Thursday, March 04, 2010

Being grumpy doesn't count, right?

Last night, I had the opportunity to volunteer at an event that hosted Dr. Benjamin Carson as a guest speaker for the evening. He was warm and funny and very interesting to listen to...I'm really glad I had the chance to be there.

Unfortunately, one of the things he made the entire room promise to do was to make an effort to be nice to everyone, in every case, for the next week.

My coworker was standing next to me...I looked over at her with a scowl on my face and whispered, "How the hell am I gonna do THAT?" I didn't raise my hand to take the pledge, but then Dr. Carson said, "If you're next to someone who doesn't have their hand up, kick them!" My coworker hissed at me to put my hand up, and pulled back her foot in I went ahead and pledged to be nice. (Dammit.)

Once my hand was in the air, Dr. Carson said, "You need to be nice to your spouse, too..." Aw, MAN!

I warned my coworker on the way out to the garage that I would be venting any frustrations that get built up on her, since she was witness to my pledge. She said she could take it! I hope she knows what she's getting herself into.

So if I'm nicer than usual around here or on your blog for the next week, don't worry...I haven't been body-snatched! I just took a pledge. To be nice. (Ick! Blech! Ptoo!!! GAH!)

Maybe you should, too. Go and check out Dr. Carson's website. Truly an inspiring, smart, caring man. (Maybe if I donate some money, I can be mean again starting on Saturday...hmm...)


Ms. Pants said...

Baby doll, just channel the southern lady in you and say everything sickeningly sweet with that "why don't you get hit by a train?!" grin on your face and say... "Well, bless your heart...."

Southern ladies know that you can say virtually anything so long as you bless the heart afterward. "She's just dumber than dryer lint and easier to spread than butter, bless her heart."

faithstwin said...

I love Ms. Pants advice- it is sooo true.

You were actually going to NOT pledge? Hahahahaa! Love it...

Faith said...

Well, yeah, I wasn't gonna pledge! I hate making promises I know I can't keep. :S

Mostly, I think I'm nice to everyone at work. I just have no reason to be mean to anyone here, thank God!

Its at home (with poor, poor Leo), and in my car/at the grocery store that I'm most worried about. But if I'm cussing out someone from the confines of my car, does that count as being mean? Unless I rear-end them, or throw the finger at them, it wouldn't count, right? That's what I'm thinking...

Logtar said...

Yey, now I feel safe to comment :) does it also include being nice to moi?


Faith said...

It includes being nice to your worst enemies, so I'd even need to be nice to people like ::gasp!:: Tony! (Even though he's prety far from a worst enemy, really. But he was who popped to mind when Dr. Carson said that last night, for some reason. Made my world feel really small all of a sudden.)

Spyder said...

Hey Biatch! Is it over yet? Or are you still being nice?