Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Yesterday was a bad day. No denying it. I reached the bad day benchmark early on, when at a measely 10:07 a.m. I sent a note to my coworker that started with, "Oh COME ON! ::cries::" She told me later that I was very funny in my emails. Huh. Glad I could entertain her with my pain. Some people are just mean, yo.

Today is starting out better. I was on time for work, I had a yummy breakfast of leftover spaghetti squash and buffalo meatballs, and things are quiet in the office due to a half-day meeting my boss is in.

I'm going to spend most of that time creating a new "In Case of Emergency" file for Leo. I thought I would cheer myself up yesterday by catching up on the Anissa stroke progress thing after I read the latest about her family's need for help on The Bloggess's site, and instead, I wound up freaking myself the FUCK. OUT. (I initially tried to follow the issue back when The Bloggess first mentioned it in November, but the server where Hope4Peyton is hosted crashed under the traffic conditions. And then I never went back, because I'm forgetful like that. So I'm glad I caught up because it's apparent that Anissa will pull through and is getting better over time. But also? The crying. And the scary. And UGH HOW DID THEY DEAL WITH ALL OF THAT??? It was a bit much for a Monday, but still well worth the time, so go and read up. And help out, if you're able and willing! Go back to the November 2009 archives for the beginning of the story.) I know it's a random concern, but the fact remains that in my relationship with Leo, I'm the one that handles all the "fun" stuff. I pay the bills, deal with the savings accounts, and have all the credit cards. (That's not by my choice, btw. I mean the credit card part...he used to have one, but he cancelled it. Sucks.) If I were to drop dead, or even go into a coma today, I don't know what he'd do. Besides freak out and cry a lot. (He'd better cry a lot, dammit!)

So I need to pull together a little package of info just for him. Something that will help him to remember how many bills there are to pay, how to access the money for them, and all the log ons and directions for transfering money and all that good stuff.

It seems absolutely idiotic that I haven't thought about doing something like this before now. But I'd be willing to wager that I'm not alone in that stupidity. So if you don't have a backup plan for emergency conditions, get one in place.

Ok, that's it for the depressing crap this week, I swear. Tomorrow is my Friday, because I'll be heading to Vegas for a meeting on Thursday, and then Leo will join me on actual Friday for a weekend of random fun. The rest of this week should consist of remodel photos, and other random tidbits of good times. Because I need the good times. Don't you need the good times? That's right. Bring on the good times, then!


Ms. Pants said...

Well, while this is completely unrelated to your blog entry, I thought you might appreciate laughter at someone else's pain right now.

I was taking a swig of coffee when I saw the title for this entry on my feed-reader. And because I am a pre-pubescent boy when it comes to humour, I snort-laughed mid swig. I'm still trying to snarff all the coffee out of my sinuses.

Heh. Balls.

Faith said...

Hehehe! I've been saying it a lot, lately. Probly a good time for me to be separated by so many miles from any of my nieces and nephews. I would have them saying it, too, in mere minutes, I bet. Nothing funnier than a little person walking around expressing their distaste with something by using the expression "balls". :D

Average Jane said...

I need to do the same thing for my husband (although I always kind of assume that my sister will come over in case of dire emergency and figure out where everything is).

Faith said...

See, you're lucky with the family near by. Leo would have to wait until the Twin could find the time to get here, and then they could start trying to crack all my codes...but why not make it easier? I'm going to print it all off, and pop it in the safe deposit box. :D

Spyder said...

And I thought Balls was about Jeffers. I need to do a list also for the hubby. He has learned how to run the dishwasher this year! Yea!