Tuesday, March 02, 2010

NASCAR weekend + Vegas = pretty much the best peoplewatching you'll ever get a chance to do.

So. Vegas. Or really, VEGAAAASSSS!!! It was a fun trip we had. We would go back again, gladly. Most everyone there is striving to make you happy, no matter what, and I tend to like that attitude in a person.

I flew out on Thursday…barely. Leo and I had gone to work out in the morning before my flight, and my reward for working out was a Diet Coke from Quik Trip. I slid my wallet into my pocket of my coat for easy use, and then left it there when I popped the coat in the closet once we got home. After a whirlwind of showering, finishing packing, and making sure I remembered my birth control pills (a Vegas baby is NOT on my “to do” list right now!), we were out the door in relative good time. I got to the airport about an hour before my flight, which was perfect. I went to check in, and…oh shit. Where’s my wallet?

Um, that would be in the CLOSET in my mutherfucking COAT POCKET, thankyouverymuch!


So I call Leo. He wasn’t flying out to join me until Friday morning. I told him to speed up, and get my wallet from the closet. He did. I called every 10 minutes to ask, “So where are you now?” because I just couldn’t stand around and do nothing while I waited. Reading didn’t work. Playing with the internet on my phone didn’t work. NOTHING WOULD GET MY MIND OFF THE FACT THAT I WAS A ROYAL DUMBASS. I hate being a royal dumbass!

Leo made it with 5 minutes to spare. I raced through security as well as anyone can “race” though security, and got on the plane, which it appeared they were holding for me. Nice!

A middle seat in the exit row was available, and I sat in it, baby. I was next to a pretty young dude who was in the window seat, and who turned to me after his 2nd vodka drink in 1.5 hours to alert me to the fact that “it’s getting warmer out there!” as he held his hand to the window. I told him that it must be the sun on it, because it can get pretty cold at 35,000 feet! (And also? We were likely over Utah. Not much warmer there than it is in Kansas, really.) He was sweet. His breath? Was atrocious. Gah. (Tip to those of you who like to substitute food with a vodka/Red Bull, or even just a Coke or a plain ol’ Red Bull, or whatever: that makes your breath smell AWFUL. Srsly. Get some gum if you do that. Or, I dunno, EAT A SAMMICH! FFS…) I have to admit there was a teensy part of me that worried he might throw up all the liquid he was ingesting as he downed a Bud Light that capped off our flight together, though. He’d been given drink tickets by the airline, for some reason, and by gum, he was gonna use them! ALL AT ONCE!!! In less than 2.5 hours! Crazy bastid…

We stayed at the Mandalay Bay, which is a really lovely hotel. They pipe in some gardenia-type scent throughout the lobby, which made me love it more. The views we had from our suite made me love it even MORE more. And the fact that pretty much every restaurant I wanted to eat at were on the casino level? Topped off the icing on the hotel cake. It was perfect, really.

The only issue was that this one weekend that we chose to be there…this one time in many, many years that we chose to visit…also happened to be the only time of the year that a big NASCAR race is happening in town. Awesome in some ways, and not so awesome in others. Unfortunately, the only pictures I managed to get were boring ones, and I didn't get any of things like the NASCAR fans who thought that letting their 3 year old push the buttons on the slot machine would be fun, or the couple that we saw walking through the casino in matching NASCAR jackets, or the women dancing in one part of the casino in sparkly and oh-so-skimpy bikinis…so I suck. Sorry!

I’ll post more tomorrow about the food experiences that we had while we were there. They truly deserve a post all their own. Because Leo and I weren’t into seeing any shows, or even gambling much at all. What did we want to do? EAT. And eat we did. Can’t wait to tell you all about it!


faithstwin said...

Man! There were 4 of us watching those girls and not one of us got a pic!? How is that possible? I have an excuse: my feet hurt really badly. But you and Leo? Nope. No excuse.

The Nascar couple passed by too quickly- there was no chance to get a pic. But a description of their matching red Dodge jackets with pointed cap sleeves would suffice.

Faith said...

DODGE! That was what it was! I couldn't remember, so thank you for coming to the rescue of my brain. :D

And you're right...I have no excuse for not getting pictures of the dancing girls. And Leo couldn't stop talking about the white trash dimwit that thought it would be fun (and not illegal or anything ::roll eyes::) to let their child push the flashing buttons on the machine. So I blame him for not getting a picture of that. Because he seemed wildly entertained by the whole thing.

faithstwin said...

Yes, lack of photographic evidence of the underage mess is disappointing. He'll have to let me win at least one game of drunken bocci ball in April to make up for it.