Monday, March 08, 2010

Can you beat the music?

Watching the Academy Awards last night, I was reminded of one of the things I hate about watching the awards ceremony every year. When groups of people were given awards, like for art direction or editing or what have you, and they all got up on stage to participate in the thank you speach, some of the groups would have a designated person speaking on behalf of the entire team. Which you've gotta love, because being prepared is a very important quality, I've found. It makes a person suck so much less when they're prepared, dammit.

But then there were the teams of people that, after the one person who got to the mic first was finished, would try to give their own little speach? Like with the best documentary winners? After Fisher Stevens had finished, and some other dude tried to say some words, and then there was an awkward 30 seconds where the Academy folks tried to usher them all off stage, and that dude continued to try to speak into the dead mic?

Really? Have they not watched the awards ceremony for the past, oh, 30 years? And seen that only ONE of them gets to talk? And that is IT? Because I know that, just as an observer every year, it's a trend that I've been able to pick up on pretty well myself. So should I ever be a part of a winning team at the Oscars, we should be on top of knowing how to handle the thank you speach, thanks to this little pet peeve of mine.

Also, Jeff Bridges? A little less pot, man. Just a suggestion.

Oh, and Sandra Bullock? Thank you for reminding me why I like you so damned much. MWAH!


Catherine VandeVelde said...

I love Sandy, too!

And, The Dude is The Dude and he wants to make sure you never forget that he's The Dude.

Faith said...

He was soooo Dude, wasn't he? I kept feeling like something was missing during his speach, and I'm pretty sure it was a ratty bathrobe.

faithstwin said...

Seriously every single time I saw more than one person go up I knew there was that inevitable action of more than one person trying to give thanks. And you can ask the girls- every single time it happened I had to walk away from the tv while saying, "You have to pick ONE PERSON to do the speach! Who doesn't KNOW that by now!?"

What about that bitch who swooped in and took OVER while that other guy was doing a lovely job? It was the other documentary, not the dolphin one Fisher Stevens was involved with (and how 'bout that guy who held up that 'text dolphin 44244'- why would I do that? What would it accomplish?). Poor guy!)

Faith said...

I missed that one (I was in folding laundry at that point), but saw it on fourfour today...hahahahahaha! He has an awesome recap up today that pretty much confirmed everything I was thinking during the show. You should check it out! It's funny. :D

faithstwin said...

Yep- his recap was good. I am getting a bit bothered by people bagging on Kristen Stewart, though. Not just because I am an admitted TwiTard, but because the girl was presenting a feature at the friggin OSCARS. She looked fabulous (compared to, ohhh, the last year she has been seen in public), apparently she has been sick and who cares that she had to cough? At least she turned to do it!

For the record: I really don't like her as Bella anyway. Her acting is uncomfy as far as I am concerned. BUT as a human being I can totally understand her situation last night.

I really find George Clooney is being misunderstood as well. Sure, he needs a decent haircut! Otherwise? Instead of going up the red carpet doing stupid interviews, noting who made his damned tux, he went to the crowd that had to suffice with watching the empty limos pull away after dropping off the celebs. He is a true gentleman and I don't find his behavior self serving in any way, shape or form.

Faith said...

I was reading a little of the "scoop" on MSN about what was up with George last night, and they explained it a bit. Not the haircut (because, was bad. Take 30 minutes to go and have it done,'s not a weekend BBQ, it's the friggen Oscars!), but about the fact that he looked a bit gray. His publicist said he's getting over something. Whether I believe that or not, I dunno. But I DO wish that he was looking as pretty as he did in that picture you have of him from the Ocean's premiere, eh? Dude looked AWESOME that day!

I liked the faces he was making on camera. He made me giggle.

And I don't care about Kristen. I liked her dress and her hair. That was all that I noted before I walked into the other room to do something last night. I didn't see her cough, but yeah...glad she didn't do it all over the mic. That was nice of her, I s'pose.