Monday, January 04, 2010

I'm all about the information.

Some tidbits of info for you all (local folks, anyway) to start your year off with...

- West Elm at 119th and Roe is closing on January 18th. Right now, they have a 20% off sale on everything left in the store, as well as some close-out prices on some floor models of things like coffee tables. I went and bought a bunch of bedding and pillows over the weekend, but plan on visiting again as the end date gets closer, to see if that discount gets any steeper. I will miss them verily. But their lease is up on the 18th, and they figured it made more sense to close right now. They might be back in the future, in a different location, they said. Mm-hmm...we'll see. I'd think a "different location" might be someplace on the Plaza, if they can manage it.

They also said that they heard rumors that Crate & Barrel might be on their way out, too. Iiinteresting...

- I have a lot of kudos to hand to Fat City these days. Their updates on restaurant openings around town has kept me in the loop of some awesome new places, and I wanted to say thanks for the pointers! Last week, Leo and I were going to get some dumplings at Blue Koi, until we got there and realized it was a Sunday night. Doh! We were down at the Mission Farms location, so we headed over to the new Hot Basil Thai restaurant (read Ferruzza's review here) on 119th instead, and had a yummy dinner filled with authentic and delicious Thai favorites. I was in the full swing of my cold at the time, so I ordered the Thom Yum soup at a medium spice level. That cold was knocked right outta me for the rest of the night, I swear! (I would regularly order the soup at a mild level, because I like my taste buds...and my ass.) Lee Chai came out and chatted with us a couple of times, since we were the only ones in the restaurant besides a lady sampling their duck at another table at the time. He was so nice! They were doing a lot of take-out orders that night, thanks to the weather, so it was pretty quiet in there at the time. No matter to us...we liked the attention, and the delicious food was well worth the treacherous road conditions we were challenged with to get there.

Another spot that we decided to check out, thanks to the encouragement given from Fat City, was Cozy's Cafe, on 75th Street. It's right around the corner from our house, so the convenience is hard to beat. Again braving the Sunday weather, we hit them up for breakfast yesterday morning, since I was craving something like hash, and Leo wanted a pancake. Unfortunately, they don't have anything like hash, but they did have a delicious bacon, avocado, and jack cheese omelette that I tried. YUM! Leo got a banana pancake, and after his first bite, he set his fork down, and looked at the plate sideways, which worried me to be honest. But then he said, "Um...this is really good!" And then he went to town on finishing the behemoth flapjack, which he was soon dredging in the remains of his eggyolks from the two eggs over easy he'd ordered as an accompaniment. Seemed disgusting to me, but it's how he likes it, so...::shrugs::

The prices were just right for a Sunday breakfast. And aside from the rude behavior of a snow-clearing, bitchy woman out in a plow in the back parking lot (the front lot was full when we got there, so we just went around back to park), we were greeted with pleasant smiles, and very quick service. The menu is small, and slightly unusual in places, but I'd definitely recommend the place.

Oh, and to all the places that we tried to go to on Friday night for dinner, but were closed because it was New Years Day? Fuck y'all. Private parties for your employees should be held on Mondays, NOT Friday nights. So Sakura out in Lenexa, Blue Koi on 39th, and Genghis Khan? We went to Friends instead. Because they were OPEN. And they had a SHIT TON of customers that night, you losers. :P


JustCara said...

Thanks about the West Elm tip! I go over there quite a bit but the staff always ignores me so I leave without buying anything. Now I'll just put up with their surliness and get stuff on the cheap.

And if C&B closes I am going to slit my wrists with my Wustof Gourmet 7 piece knife set.

faithstwin said...

Now I want some tom yum, eggs and bacon.

Cara: all 7 of them? Or is there a specific wrist-slitting knife included in the set?

Faith said...

C&B pissed me off by refusing to post my review I put up on their website for our couch that we bought there 2 years ago. So I boycott them now. They can close, and I will CELEBRATE, dammit. (Don't slit your wrists, though...West Elm so kicks their ass, even if we do have to have shit shipped to us from the from now on. And maybe if C&B closes, Ikea will rethink opening a store here? Perhaps? I HOPE! Stupid Ikea and their not having a store in Kansas City grumble mumble madmadmad...)

Yeah, tom yum (thom yum? Thom York? Shit...) is yummy. It was funny, because one of the first things Lee asked when he visited our table was whether we make our own tom yum ever, and I told him we do! It was a fun conversation. :D

faithstwin said...

Pad prik? Cream of sum yung gi?

I can't go into any of the places you write about... though the girls would LUHUVE me if every time we went to the mall I said, "Let's go to Pottery Barn!," I must resist. Too. Many. Cool. Bowl/plates/vases/crap.

Faith said...

Don't even get me started on all the shiny at Z Gallerie. Fuck. It is HARD to walk in that place, and not come back out with a bag full of little bowls, vases, and pillows covered in beads and mirrors. But then I think "candleabras", and somehow, I'm able to resist. :P