Thursday, April 29, 2010

That's a weird word.

You know what? "Queue" is a weird word. What the fuck is the point to the additional "ue" in there? The first one seems to do the job pretty well, so why is the 2nd one tacked on to the end like that? Any French linguist historians out there reading this that can aides moi on that one?

Oh, and the blue ball showed back up from it's short trip to wherever this week. (Jeffers took it on Tuesday night while Leo and I watched TV.) I got into bed last night, and opened my side table drawer to get my lip balm, and there it was! He even had to move my tube of Neosporin in order to get it to fit. Hahahaha! That was a quick turn around this time. See, you just never know how long he's gonna keep it.

FYI, I totally found this awesome security camera system on sale at Costco in our latest coupon book from comes with something like 8 security cams! And it records to a DVR-like system, which seems pretty perfect. But I don't know if I wanna get it. Still considering it. I'll keep you posted.

Ok, stupid people driving. That is the final topic for today. Every day, I pass through the intersection at Nall and 103rd St on my way home from work. Heading north on Nall, there are several opportunities to block intersections for a small community of attached homes when the signal at 103rd is red. So they have these signs up right in plain view, so the morons that can't put two and two together themselves can see that, yes, they need to keep the intersection clear, dammit.
And 9 times out of fucking 10, THIS is what happens:
Yeah, that would be 4 mutherfucking stupid idiot drivers that can't seem to figure out how to NOT block the intersection with their vehicles.

It really isn't that hard. Seriously.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A little blue ball for ya...

In case anyone was wondering what ol' Jeffers is up to lately, he's pretty much just doing his normal gag with the blue ball. But here's the detail:

Almost two weeks ago, Leo lost his wedding ring. He searched high and low for it, and couldn't find it. We even called the gym to see if it had been turned in, by any chance. (Since he's lost so goddammed much weight, his fingers are skinnying up, too. So it's all slippery on him. ::grumble::) They hadn't seen it, unfortunately.

There were two options: Either the guy who helped us replace the doors in the house took it, or our klepto ghost took it. Since we want to think the best of the people we hire to come in and do work for us, we turned our attention to Jeffers. I asked him to give it back if he had it, because it made me feel less connected to my husband! (Oh yes...I absolutely did try to appeal to a ghost's emotional side. I'm a lot cause, y'all.)

It still hadn't shown up by Saturday night, so I started tossing the blue ball around in hopes that Jeffers would pick that up, and then when he decided to return it, maybe he'd give us back the ring, too?

Took a week, but both items finally turned up. The ring was underneath a quilted centerpiece thingy that Leo's mom made for us a few years ago. We keep it on the table in the kitchen because...well, it's where it belongs! Anyway, I swear we both looked under there when we were initially searching for the ring, but regardless, there it was! So we were both happy with that.

The blue ball was still gone, though. Wasn't sure what was going on there. Until I hopped into the shower later that afternoon, and found it sitting in the windowsill. Hehehe! The Twin replied to my text about it as follows: "He's a creeper watching you shower." Which, let's be honest, if you were a ghost, wouldn't you be taking advantage of some situations like that? Although, if I were Jeffers, I wouldn't be watching a fatass like me in the shower, but to each their own.

I took the ball out of the shower window, and put it into the windowsill that's closest to my bathroom sink, so I could keep an eye on it. Jake found it the following day, and brought it to me to play with. So we'd been playing with it since Sunday, until last night when Jeffers apparently took it again. (It's so weird! We're sitting there in plain sight of it, and it just suddenly isn't there any more. I'd give anything to catch it as it happens, dammit.) So we'll have to see where he decides to put it this time!

For those that suggested that I try contacting a paranormal investigation group to come and check out the house, I did check out a few local teams. I finally contacted one called Ghost Vigil, although I wasn't sure that they still did any investigations based on the most recent info on their website. And I was right...they don't do them anymore. ::kicks dirt:: They did respond to my request for help, though, and said the following:


This is Jen Wagner Case Manager of Ghost Vigil Investigations in Kansas City. And we received the request for assistance that you sent us. It sounds like there is a lot of interesting things going on in your home."

