Thursday, February 18, 2010

A little glimpse...

I thought this sort of thing only happened to people on HGTV! But I was wrong. Our contractor directed us to a countertop company that has a "boneyard" full of "scrap" granite, and we were able to pick out a countertop for our kitchen from their selection. I'm so excited!

Here it is:
The salesguy we're working with had originally picked out a slab (which you can see at the far right of the photo above) that had too darned much gold in it. We didn't like that one, so he showed us a darker slab that would fit, but it was a really deep brown, and we were hoping to have something much lighter on the counters than that. When we said that, he took us to another slab that was better...but it still wasn't the one. Then he remembered this one, but it had had a hold on it from some chick. He was pretty sure it was old and she had decided not to get it, which he confirmed while Leo and I continued to discuss the options.

When he told us it was available, we told him we wanted it! So that's done. Whew! We'll be able to have a full countertop out of that slice up there that will have no seams, thanks to the pitiful amount of counterspace we have in our kitchen. Guess it finally paid off to have a stupid, small-ass kitchen!

Then we went and picked up floor samples from the flooring place down the street. We actually did wind up picking up a sample of the kind that looks like poured concrete. In person, Leo really wound up liking it. And they had a dark gray option that he feels could really work. ::Faith does a little dance:: We'll see, though. We picked up two other samples that look like stone (they're the ones from the 4th picture down in the post below this one) in different colors, and then the chick was going to order the one in the bottom picture down there for me, because we couldn't find it today. I think it'll come down to being between that, and the poured concrete-looking one. But we have time...the floors are the last things that we'll do. I want to take my time with that decision, for sure. Maybe even look at other options elsewhere, just in case. Seeing them in person is soooo different than looking at internet pictures.

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