Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Scissors for the kitchen AND the bedroom! Handy.

I totally bought new scissors to replace the ones that went missing last week. I never realized how much I use scissors before they disappeared, but it was kind of a pain in the ass not having any around at all! So I bought a new pair. And things were happy.

I honestly thought that once I bought new ones, the old pair would show back up. Murphy’s Law, right? But nope…didn’t happen. I even caught myself thinking last night that they must’ve gotten carried out with the contractors who’d been working in the kitchen, somehow. Because seriously…why would the damned house ghost take our fuckin’ scissors? And then not give them back? And THEN I caught myself wondering about the ghost all together, and why he does anything he does, and I started feeling mildly insane, so I stopped that. Because damn.


But it makes sense that Jeffers would be on my mind, because dude has been active lately. He took the blue ball on Saturday, and on Sunday, I found it when I moved a piece of furniture that I needed to clean under. (Because the construction dust went eeevveeryyywheeerre! FUN.) I swear, sometimes it’s like he reads my mind, so you can maybe understand why I’d be going a little bit insane with the whole ghost thing right about now. Could be worse, though. I could be super-crazy. But I’m not.

(I swear.)

And then he took it again sometime yesterday while I was at work. ::sigh:: Lord knows where and when it would pop back up!

I have a picture in our living room that Leo gave me for Christmas as a present. It’s actually an older picture that has been in the family for a long time, but it was given to us the last time we went home before my dad passed, and Leo had it framed for me, which was super-sweet of him. I actually don’t know how old my parents are in this photo, but they must be close to my current age, or a teensy bit older. How pretty were they, huh?

Ok, so mom's bang-roll was a wee bit on the ridiculous side, but look at the 'stach and collar my dad was sportin'! They liked weird shit back then, I guess. ::shrugs:: (Is his jacket velvet? Holy wow...)

Anyway, that’s where we keep the blue ball (when it’s not in a different dimension, with the house ghost…of course).

It’s easy to see in a spot like that, and so it’s either there or it’s off playing with Jeffers somewhere. And when it disappears, I do that thing where I look everywhere for it subconsciously.

So the other night, I’m headed to bed, and one of the spots I check for the blue ball is behind the picture frames that are up on the bookcase in our living room, which includes the picture of my mom and dad lookin’ all groovy, and shit. And last night, there it was! Back behind mom and dad. Yay! So I grabbed it and called to Leo (who was doing dishes) that the blue ball was back. But then I noticed it had been kinda wedged with something back there. And wouldn’t you fuckin’ know it? It was my damned missing pair of scissors. Hahahahahaha! Here’s a terrible reenactment of the finding of the blue ball and the scissors for ya…it somehow looked much less dark on my own computer at home, but what're ya gonna do? I tried!


clw said...

Ok now I always loved your blue ball stories while wondering how you were so cool and seemly not freaked out by this whole situation. But this story - wth? The ghost (Jeffers-how'd you come up with that name agaoin??) moves the scissors too? That's just TOO weird and how are you not weirded out?? lol

Faith said...

I dunno...maybe it's because I've managed to convince myself that he's just such a friendly old dude that is happy to be a part of our lives in some way. I'm not sure. If he did scary shit, then I'd get freaked out. But he doesn't. He just...plays. And it's funny. :D

When stuff started happening in the house a couple of years ago, the Twin led me to a psychic she knew through a website called Ghoststudy. The psychic (who cost me $20, so it wasn't any major loss really) told me that there were a couple of presences in my house. One was an earth elemental. (Look it up...I find them fascinating, personally.) The other was an older man that had lived in the house previously. He knew I was dealing with stress, and wanted to let me know he was there if I needed to talk. And his name was Jeffy, or Jefferson, or Jeffers, or something like that, she said. So Leo and I adopted the name "Jeffers", and that's what we've called him ever since. (The elemental backed off after we started gardening more regularly every year. It was never more than a shadow on the ceiling, anyway. Nothing scary.)

faithstwin said...

awww- silly ghost! You need to start chatting him up about my being there next week and that he is NOT to get our stuff confused. I can see myself heading home with a few less pairs of underpants and a tank top or something.

Scissors with ball...classic.