She went on to explain that (a) ghosts can't hurt me (not that I'm worried about that in my case, though. Although, I wouldn't put it past him, I guess! I mean, if Jeffers can take a pair of scissors/remote control and hide it wherever the fuck he hides stuff for any given period of time, only to put it back in a completely random spot, I wouldn't trust that he doesn't have the power to, say, put that pair of scissors back inside of my lower intestine, if he so desired...), and (b) sometimes what people think are hauntings are caused by other things, like "pipe noises, the air system, electronic malfunctions, creaky boards, house settling, tiredness, imagination, dreams, etc...", which I totally understand, and think we can safely rule out in our case, thanks to the objects moving around.

And a large number of hauntings are actually residual. We don't have a residual haunting. Jeffers interacts with us too much for it to be considered residual.

She then went on to tell me that they don't do investigations anymore, but recommended a couple of groups I could check with if I'm still interested in having it checked out. I dunno, though. I don't think the blue ball will disappear on command, or even necessarily on the same day that we ask Jeffers to take it. (Like last weekend...I put it on the floor on Saturday, but it didn't disappear for another full 24 hours. Sometimes, like when the Twin was in town, it doesn't go anywhere at all. And other times, it disappears without us even saying anything about taking it, like yesterday. It's all over the place, is my point. There's no way of predicting what might happen.) And I don't know what else could be investigated, really. Maybe some EVPs could be captured, but who knows? And do I want to know if they are? I really don't think I do!

Anyway, they did recommend that I keep a "diary" of all the activity, and since I've been pretty much doing that through the blog, I figured I'd update on the latest stuff going on. Not too exciting, but that's ok with me. Oh, and when I told Leo where I found the blue ball after I got out of the shower last week, he laughed pretty hard. Which is a good development, IMO. He seems more comfortable with what's happening, and I appreciate that from him. Either that, or the new ADD drugs he's on are making him high...hrm. :/

So that's the latest! Let me know if you have any questions/suggestions/ideas.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

::spins around uselessly::

It's 4 p.m. already. Jeezy mcfuck, where'd the day go?

Ok, but finally, the boss shut his office door, and is on a most secretive conference call that he set up all by himself. I think it's only fair that I take this time to write a quick blog post. I mean, if he's gonna be doing my job and's an even exchange, no?

I'm now in actual pain from whatever it is that's going on in my stomach. It's getting to the point that I don't know what to eat in order to keep it mellow, which is making me want to avoid food all together. This is NOT such an even exchange, because I. love. food. So it upsets me mightily when I think about it, and I bounce back and forth between nothing sounding good at all, or I'm hungry but everything I consider sounds scary. SALAD SHOULDN'T BE SCARY! ::cries::

Basically, the doctor told me last week that she thinks I have IBS. But we're still trying to figure it all out. I tried a nice cleansing process over the weekend (i.e. drank a bottle of something called magnesium's not as delicious as it sounds, fyi), as there was a fair amount of stuff in places it shouldn't have been, according to an x-ray I received last week. So she wanted me to try to empty that out of my system, and then see how I felt early this week.

I feel worse. So, moving on to the next step: blood tests. We will test my liver and kidneys to make sure they're doing ok. I'll head over to get those done tomorrow.

After that, if we still aren't sure-sure about what's going on, she recommended I get an ultrasound and possibly a CT of my belly.

I said, "No colonoscopy?" And she said, "Well, if you want one, I'm sure it wouldn't be declined..." At which point I held up my hands and said, "Dude...who actually WANTS a colonoscopy? I just thought that it was going to be the only step, and I'm very glad there are lots of other things we can try first!"

This stupid thing pretty much dominates my brain these days. I keep watching for blood in the toilet, I keep working out because, believe it or not, it makes it feel better, and I keep trying to adjust my eating so I don't feel so bloated I might actually explode.

Its IBS, right? I mean, not that that would be exactly fun to deal with, but hell if it isn't a better option than lots of other things it could be! Also, it requires no meds to control it...just diet changes. And damned if I'm not used to doing that at this point in my life.

