Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So, the Twin is coming to KC. Who wants to hang out on Saturday? :D

The Twin will arrive in Kansas City on Friday night. (I think it's only fair to let you all know that any severe weather that happens on Friday night/Saturday is her fault. It's just how it works, apparently.) (Oh, and Twin? We're expecting severe weather in the area possibly on Friday night, but definitely on Saturday. Are you surprised?)

She's looking to meet some of you fun and awesome local bloggers that make my comments such a lively place at times. Soooo, if you wanna join us on Saturday for lunch, I'm thinking we'll head to Waldo Pizza at about noon. It'd be a very special meetup. We'll be in the taproom. (Did you know they have a drink that mixes Framboise with Boulevard Wheat? Dude, it is delicious, and it will fuuuuck you uuuup! So fun.)

As a prep for my being out of the office next Monday and Tuesday, I sent the following calendar info to my team, so they would know what was up:

"My evil* twin is in town for a visit from the 2nd through the 6th. I'll be back on Wednesday, probably filled with stories about how the fighting started on Sunday, and she slept in the yard for the rest of her vacation. (It's ok…she likes camping. And also? I'll totally give her a plastic cup to drink her wine with. She'll be fine.)

I'll have email access through my Blackberry while I'm out, but contact [The Boss**] directly if you have any urgent meeting needs.


*The debate continues on whether she is the evil one, or if I am the evil one. We tend to disagree on the topic a lot of the time, for some reason. I blame our parents."

**No, I don't work for Bruce Springstein! Or DO I? ::raises eyebrow::


Nuke said...

I should be able to do that. Looking forward to it!

Average Jane said...

That sounds like fun! I'll mark my calendar now.

faithstwin said...

I am soooo bringing good side with me- no one will ever know the true meeeeeee!

Damn the weather... DAMN THE WEATHER!!!

Looking forward to seeing everyone up close and personal. =)

Xavier Onassis said...

Hell, I might show up.

faithstwin said...

It's too tempting, isn't it XO? Just soooo tempting.

I'd love to meet you!

wsxwhx724 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Faith said...

Yes, like wsxwhx724 says, IS VERY GOOD. The spammers know me so well!

faithstwin said...

Hahaha! Dude, click on it. I dare you to.

Nuke said...

I dunno who the "bad" twin is, but it looks like she managed to get some of the stink of sin off her. Weather today is supposed to be briefly raining, but tomorrow is now good (partly cloudy).

I am not sure how you did it, I would think swimming in the church's baptismal pool would do it (unless you broke in, then its a zero-sum equation).

Anyway, looking good for the weekend!