Friday, March 26, 2010

Your mom's a hugger! (a.k.a. Twig and plums)

Last night, I was calmed only by the dulcet comedic tones of 30 Rock, and the silliness of crazy designers on Project Runway. (And then I got all fired up again when the dumbass designers sent home one of the coolest models EVAH! The one with the Irish accent? Who has an awesome body and a kick-ass temperament, and rocks the runway? Whatever, designers. What. ever.)

Oh, and a bottle of red wine. Duh.

This week started out rough, with the damned KU loss, and all. And then the Twin let me know that one of her puppies, Phoebe here...
...wasn't doing too well. She had an obstruction in her lower intestine that needed to be operated on. I prayed, and hugged my own puppies close, and was glad to hear when Phoebe pulled through the surgery ok, and Twin was trusted with watching over her during the crucial days following the surgery, to make sure infection didn't get her. (The obstruction wound up being a stone fruit pit, likely from a peach or a nectarine. Phoebe was famous for lots of things, but mostly for her tendency to eat anything and everything that was left lying around the house. This includes brownies, Snickers bars (which she had to climb a desk to get to, mind you), and whatever else she could get her cute-ass muzzle on. She often climbed to off-limits places - the counter top, the table, the desk, etc... - to get to these items. I seriously thought that eventually she would go retarded from all the chocolate she was able to get her mouth on. But she survived every time she ingested it! The Twin and her daughters had gotten to the point where furniture was skewed in funny ways throughout the house, just to ensure that they didn't give Phoebe an easy way to climb up onto the counter and scout out a snack.)

Here she is when she was younger, facing off with her ever-present nemesis (and lovah), Mr. Puppy:
Puppy and Phoebe both happened into the Twin's life through chance. Puppy was a gift from our brother, after he found him wandering around his house in Riverside one day several years ago. And Phoebe was found in a parking lot, under a car. The Twin's asshole ex-husband brought her home with him after he managed to coax her out from under the car with some turkey meat, which she then threw up in his car. (Hahahaha! Pointing and laughing at the ex is fun.) Puppy and Phoebe were good companions for each other, and remained pretty small dogs after they were full-grown, so they were perfect for the Twin's home.

Phoebe eventually dwarfed Puppy a bit, size-wise, but that was no matter. They managed to get it on, and created a pack of puppies that our Izzy was a product of...
Izzy is a pretty good mix of Puppy and Phoebe, but due to her shiny black coat and her larger size, she bears more resemblance to Phoebes.

So pretty!

Anyway, Phoebe started to decline a bit after showing initial signs of improvement after the surgery, and yesterday, she pretty well fell apart. The doctors said she was septic, probably due to the fruit pit ripping holes in her intestine as it travelled through. The Twin said she'll find out more later today maybe. Here's poor Phoebe yesterday before she was taken back to the vet to see if anything could be done to help her...

The Twin decided to put her down instead of putting her through any further surgeries, from which she'd likely only have a low percentage of surviving anyway. And if she did survive, she'd be unhappy and uncomfy and the Twin just didn't think it'd be anything other than cruel to keep trying to remove more and more of her insides in order to keep her here for a little while longer. She did the smart and brave thing, I think.

But maaan, are we saaaad! So. so. sad. The emotional tie between the Twin and I is one of our more obvious weird twin abilities, so her losing Phoebe is almost like me losing Phoebe. I feel stupid even typing that, but it's the truth. I also am sad for my Twin and her daughters, and for poor Mr. Puppy.

So here's to you, little mama! We will miss you so much, and we hope that you enjoyed your time with our family while we had ya. In parting, I offer the internets some proof of your love for all things Off Limits, Food-Wise...because it is funny. And we fucking loved it when you did shit like this, dammit.


Average Jane said...

Oh, that's so sad! You and Twin both have my deepest sympathy.

faithstwin said...

This is nice, dude. I am having a tough time getting through the day. The dr felt so so sooo bad but I assured her she warned me this might be the outcome and I appreciate all they did to help Phoebe recover while she was coming through this. They are warm, caring trustworthy folks and I was happy Phoebe had them when I wasn't able to do what they could.

She was a trooper to the end, probably more concerned about my tears than her pain. I held her in my arms as the doctor gave her the meds to put her down. She didn't struggle at all and in fact right before he started, she pushed her head against my shoulder like she was giving me one last hug.

We are going to miss her terribly but it is a reality of having pets that the end happens at some point.

She was the best dog ever, loyal, kind and very intelligent (except when it came to eating things she shouldn't!). Mr. Puppy had a great companion in her and though he can't tell me, he obviously knows she is gone and has taken to following me around the house today. Grieving for her so soon after losing my Dad is double hard, but I look forward to next week and know one day at a time we'll get through this horrible loss...

Ms. Pants said...


Crying now.

(Perhaps I'm the long lost triplet?)


GB, RN said...

This saddens me greatly. I'm reminded of the wiener dog I had as a kid...that damn dog ate everything. EVERYTHING. From nuts, bolts, glass, rocks, small toy parts. EVERYTHING. He lived 16 years before dying old oldness. Not of indigestion. To this day, I don't know how this was even possible.

Hugs to you and the Twin.

mnerva said...

Hello Faith,
I just stopped by to say "hi" to a fellow Tomato Nation fan. Soooo sorry to hear about your recent losses. I cried over Phoebe and I didn't even know her, but I recently (in last 2 years) had to put down my cat that I owned for 15 years, so I know the pain. Oh! and the KU loss pain. Of course I had them winning the "whole shebang" as you said. If Sarah from T.N. does do anything with you and heatherkay please let me know. email: mnerva68 @ gmail dot com.

faithstwin said...

Ms. Pants and GB,RN- thank you. Though Phoebe was only with us for a short time this decision was absolutely horrible for us to get through. I imagine I will be crying for a LONG time- sporadically of course- at my memory of her.

I can't tell you how smart she was. She did the requisite head tilt at different words and different actions. But she was much more than that- she KNEW what was going on.

Having lived with a newfoundland for many years while I was a kid and knowing how human they are I can honestly say I think Phoebe was part Tara (our Newf) and that is why she exhibited so much of the behavior I remember Tara putting out. I also think this is another reason why I found putting Phoebe down so difficult. We had to put Tara down under similar circumsances when she was only 6 years old. The way Phoebe seemed to accept what was happening equalled what I remember Tara having exhibited. It was terrible both times, but both times I am confident in saying I know my dear pups were put out of their misery.

As the actual decision maker of the situation? I have wondered every day what if I asked them to keep Phoebe one more night? Would she have pulled through? Would she have gotten worse? Is what I listened to the right thing and did I make the right choice based on what they told me? I, in short, have regret and know that it is only natural but also wonder if it is valid.

mnerva: I am so sorry about your cat! Years add to the difficulty and pain one feels, of course. I can't relate to the KU pain but know the phone call I got from Faith when the loss occured was pretty harsh and I am happy I will be with her and Leo when anything else may go wrong during the final 4.