::sigh:: I'll keep you posted. But for now, I'm going to try to find a decent snack that won't make me look 5 months pregnant in a half hour...

Monday, April 26, 2010

Wow. That takes me back!

Someone in my office is eating something that smells so much like the BBQ Pioneer Chicken I grew up eating in Southern California, it's almost making me cry!

While that might seem like an extreme reaction to the smell of some BBQ chicken, you just don't know. You can't know unless you used to eat that chicken, like I did. So just shut it, ok? ::sobs::

Today is a fun day for flashbacks, apparently. On my way to work, I was all hyper because I've been up since 4:30 (went to the gym to do my strength training on my own today - oy!), so by the time 8 rolls around, I'm a little buggy, to be honest. And then some songs came on that took me right back to their videos (Morrissey doing his "Last of the Famous International Playboys" dance, anyone?) or dances that I used to do to songs thanks to one of my brother's friends making up a dance to go with them specifically at one point in my life...::sigh:: I love car dancing.

Anyone else having a flashback kind of day? Or had an issue with flashing back to anything recently that made you all nostalgic-like for a different time/different size/different era?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I bet he won't ask THAT question again!

I returned to the office today after a day off yesterday (sick, tired, etc...), and my boss returned to the office today after a 3 day trip to another company location for meetings. We got together to go over his future schedule (yes, my job IS just. that. easy!), and as we were finishing up, had the following exchange:

Me: "Oh, I have a doctor appointment tomorrow morning at 9:30. Hopefully they can figure out what's wrong with me." Since he knew I was out of the office yesterday, I thought it would be best if he knew I was following up on what I'd stayed home because of.

Him: "What's going on?"

Me, thinking quickly about whether to be honest on this or to be coy and say allusive things about what's going on: "Um, well...I guess the best way to put it is that I don't know. But I think it might be my colon, which is slightly worrisome." [Feeling the shades of red spread across my face...shoulda gone with more allusive!]

Him, looking truly worried: "Oh no! Well, I hope you can figure it out."

Me, trying to save face: "Well, just in case you thought I was looking pregnant, I'm not! I'm just bloated! Hahahaha!"

He laughed, too. Being bloated is funny. ::Feeling like an ass:: Really, anything can be funny after you've brought up a doctor appointment to identify a possible colon problem with your boss, though, right? ::sigh::

It's been over 3 years that we've worked together, and I don't even know if I should tell him what I'm really doing in June, or if I should just let him figure it out after he gets a load of my new top half when I return from "vacation". Jeezy chreezy...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More reasons why I don't understand people.

I'm stealing this from Statia. It's been a while since I've done anything that remotely resembles a meme, so why the hell not? Why do people like these things?:

1. Genevieve Gorder. If this bitch set one foot even at the end of my driveway, I'd go at her with a shovel. Also? It's totally obvious that she let someone cut off all her long hair, she hated the short look, and then tried to fix it by allowing someone to put in some horrible extensions that truly look most heinous. She has a shitty mullet now, which actually makes me hate her more AND, at the same time, laugh at her for being such a 'tard. I bet she looked much better with the short cut. She should just let it be, goddammit. BUT, she's an idiot that talks like a baby all the what can ya do? Speaking of mullets...


3. Apple, and their need to "i" EVERYTHING ON THE PLANET. Fuck off, Apple, before I'm the only one not wearing an iBra under an iBlouse while I drive around town in my non-iCar.

4. Starbucks

5. Camaros

6. Turning up the bass so far in your car that you can't actually hear the music. The music is kinda the whole point, so WTF?

7. All this zombie apocolypse talk. I don't get it. :/

8. Platform stilletos. (Ok, they look kinda cool in Vogue editorials...but when I see girls in real life wearing them, they look stupid. Even the statuesque pretty ones. Very odd.)

