Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 1 of many, maaaany more.

Leo and I started to follow the South Beach diet plan today. We're jumping in with the attempt to work through Phase 1. I started out the day thinking it could be easier than I think, but now I have a slight headache, and I'm generally listless. I think my body wants a cookie. Which is just like my body to behave like that! And it's also too damned bad because I gave all of mine away after lunch! (One guy actually came over to my desk to thank me, and to expound on the fact that he "just works out" every day so he can eat need for a diet. Um, fuck you very much! Glad that works for you bud! Buh-bye now. Buh-bye. ::waves::)

I'm thinking that by mid-week, I should be more accepting of the lack o' carbs thing. And then after another week and a half, I can reintroduce them, so yay!

We're also starting the kitchen remodel today. Bad timing? I don't really know yet. The stove will remain in place, as will the fridge. Both of those things are what are necessary to make meals in our house - as they likely are in most houses, I'd imagine, so I'm thinking we can make it through. We'll see. We might have to restart again once we get our beautiful new kitchen in place.

Oh, and not to worry...we're taking pictures as we go. Loooots, and loooooots of pictures. Hell-ooo! This is me we're talking about. I'm all about the sharin'. :D


Nuke said...

Good luck with both ventures!

Oh, and just FYI was sharing ghost stories with a couple friends last night, they LOVED "Tales of Jeffers"

Anonymous said...

Yay, photos!

So, what are you eating exactly? I need to do something like this, too.

Faith said...

You should check out their website, Cate. Or if you google "South Beach Diet Phase 1", th first link gives you a list of all the foods that it's ok to eat during the 1st 2-week long phase, and then that same website has the phase 2 foods listed as well.

But basically, it's lean meats (chicken, turkey, lean beef - although we stick to buffalo, of course), any kind of fish or shell fish, and veggies and beans up the yin-yang! This 1st part, for the 1st 2 weeks, we don't eat any carbs, except for those in the beans and in limited servings of tomatoes. (I'm craving cookies, Leo is craving oranges! HA!) Fruits, rice, bread, pasta, potatoes: all off the table. Not allowed right now. After the first 2 weeks are up, we can reincorporate some carbs in the form of fruits (yay for apples!!!), whole grains, and sweet potatoes.

So far, here's what I've been eating:

Breakfast: egg whites, turkey sausage, cherry tomatoes, 1 ounce of lf cheese
Lunch: turkey cutlets (marinated in a sugarless marinade, and then grilled), green beans w/ artichoke hearts and cherry toms in a soy sesame dressing, and cucumber, white bean, and red onion salad.
Dinner: chicken sausage (we did the Tuscano one from Whole Foods - delicious!) with white bean and mushroom ragout

Tonight, we're having fish, I think. Pecan encrusted, with sauteed collard greens.

And then I have 3 snacks throughout the day. Earlier, it was some lowfat cheese and a few cashews. Later, it'll be tuna and lowfat cottage cheese. We need to get something for our after dinner snack. We weren't prepared last night, and we wound up eating more lowfat cheese. Which was fine! But still...meh. A sugar-free Fudgsicle sounds better to me!

I bought the latest book, which is the "South Beach Diet Supercharged" version. I don't know what's different from the original one, except that it's newer. Maybe the exercises and foods are updated, too. It's good.

I also bought a cookbook called "South Beach Diet: Quick & Easy Cookbook". We like it, so far!