Friday, March 19, 2010

I ate a muffin this morning.

I've been feeling stressed lately. Stressed about things that are so not usually stressful to anyone over the age of 13, probably. And when I think about them that way, it's supremely depressing. In that roll-your-eyes-at-yourself kind of way. Which then adds to the stress.

I think I just need to get out more. Like literally, get outside and enjoy the sunshine and nice weather and shit. And it will put eveything back into a normal, grown-up perspective for me.

The kitchen is pretty much done. Leo is home painting all the tiny, tough crevices around the edges of cabinets as we speak. It looks bright and pretty and fresh, and we love it to pieces. I'll be taking loads of pictures over the weekend, so be ready for that sharing on Monday.

However, in the finishing of the project, we managed to cover the entire fucking house in a nice coat of dust. So tonight, my workout will be to clean the mutherfucking house from top to it's damned tippy toes, because guess what's stressing me out the most? That's right. A dirty damned house is stressing me out. Must CLEAN!

We also just hired some painter dudes to come and re-stain our back deck again, too. I stained the thing for the first 3 years that I lived in the house. And it SUCKED. (If you've never taken up a task like individually painting about 1,234,987,807 spindles on a deck, I highly recommend it. Really. Do it. It's fun.) So now we hire Platinum Painting to come and do it for us when the time comes that it needs doing, and they whip it out in a day. They're awesome. This year, they will also be helping us replace the lattice around the base of our deck, since we have a dog (*coughdouchebagcoughcough*) that pretty well ripped all the lattice apart to get at the bunnies that house themselves under there now and then. (Stupid, stupid, dumbass bunnies...) We're replacing it with a vinyl material instead of wood, and we're reinforcing the way it's connected to the deck posts, so hopefully, said dog won't be able to get under there again. I hate when he goes under the fucking deck, bunnies or not. It's all gross and muddy and weird under there. Blech.

And then tomorrow, of course, it's going to snow, and shit. Because that makes sense.

So go KU, and here's to hoping that my East bracket saves my ass, and I actually might beat my boss and one of his managers in our brackets this year. Because even though Georgetown pretty much fucked me harder than ND ever could, at least I didn't also get fucked by Temple and Marquette. I gave up my whoring years ago, dammit. I'd really appreciate it if my bracket could finally figure that out...

This randomest of the random post was brought to you by the word "Friday." Hells yes.

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Coley said...

Girl, I hear you on the dust covered house causing stress. I start getting anxious when there are too many shoes by the front door. Of course, I'm a little obsessive about the whole cleaning situation, but that's neither here nor there.