Friday, February 05, 2010

The Holy Pot Roast

I had a dream this morning that involved travel to an exotic-but-unidentifyable place, beautiful views, and ended with me being given a pitcher of margaritas by a bartender that said, "Here, we made this for you. It looked like you needed it."

And you better believe that I drank right from the goddammed pitcher. (It was delicious!)

And then I woke up and realized that I had slept an additional 20 minutes past my alarm, and I had to race around to get back on schedule again. And you know what? NOW I really DO need that goddammed pitcher of margaritas!

Then I got to work, and the lights are off over the section of desks I sit in. It's like working in a cave. I wonder if I should put up a sign to warn people that I have a killer rabbit under my desk that guards the cave, and that they shouldn't fuck with said rabbit unless they have a true desire to die by decapitation. Hmm... (Look 'et all the booones!)

Tonight, we're getting our taxes done. (Booo.) And then we'll go home and eat a wonderful crockpot pot roast that will have been cooking all day. (Yaaay!) I'm guessing I'm gonna have to ask Leo to mix up a pitcher of margaritas to go with that bitch. YEEHAW!


faithstwin said...

Your dream sounds exponentially better than mine- involving vampires, terrible, stormy weather and lots of confusion (I even told Oldest that I woke up with my face in a 'WTF?' expression...).

Pot roast sounds good! I wish my kids ate stuff like that. I can't wait for them to get older so they can appreciate all the yumminess I am capable of putting on plates.

I'm sitting in a dark cave too but it's just 'cause I don't feel like turning lights on. They cost me money. No evil bunnies around that I know of...

Faith said...

You know, I'd totally understand about the company wanting to save money, and possibly turning off sections of lights around the buildings to do so, but it's just over my desk, and the surrounding little area. And they already appear to have shut off the hot water in the bathroom to save money, and that was where I went to heat up when I got chilleh. And also? It's totally all snowy out today, and so cave-like desk area + snow + sleepiness from awesome dream and waking up late = GAAAHH! Not fair!

Ms. Pants said...

If anyone asks you anything, respond with: "WHAT your quest?"

Faith said...

I might be tempted to tell someone that I will be happy to give them a pen...IF they bring meeee


Faith said...

Oh, and Twin? Your kids won't eat pot roast? Are they BROKEN? It's meat, potatoes, and carrots, FFS. I.e. deliciousness for mah belleh. (In our case, we use buffalo instead of beef, so we cut down on the fat/cals.) If I hadn't virtually seen them coming outta you, I'd wonder if they were really Smiths.

faithstwin said...

Dude, at their age I *only* ate hamburgers, remember? They eat pot roast at Nannies house (well, back when they would see her...) but something about my food tastes too different to them, so instead I will stick to stuff I know they will eat and that I won't end up throwing out 3 days later.

They'll grow out of it soon enough.