Friday, February 19, 2010

I want a baaaageeelll!

Ok, I'm sure that this whole craving thing is exactly what Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet is all about, but DAMN it was hard not to just head out and grab a bagel with hummus and tomato from Einstein Bros. today instead of making myself late for work (again) by making eggs and turkey sausage. GRRR!!!

One more week, and then we can start to reincorporate the whole grain bagels/english muffins. And that will make things so, soooo much easier, dammit!

It's day 5 today, and things are still going well. No more stomach aches, after the fiasco on Tuesday. I'd attribute that for sure to the intake of dairy. I've backed it off since then, and it's been much smoother sailing.

An observation that both Leo and I made last night was that by the time dinner comes around each night, we aren't totally famished. One serving is plenty. I don't know if it's because our bodies are trying to process the increase in protein that we've given them, or what, but I find it odd. I mean, I'm still hungry at night, don't get me wrong. My evil side came out after the gym on Wednesday night, before we got home, so I KNOW the need to eat is still there! But it's just not as crazy as it used to be.

Today's menu, in case anyone is interested...

Breakfast: 1 egg, over easy; two slices of turkey sausage; 2 romanito tomatoes*, sliced; 1/4 of a med avocado; 1/3 cup of low fat cottage cheese; salt and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar

Midmorning snack: 1 piece of lowfat string cheese; appx 15 cashews

Lunch: Baked salmon with a balsamic glaze (which I made myself...which also made the kitchen SUPER-vinegary smelling! I had to open a window and turn on the fan, it was so strong!); small Greek side salad w/ feta, tomatoes, olives, and red wine vinaigrette

Midafternoon snack: 2 hardboiled eggs

Dinner: Chicken breast stuffed with spinach and goat cheese; "stuffed" tomatoes (really, they're baked with mozzarrella and parmesan on top of them. Nothing too fancy)

Late night snack: Sugar free jello

I'm telling you that I will be shocked if I finish my whole dinner tonight. I've learned that stopping halfway through and reassessing my hunger would be best in the long run. Will I be hungry again a couple of hours later? Probably. But a small snack of lowfat cheese, or the jello, usually satisfies it, and I can get to sleep just fine.

I'm loving this diet, srsly.

*I found the romanito tomatoes at the store yesterday when we popped through for a quick restock of stuff we ran out of. They're smaller than a roma tomato, but bigger than a grape tomato. They were yummy!

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Stephanie said...

That no carb thing has GOT to be torture, but you're doing so good! I know you'll make it through the next week! I'm glad you're enjoying the diet and feeling full is a great thing. Go you!