Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It must be so much *fun* to be a fraud. /sarcasm

Last week, I was reviewing my Amex bill online through a small space in my fingers (I was scared of the total I had racked up in February, thanks to the Vegas trip and all!), and I found a few random charges that were from I had ordered my South Beach Diet books from them at the beginning of the month, and when I did that, I entered the Amex number into my account for easy future ordering. It didn't seem like a big deal to me...I've had multiple Visa numbers in there over the years without issue.

But then I saw those random charges from Amazon for amounts totalling over $240, and I was all milka-whaaah...? So I called Amazon, and they told me that some dude I do not know in San Diego was using my card to have shit shipped to him. I told them I didn't authorize that at. all. and they said they'd launch a fraud investigation. (I also took a moment to delete all the card info I had saved in my account. Just in case.)

Then I called Amex, and went through the same discussion, and they reversed the charges and launched a fraud investigation of their own, and we cancelled the card it all happened on. The reversal happened pretty much immediately, which was nice to see.

Today, I went in to pay my February Amex bill, and saw that yet another charge from Amazon had been made at the end of February, but for some reason, it didn't show up until this billing cycle. It was for $230! FUCK to the NO! So I sent a note to Amazon this time, because getting things in writing is pleasing to me, and then I called Amex to have them add that charge to the investigation. (Unfortunately, someone also reversed the charge from Amazon for one of the books that I ordered back at the beginning of February, so I need to have that corrected too, I just realized. Shit.)

::sigh:: Where do people get off, is all I wonder. Criminal minds confuse me.


faithstwin said...

How did he access your account info on Amazon? Have you changed your password and everything?

The credit card companies have, fortunately, become really good about handling this type of shit. Unfortunately there is still a HUGE hastle for the customer negatively affected... you have to go through all the leg work to get everything cleared up.

What a bummer though!

Faith said...

I don't know how he accessed the card info. My account in Amazon doesn't reflect the purchases...I just see them on the credit card statement online. So I dunno how he did it. Hell, it could be a chick using an innocent dude's name, for all I know! I don't envy the investigation team on this sort of thing.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...


You want to hear something even more frustrating? (You do, don't you??)

I am a merchant who actually called Amex, talked to THREE different people to tell them of a suspecious transaction coming on our site. Did Amex care? Nope. Did they contact their customer? Nope.

We did our part and did not ship the merchandise, but I felt sorry for the customer because their own frocking credit card company would not bother to call them. And we could NOT contact the customer because we had a false phone number (which is why I called Amex in the first place so THEY could call the customer.)

Very frustrating. And the credit card companies really don't care because the merchant holds the bag (in your case, it is probable Amazon will have to eat the charges.)

Faith said...

See, I count myself lucky because I'm one of those freaks that checks my account info online really often. And I also look closely at the things that have been charged to me. Everyone should be super-fastidious like this in this day and age, really.

I just hate that there are people who just don't care about the damage they do to peoples' lives with their fraudulent behavior. Pisses me OFF!

Also, I will be reluctant to buy anything on Amazon again for a while, I hate to say. It just has me all freaked out!

faithstwin said...

I would be freaked out too! There's nothing like having someone take something from you without your permission; even worse, you can't contact that person and say, "WTF!?"

Cagey, that's nuts! Amex was very helpful when I had a customer try to fuck with me over flowers one Valentine's Day. But then, I was the merchant and they were making a shit ton off of me taking their card to begin with. (I swear I made NO MONEY when I took an Amex.)