Thursday, February 18, 2010

Flooring answers...

After yesterday's post about the kitchen remodel progress, I received a couple of questions about the flooring that we're planning on using. So here's a quick rundown on the ideas we have thus far.

We have come to the conclusion that we'll be doing vinyl in our kitchen, due to the durability and the style options available. Our house isn't very large, and two of the entrances to it are in the kitchen. It gets a loooo-hooooot of traffic through there, so a durable floor that can handle the test of time (in style as well) is important to us.

Since I hate seams so much, sheet vinyl is the ideal option, IMO. (My hate for seams is also the reason why tile is right out. Ceramic is certainly very durable, and can be stylish across many decades, of course, depending on what's chosen. But I. Hate. Grout. HATE. That is all.) It's also a very affordable choice, particularly if you have an easy floor to lay right over the top of, since it runs something like $.50 - $5 per square foot, depending on the thickness of the vinyl. In our case, we need to have our floor torn up, so the subfloor can be checked out/replaced. So that doubles the cost of our flooring installation, regardless of the type of floor. We always get contractors who just wanna lay tile right over the existing floor, which is just not something I'll allow. It would fuck with the height of the threshold into the living room, for one, and also, there's something happening under the peel and stick tiles! The bubbling in parts of the room has gotten worse over time, and I just want to be sure that there isn't anything growing under there, like an alien, or an underpants gnome factory, or what have you.

So here are the pretty, pretty options that I'd like to look into. We're not into flowery patterns...I would prefer something that resembles a poured cement floor, if possible. But Leo thinks that might wind up being too modern for our house, or too industrial. This is a good example of what I'm interested in:
I see his point, for sure. Our house has some modern elements, but they're fairly well mixed with traditional ones, which might not look good with a floor like that. Also, while it's hard to damage vinyl, it can happen. And if it happens to a floor like that, I'm imagining it would look awful, and be very hard to fix.

The complete opposite end of the spectrum, for me, would be a design like this one:
There's something about that design that just makes me feel warm and cozy.

If we do a pattern, it will be in a design that mimicks stonework. But I'm really against the straight rows of tiles, side by side, like this:
There's something very 90's about that to me, and it rubs me wrong.

We'd prefer a bricklayed pattern, like the one we have in our bathroom. I like this one:
...but then I saw THIS one, and feel this hits it on the nose. We like the size of the tile depicted in the vinyl:
All of the pictures were gathered from the Armstrong Flooring website, in their sheet vinyl section. Our contractor said that there aren't a whole lot of flooring companies in town that install sheet vinyl, but I don't really understand that. He said it's a dying trend in flooring. shouldn't be. Just looking at the Armstrong site alone gives me the clue that enough people must want it if they're developing so many designs and colors to offer. The place we're going to today to pick out our floor is an Armstrong dealer, but it says they just do their hardwood and laminate on the Armstrong website. I'm hoping that since our contractor knows we want vinyl, and he told us to go there specifically, it means they can also do the sheet vinyl. We'll see. I can say for sure that we won't be settling for anything. If we don't find what we want there, it's fine. Hell, Nebraska Furniture Mart has it, so we can always go there if we need to.

So that's that! We're going to the countertop and flooring places today to pick out our materials. I'll take pictures of the process, if allowed. Let me know what you guys think of the styles above, eh?


faithstwin said...

I have to agree with Leo on the 'poured concrete' look- too industrial.

I like the last one. I think it would look classy butted against the wood floor and I like how it isn't side-by-side tiles. Askew is awesome.

Faith said...

"Askew is awesome."

I bet there's someone out there who's named their kid Askew, because they think it's so awesome. I don't know why I just thought of that, but I did. It's like those people that name their kids Cashlyn, and Anystin, and Meital and Orly (twins, if you can believe it), and shit. Or Ean. I think that was a recent favorite I found. I'm sure it's supposed to be pronounced like "Ian", but I wouldn't. Because it's like "lean" dammit. So I'd call the kid "een" if he were in my family.

All of those names are courtesy of the Rate My Space webpages over at, btw. Perusing the kids' rooms section can be a goldmine for WTF? names.

/random rant

clw said...

I totally agree on the grout comment and its why I want to redo our floors - the grout sucks to keep clean. We currently have tile that to clean and they didn't do a great job on laying it. But the floors aren't high on the list of must do's so it'll be awhile before I have to figure out what to do.
I agree with you and really like the cement floor look.