Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jeffers steps up his game.

Monday night was supposed to be a night out for me and Leo…we were gonna hit up the Mongolian BBQ in Westport for my birthday, because I’ve been craving it and decided that was what I wanted for my official birthday dinner.

But then the temps went to ludicrous speed, and driving was perilous, and I decided it wasn’t worth the trouble. Leo got us a pizza instead, and we settled in for a night of United States of Tara, and then Chuck. Very exciting. (Actually, we love USoT. Highly recommend. It takes place in Overland Park, KS! I just hope they realize soon that we do not have so many eucalyptus trees and palms trees here as we do soy bean fields and rolled up bales of hay. Because their outside scenes have a wee bit too much of the former going on to make it believable that they’re s’posed to be in Kansas.)

But we couldn’t find the remote that changes the output on the TV to be able to switch over to the DVD player. We searched everywhere. I even looked in the fridge. It was nowhere to be found. I told Leo that there had to be buttons on the actual TV that would change things over for us, and he found them and we eventually figured it all out, but still…where was that damned remote?

I figured Jeffers had it. Leo finally agreed with me when it went missing for a 2nd day. “We have movies we wanna watch, Jeffers,” he said out loud to the living room last night. “Please give us back the remote!” I joined in, because Leo thinks that he listens to me more than anything else. ::shrugs:: I can’t help it if the old guy likes me.

The remote never showed up anywhere, though, which was fine. We needed to catch up on Anthony Bourdain and House from Monday night. After we finished with those, I made some lunches for the remainder of this week, and then went to read in bed.

Leo came to bed soon after I went in, and fell asleep while I was still reading. Finally feeling sleepy at about 11, I shut off my light, and turned over to grab the pillow I hug while I sleep from behind me. And then as I laid my head down on my sleeping pillow, I bonked into something. I made a noise of surprise, and grabbed the object, finding that it was our missing remote. That, of course, made me laugh for a bit. I also said thank you to him for returning it.

But then I got creeped out, which is unusual for me. The bedroom was staying really cold, for some reason, and I kept feeling like something was touching my hair and my back as I was laying there trying to sleep. Then I heard a weird dragging noise, and a pop! sound, and that was all it took for me to head out to the living room for a bit. I had to go watch TV for an hour before I again got sleepy enough to fall asleep. I hate it when that happens.

At least we got the remote back, though! I told Leo where it had shown up when I left for work this morning, and he was still in bed. Bet he got up pretty soon after that! Hahaha!

Anywho, seems Jeffers is stepping things up. As long as he keeps his ghosty hands off my hair dryer and my cell phone, I’ll be ok. I think…


Alisha said...

umm, yeah. Not cool with the touching. :)

faithstwin said...

He tries to touch me when I'm there and he's gonna get a psychic ass whoopin'.

He's a silly old ghost! Maybe he'll show up in pics when I am there. That would be aaawwweessooommmeee.

PLEASE set up some motion sensitive cams before you start the kitchen work. I really think you'll catch some worthwhile shit!