Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm not falling for your shenanegans, people, just so you know.

People are being nice today. It's weird. And oddly comforting. It made me smile a lot while I was out running errands at lunch. That's just creepy, dammit.

First, when I was leaving my building, there was a chick in front of me (who happened to be talking to Emaw, actually) who didn't notice I was behind her, and so she didn't hold the door open. When she realized I was there, she turned and apologized for dropping the door on me. But the thing is, I was a few feet back from her, so I wouldn't have expected a door held in that case. So she was just being nice for no reason, in my book. Which is very cool.

Then, when I ran to grab some gas from the Quik Trip down the street, the gas pump kept pouring gas all over the damned place after the handle went up, and it was done pumping in my car. Big puddle o' gas in the parking lot? Bad news! So I went inside to tell them, and grabbed a Diet Coke while I was in there, and they seemed to know what would cause a problem like that so they were able to fix it. But when I went to pay for my soda, they told me it was on them "for the gas pump problem." Aw! Thank you!

Awesomely free stuff...yes!

Then I went to Chipotle to grab a salad. And for some reason, even though I said I wanted a little sour cream, and even gave the international symbol for "small amount" with my fingers (thumb and pointer finger placed closed together, in case you were wondering), the chick slathered my salad in sour cream. Not so great as a free Diet Coke, but ok. And then the scoop of guacamole she put on there? Ridiculous. Fucking idiotic amount. It was double the normal serving size, I'm sure. So I had to scoop half of it off my salad when I got back to my desk. Which helped pull some of the sour cream off too, so that was sort of a win/win. I dunno. I'm not joking, I took at least 2 tablespoons of guac back off my salad. I like the good fats from an avocado as much as a the next South Beacher, but we gotta be reasonable about it, ok? FFS...

Anyway, it was nice of her to want to give me my $1.80 worth of the guac. But maybe that Chipotle should reconsider her position in the distro line, or else they're gonna lose some cash, and fast.

Then I came back to the building, and my fabulous parking spot was still open for me. That's not really due to anyone being specifically nice to me, but it was lucky, and it still made me smile, so it kinda counts.

I think all of this is the universe's attempt to lull me into a false security in mankind, though. Because tomorrow? I travel. On Southwest, no less. To VEGAS. So you know there's gonna be some trouble all up in that shit! Today, I am touting the friendship of the masses, but tomorrow...tomorrow there will likely be blood. It's just what I've come to expect.


faithstwin said...

Huh. At least you don't have to board the plane outside like in the olden days. I'm kinda hoping it will be a light load, but am prepared with iPod and magazines.

And we get to end our day with Bobby Flay, dammit! Wooo!

Nuke said...

Safe travel to all involved.

In other regards, glad you are having one of those sweet ass days, it's about time. But I gotta tell you, the title of this post wasn't near as fun as "balls" (which I totally thought was a Jeffers post BTW).

Faith said...

Hahahaha! I didn't even think about that, Nuke! I always think Liz Lemon when I think "balls". (Jeffers stole the blue ball a couple of weeks ago, and hasn't given it back, dammit. I'm trying not to let it get to me.)

Twin, we signed up for the early bird boarding, so we'll be in the 1st group on both flights, at least. That helps a wee bit. Also, not having to change planes, and fly on to somewhere else? Glorious. :D