Friday, January 08, 2010

Inordinate amounts of excitement all up in here.

KC Restaurant Week starts on the 22nd, and I am losing my mind looking over all the menus that are available to try! I'm thinking that I need to budget for quite a few dinners out, dammit. Because I wanna go to Aixois, and J. Gilbert's, and Fran's, and Cafe Trio, and hell if even Houlihan's menu doesn't sound delicious! (Could it be because it's lunchtime as I'm looking at this list? Maybe. Hmm...)

I did find one menu that was laughable, IMO. The Brasserie downtown? Apparently is only participating in the program for lunchtime. And they will serve you a chicken quesadilla and ice cream if you go there for lunch.

::blink blink::

Maybe they should check out the other menus being offered around town for the $15 price. Dude, even Michael Smith has at least 3 options for both appetizer and entree on his lunch menu! So, Brasserie? Yeah, I'm not paying $15 for your stupid effing quesadilla, I'm afraid. Dopes.

Aside from all those lovely menus buzzing around in my head, I have the newest Ben Fold's album ("Way to Normal") on my mind right now. I don't think I mentioned it when it first came out, so I thought it was worth mentioning now. GET IT. It is fucking AWESOME. There are some bad words here and there, for those of you that might have sensitive ears travelling around with you on a regular basis, but honestly, at least half of the songs are going into my workout mix I plan on pulling together this weekend, so listen to him when you workout. Or something. Just listen to it, is my point. You will enjoy it. And if you don't enjoy it? Then you make me sad.


faithstwin said...

OOooOooOoooo! That sounds yummy. Although I think $15 for lunch is a bit much for what some of those places are offering. Blanc Burgers+Bottles was the first lunch menu I came across that sounded like it would be worth it.

That sounds like what our cities do here (the 'Taste Of') where we can go booth to booth after purchasing tickets and get a small plate of food from any place serving. It is SUCH a great way to see what people offer.

I love food.

Erin said...

I'm so glad KC is getting on the Restaurant Week bandwagon. DC's is next week - we already have 2 dinner reservations and would have done a brunch as well but will be out of town.

Restaurant Week is the most wonderful time of the year.

Faith said...

Twin, 10% of the proceeds from every meal goes to Harvesters. And the lunches at Blanc and other places usually come to about $15 anyway, so it's nice that they're offering money to charity on top of that, I think! If I eat lunch out at a restaurant like one of those on the list, I'm likely going to spend about $15 on my meal, between a salad and an entree and stuff. Unless I'm at a Coco's. But we don't have those here, sadly. (Do you know how much I've been craving a burger from Coco's over the past couple of weeks? WTF is that about anyway? It's been a good 10 years since I've had one! So where is it coming from?)

Erin, I think it is so cool that we finally have this kind of thing here, too. I'm sure I'd heard of the concept from reading about it on a DC blog before, but I'm not sure what blog it was. I am so. excited. GAH!

faithstwin said...

Coco's? That's odd, dude.

You have some 'spensive lunches, then. I just had a personal pizza and a salad with a drink for $9. But then, I tend to do it all to go so I don't have to offer more than a couple bucks for a tip even when I'm getting stuff for all three of us.

I guess Ruby's would cost upwards of $15.

In any case, I know it's for charity as well. I hope it's successful for the sake of the people who benefit from Harvesters! That and it sounds like people get some pretty yummy stuff in return. (except the quesadilla and ice cream. That cracks me up.)