9. Tanning

10. The bacon explosion. Don't get me wrong...I like bacon. Believe me. But that thing just sounds disgusting.

11. Things with branding all over them, like Louis Vuitton bags. Ug. Ly. GAH.

What do you have confusion over people liking?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Leave the puppies at home, would ya?

Izzy got her summer cut last Friday. As usual, she looks beautimous with her shorter hair, and it also helped us to see that she's not as fat as we were thinking she had gotten over the year! (She really was just fluffy. Hahahaha!)
We love our puppies more than we love each other some days. And seeing them get hot and bothered over the last few weeks as the temps have creeped higher and higher had us setting their grooming appointments a little earlier than we usually do. Jake got shaved the Friday before the Twin came to visit (I was kinda sad she didn't get to see him at his fluffiest, but he was just so damned hot all the time...), and Izzy got shaved last week.

When we go out, we're the type of couple that locks the puppies into the kitchen, where they have a nice fan overhead, a couple of soft places to lie down, as well as full access to their food and water dishes. We love our puppies, no doubt. But we don't need them to travel around with us wherever we go. (Nor do we need them outside in the backyard, where they can harrass the neighbors with a likely barrage of constant barking.)

Our friend Dave is the type of dude who likes to bring the puppies with him wherever he goes. I honestly haven't really understood it all these years we've been friends, but it's his thing, so I've never said anything to him about it.

Saturday, he shared the fact that he was puppy-sitting for some friends, and had the dog out in the car because it had gotten a little too excited sitting by itself out on the patio at the Moose, I guess. He felt bad about having to put it in his car, because the puppy was enjoying the sunshine so much. (I asked him if he was parked in the shade, and he said he was. So I let it be at that point.) After we'd been there for about a half hour, he mentioned maybe going out and moving the car into the sun, so the dog could enjoy it.

" please don't do that! In fact, you should go out and open the windows a bit, and leave the car in the shade." (I'd asked him earlier if he'd cracked the windows for the dog, and he said he hadn't.)

He looked at me with disgust and said, "It's not hot out, Faith. The dog is fine."

I assured him that even on a comfortable day, the interiors of cars can heat up to really hot levels pretty quickly, especially when they're left in the sun. AND he has a black car! I begged him to please leave the car in the shade.

"Oh, that is BULL SHIT." He replied. "It's 60 degrees out there! The dog is fine."

"Dave, you should look these stats up. I promise I'm not just pulling this info out of my ass, honest." Then I confirmed that he didn't have water in the car for the dog, and again said that he'd be surprised how hot it can get in a car with closed windows on a bright sunny day, even when it's comfy out. Hell, Leo and I had gotten back in our car after being in Dick's Sporting Goods (where I was offered a warranty on my new workout shoes for $3.99. The fuck?) for 30 minutes, and I had to finally roll up the windows and turn on the AC, it had warmed up so much inside. I also have a black car, and it had been sitting in the sun. It was at least 95 degrees in there, for sure.

My friend Dave eventually simmered down, and stopped being so obstanant towards me about the discussion. Well, probably because the discussion pretty much stopped. He didn't go out to move his car into the sun, or I might've had a bigger issue. He doesn't have a dog of his own any more, and has no plans of getting another one anytime soon, as far as I know, so I consider the issue dropped.

But it always has bothered me that he prefered to bring his dogs with him when he came up to the Moose every day, and would leave them out in the car the whole time he's there. (Which can range from 3 - 4 hours, generally.) Why not leave them at home, where they have a little more room to roam around, and lie down more comfortably? I just don't get it.

Some stats from around the web, in case it's helpful to folks who like to take their puppies with them, even for short jaunts to places like the grocery store:

This article said this: "Cracking the windows doesn't cut it - So where are the danger zones? The most obvious is your car: It can become a death trap even on a mild sunny day--and can insidiously raise the car's temperature to well above 120 degrees! Never, ever leave your pet inside the car. If Fido can't come with you when you get out of the car, leave him at home."

And said something similar: "Dogs can suffer and die when left inside parked cars, even on mildly warm days. On a 78-degree day, the temperature inside a shaded car is 90 degrees, while the inside of a car parked in the sun can reach 160 degrees in minutes. Animals can succumb to heatstroke in just 15 minutes."

