Thursday, January 28, 2010


J.D. Salinger died. I'm sad to hear it, even though I thought he actually died a long time ago, before I was even born.

He sounds like he was a crazy/nutty asshole who was a shitty father to his children. But I don't care. I love my Franny and Zooey, and Buddy, and Holden. I've loved them since I was in high school, and could identify, somehow, with their childhoods/teenage/early 20's lives that took place in the 1940's. I can pretty much blame my strong desire to go to a boarding school of some type to finish high school on Holden.

It's been yeaaaarrrs since I read any of those books. I think I'll pull them off the shelf over the coming weeks, and give them their due, in remembrance of J.D. Poor old dude. Poor nutty, old dude...


faithstwin said...

Wow- I saw the headline but didn't read up on it. I, too, thought he had died long ago. Sounds like a very difficult man.

Its crazy what made people rich back in the early 1900's- his parents imported meats and cheeses? I suppose someone has to do it!

Faith said...

Yep. People do enjoy their imported meats and cheese!