Thursday, March 18, 2010

Is this because I didn't have a beer on St. Patrick's Day?

Thanks Notre Dame. Thanks a LOT. Right outta the gate, you gotta fuck me, eh? Well, fuck you right back, dammit.

That's right! I said it! (But it's ok...I'm totally allowed because I'm Catholic.)

Anyone confused about what I'm referring to? You can go back to your knitting or watching daytime television now, or whatever. Nothing to see here. :P


:) said...

Um... that was your fault for having any faith in Mike Brey. The man is a habitual underachiever.

- Maine

faithstwin said...

Ha! I like Jimmy Fallon's idea of a bracket- he doesn't do his until it's all over- 100% accuracy!


Faith said...

Well, I'm one up on my coworkers, because so far, I'm right on with my picks for the bracket in the East. Georgetown, UNLV, and fuckin' Vandy can all fuck right off with ND, dammit. Georgetown especially. I had them going up against KU in the Elite Eight! ::anger::