A random article I found through a Google search pulled up a Q&A page about how to handle the situation when you see a dog in a parked car: ""There is no law regarding the time a dog can be left in a parked vehicle," State Patrol trooper Dan McDonald said. "However, if the conditions warrant, the owner can be charged with Animal Cruelty...Animal shelter staff says that even with car windows slightly open, the buildup of heat inside a car can top 160 degrees in a few minutes with a 65 degree temperature outside." That was from a website in Seattle, but I'm not sure what the laws are elsewhere. The point is, it can get hot inside the car fast on a mild, but sunny, day. So don't be a dope!

I understand about wanting to take the dogs with you, because it's hard for even a cold-hearted bitch like me to leave my Izzy as she barks at me through the kitchen door as I get into my car to leave her and Jake at home for whatever reason. But what makes me happy is the thought of how excited they are to see me and Leo again when we get home from wherever we were. And the fact that they probably settled in for long naps while we were out of the house. Who doesn't love the idea of a nice, long nap in a comfortable space?

Leave the puppies at home. It's just plain good for them, dammit.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Baseball Season!

Last week, we headed out to the stadium to watch a Royals game, in the hopes that we would get to visit with some of our server/bartender friends from the Moose, since they work at a bar out there now and then, too. Unfortunately, it wound up being (a) a Red Sox game, and (b) a perfect fucking night for baseball watching, so the game was pretty much sold out. Which meant that the bar our friends work in out there was pretty full by the time we got in. No seats left, dammit. :(

So we headed over to our own seats instead, which were in the perfect spot, IMO. Well, one of the perfect spots, anyway! We were under an overhang, so we weren't stuck in any glaring sunshine as the sun went down, and if it rained (which there was no chance of, but still...being prepared is key!), we'd have been covered.

The game was a good one! Stadium was full, Greinke was pitching, the rednecks were out en force...ahhh, Spring.

I asked Leo to get some pictures of us enjoying our day. He's still getting used to the camera function on his newer phone, so we started experimenting...

Ok, I look pretty good in that shot above, but I'd rather see Leo with me instead of the stellar examples of humankind sitting behind us. (They went on later to have a deep discussion about Greinke's pay level. One of them was imitating Greinke - who I've never heard speak, so I don't know how accurate he was - speaking as if he was developmentally disabled. Given, the guy was having a shitty pitching night, but that's kind of how things work in baseball. Sometimes you do well, and sometimes you suck. Der. If you don't like how they pay their players, then maybe you shouldn't...go to the games? Just a suggestion...)

Ok, here he got a bit better with the camera aim...
But I look super cool in that photo, so I started laughing and this happened...
And I just told him to please STOP IT after that. I mean, really. I have no neck. GAH. I can hear Tyra's voice in my head now, and she's not happy, mkay?
I'm looking forward to getting out to more games this season, though. I like the changes that have been made to the stadium, and I really just love watching a good game from up close, dammit. Too bad we couldn't get to a game when you were in town, Twin! I guarantee we could change your mind about watching a baseball game in person if we had. I just love it...

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Why do people who have offices, with doors, feel it's cool or acceptable in any way to have a meeting that includes a conference call on speaker phone with their door open? Why do they think everyone around them wants to hear what they're discussing?

Because we really don't. We really, really do not. We're annoyed, more than anything.

Oh, and we don't like it when they play their random music with their door open, either. Just sayin'.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Would you like to sit on my balls?

The Twin sent me a link to this website today, which she found when she was looking for some supplies for games she's organizing for a 5th grader event that she's in charge of at her daughter's school. So I clicked on the link, because with an email that had a title like that (same title as this post), I just HAD to see whatthefuck was up.


Hahahahahahahaha! ::cries tears of hilarity::

They officially call them Cando Saddle Rolls, but another name for them is PEANUT BALLS. Hahahahahaha! Those don't look like peanuts to me, Balls n Bands people! Sorreh!

