Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Of course she's a good mother. Oh, wait...did you mean in THIS lifetime?

This story about the 31 year old "mother" that left her 6 children at home alone on Saturday to go off and do whatever it was she needed to do so badly without her children? Is disgusting to me. Abhorrent. Fucking RETARDED.

Here's my "favorite" part of the article from KMBC's report:
"Police officers who went to the home in the 3400 block of Montgall Avenue said the floor was covered in dirt, trash and food. The police report said there was very little food in the home, and what food there was appeared to be spoiled.

Two toddlers were soaking wet from urinating on themselves, police said."

And now HER mom is going on television, voluntarily, to say that she had those children because she wanted to. Because she LOVES her children. Not for any other reason like a higher gov't paycheck or anything. Naaahhh. She wanted those kids, apparently so she could specifically leave them in a filthy house, to fend for themselves when it came to safety and nourishment.

Fucking. Awesome.

Does that mother actually believe the words that are coming outta her mouth, I wonder? Or is she just really good at faking her conviction over her daughter's mothering abilities? I'd be inclined to think she actually believes her daughter is a good mom. She seems to think that the police and the media are twisting the truth in this whole case.

WTF is happening, folks? WHAT. THE. FUCK?


GB, RN said...

The grandmother is a ruh-tard.

That is all.

thedirtyknitter said...

this is absolutely horrendous. ugh.

faithstwin said...

Things get twisted... really? Really. To be a fly on the wall in both the rooms where they interview the older kids and the room where they talk with the 'mother' (aka: baby birther, nothing more). That is pathetic.

statia said...

I hate to be stereotyping and shit, but christ, sometimes the truth just speaks for itself.