Monday, March 29, 2010

That's why I don't get out much these days.

Did you ever find yourself in a social situation where you're telling a story, and suddenly you realize you have no point? Or maybe you had a point when you started telling it, but you can't remember what it was once you're into the story?

That's generally my clue that I've been talking too much. Unfortunately, I don't get that clue until after the pointless story has been told, and I've already embarrassed myself.

This is one of the reasons why I've become a hermit over the past several years. I always get the point of my stories in my head. OR I just don't care because,'s my head. I can do what I want to in there, and it's all cool.

(Sorry Cate! I hope I wasn't too annoying on Saturday. You really were sweet to invite me over. Thank you!)

I went to the plastic surgeon today to get my consultation for my bewbies being reduced. The costs are actually significantly less than I'd planned for, which was a nice surprise! And the doctor I was referred to is awesome. I totally think he'll be a good choice for doing this for me. Now I just need to decide on whether I want to do a tummy tuck, too. It hikes the price right on up into Oh Shit level, but it's still doable. ::sigh:: I just can't decide whether it'd be a total cop-out, or if it'd be a good thing over all for me to just go for it. I'll make sure to write about the decision I make. It'll be happening this week (the decision...not the surgery), so I'll update accordingly.

Being a human is hard, dammit.


Catherine VandeVelde said...

It was great having you over for dinner, and you told enough stories that had points to outweigh the stories that didn't, so it all worked out in the end. :) Hope to see you soon. Will look forward to the decision you make.

faithstwin said...

I love saying I told you so! I'll spare you the spoken version though and just say it here... I knew the boobs would be less than what you thought. Tummy tuck, eh? That would be nice!

Ms. Pants said...

I had a friend go through a tummy tuck. (lost a shitton of weight, had flabbity skin) Said that shit is PAINFUL. Forewarning. But you get good drugs....

Faith said...

Yeah, that's one of the reasons why I'm not sure what to do. If I don't get the tummy tuck now, and then decide later that I want it, do I really wanna go through the two different surgeries at two different times?

Also, I just worked out (in my head) that I could see my trainer twice a week for a year for the same cost of the tummy tuck. Now that I'm on South Beach, I'd bet that we could do some serious damage together. Should I just do that instead?

Grrr...thinking makes my head hurt. :P

faithstwin said...

As Faith knows I had something similar to a tummy tuck in 2003. It was called a panniculectomy- I only had skin removed and my belly button was able to stay where it was. It did hurt like a mofo but it was well worth it. I had a huge 'apron' due to big babies and lots of weight gain during the pregnancies. He removed 6 1/2 lbs of mostly skin and some fat. It was weird to wake up and have that big yucky thing gone.

Even though I have gained more weight back than I have ever had on me without being pregnant, my stomach is still flat down where the surgery was done.

I think I'll do the boob reduction next year.

Coley said...

Faithstwin, after two big-ass babies, I've got the same thing going. Good to know what surgery I'll be asking for in a few years. Bummer that it sounds so painful, but man, would it be great to wear pants without the floppy muffin top.

Faith, whatever you decide, I want to hear all about it. Blog away!