmosphere was very pleasant, and the fish was yummy, which is the whole point anyway. It's nice to have another option in our part of town that isn't overpriced and a PITA to get to. Can't wait to go back!


faithstwin said...

I cried all 3 times I told the ex I was pregnant.

We tried our old sushi place this last week and while my spicy tuna was spicy the rolls resembled the rolls I can get at Pavilions in the ready made section. The fish was ok (from what I could taste over the spicy) but I won't be going back. It wasn't worth the money.

All-you-can-eat is tough but I'm glad they saw that what you ordered came under the amount of the AYCE and charged you accordingly- but how were you under the assumption it was $24.95 total no matter how many people in your party? Did you think it was per table or something? I'm curious.

Faith said...

Yes ma'am. Well, to be honest, I wasn't sure. If you read the website for the restaurant, as well as the mention on Fat City, it's not easy to figure out. I figured it was per table because, srsly...most people cannot eat that many rolls! Leo and I usually get 12 - 13 pieces of nigiri sushi, and then a couple of rolls to share when we go out other places. Just eating rolls, to be honest, we could have done fine with only 4 rolls to share. Especially when starting out with salad and soup, too. If each roll has anywhere from 6 - 8 pieces, it's a LOT of food when you order 6 different ones!

It's just not a good deal for us, overall. I'd rather stick to our normal nigiri/maki combo we tend to do.

faithstwin said...

That's a lot of sushi. I'm coming from a diff angle though: The girls have gotten into tempura shrimp cut rolls and I only get a spicy tuna cut roll. Then we do soup and they do rice and I do a salad. It's not unusual for our sushi dinner to come to under $22 all together.

That explanation makes sense though.

Now I want some sushi...

JOCOeveryman said...

I've been wanting to try that sushi place so thanks for the heads up.

When I visit your blog I find that I stay and read like 4 or 5 I guess that means I like it. Thanks for writing.