Thursday, January 21, 2010

My is not alone.

I've recently become acquainted with one Jen Lancaster. I bought two of her books (Bright Light, Big Ass and Such a Pretty Fat) on Monday when I was searching for new calendars in the woefully short-stocked calendar section at Borders in south OP. (Incidentally, if you're into a random variety of dogs, cats, or New Moon characters, that's the place to get your 2010 wall calendars. They're only $4!) Her books weren't in the calendar section, of course. I found her in their biography section. Which makes sense, for the most part.

The thing is, and maybe it's because I'm biased on this or something, but her books remind me of blog entries. Technically, she refers to them as "memoirs" and I guess that's what they are, really. But to me, it's like reading blog posts, except I can take them with me to read when I'm feeling lazy and in the mood for a recumbant bike at the gym.

I've only been reading her Bright Lights, Big Ass book for a couple of days, but damned if this woman doesn't make me laugh. I love it. So today, I'm kinda bored, and I decide to Google her. And I find the link to jennsylvania, which is essentially like a blog, of course, except it's really a whole website for her stuff overall.

But I just got to this post, which she titled New New Moon...and I had to share. If for no other reason than to make the Twin laugh. But other people might enjoy it, too, which is why I didn't just send the link to the Twin in a private email titled, "Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha! Read this! funny! Bwahahahahahahaha!!!" If you haven't read New Moon, or any of the Twilight series, then you might not be entertained by it. But if you have read the books, and have a love for them that straddles a sardonic/serious area in your heart, then believe me, this post is for you. Enjoy!

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faithstwin said...

Ha! That's hilarious. "DON'T YOU WALK AWAY FROM ME, MISTER!"

She's funny! Thanks for the link, dude...