Seriously, what would life be like without the internet? I shudder to think...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Saving it for later. When I need a snack, or something. DUH.

I just found a piece of sandwich from lunch just sort of nested on my buttons at the top of my cardigan that I'm wearing.


I've been walking around doing stuff since lunch. People have come over to my desk and chatted with me. I went to the bathroom even, and observed the fact that I needed to pull a brush through my hair to smooth it out a bit, but I did NOT see the piece of sandwich nested on my cardigan buttons.


Monday, April 12, 2010

So rioting has become the popular thing among the kids in KC these days, hm?

Apparently there was a riot of sorts on the Plaza over the weekend. My trainer told me about it this morning, and I just remembered to look it up a little while ago on KMBC to see what happened.

::laughing:: I don't know what else to do except to laugh. I'm so disgusted by the whole thing, and the follow-up of comments on their website, that I can't think of what else to do! Well, except to write about it. Thank goodness for the bloggy outlet thinger!

I flagged this comment, and hope that it comes down soon, but this is the kind of thing that pushes me beyond comprehension in cases like this here in Kansas City:

"Why don't blacks build something in their own communities that they can support and enjoy (without government aid or YT assistance). The black population in America is greater than that of many self sufficent European countries with good economies. Even if blacks only did business with one another they could still have a vibrant way of life. Unfortunatley crime ridden jungle behavior seems to be the norm and accepted practice."

::laughs again:: Um, "crime ridden jungle behavior"? Really?

The thing is, this comment isn't the only one like was just the first to push over an edge that was being danced upon by a few other commenters.

And it's not that I'm not disgusted by the behavior that videos of the incident show as occurring...I am disgusted by that, for sure! It's sad, and weird, and makes me cock my head to one side with my WTF? look on my face.

But, that aside, this comment is suggesting segregation. And even though the commenter tried to put a spin on it like, "This would be good for black people! They could be together, and have a vibrant way of life! Happiness and rainbows and puppies, YAY!" the fucktard is STILL suggesting that we segregate a whole community/race in order to solve the, um, "jungle behavior" issue.

God, I feel like throwing up. Seriously. People, please help restore my faith in humanity/society, and make some genuinely good suggestions about what you think needs to happen in order to keep "riots" like this from happening agan! I thought another commenter had it right with their suggestion that curfews should be in place, and enforced. What do you think?

Friday, April 09, 2010

Wheelchair bound, I swear to jeebus.

Leo and I are headed out to the Royals game tomorrow night, so we can visit a bunch of our friends that we know who work at a bar at the stadium. (Oh, and to watch the Royals play the Red Sox, too, of course! Der...) I'm excited, but I'm also a little worried. Do they rent wheelchairs at the stadium, like they do at Disneyland for people that hurt themselves in the park?

See, we started seeing our new physical trainers last week. My trainer seems like she's being relatively easy on me when we're working together at the gym. We'll do something kinda hard, but then we'll do something that's relatively less hard for me (like work my lats or triceps, or something...), and it throws me off. It puts me into a comfortable rhythm of OH MY GOD THIS IS SO FUCKING HARD!!!/Ahhh...this is back is so strong RAWR/HOLY FUCK, I HATE LUNGES, AND PLUS DOING THEM WHILE HOLDING A 25 POUND WEIGHT YOU MUST BE JOKING!!!/Good deal, bench presses...welcome back, I missed you a lil' bit/etc, etc...

And then I'm done, and I get to go home.

Last week, I had to stand up slowly the day after my workout, because I was afraid I would tear some muscle in my stomach area if I got up too fast and tried to stand straight. Yesterday, my hamstrings hurt so bad, I told the Twin I was worried someone might ask me if I developed MS recently. Today, my trainer focussed more on my biceps and triceps and shoulder area. I'm pretty sure that by this time tomorrow, I won't be able to move my arms above hip level. I'll have to hunch over and eat all my food like I'm in a fucking pie-eating contest!


Leo and I are working on not complaining about our pain. It's hard for me, because I'm an expressive person. I don't hold back much, usually. And while I don't mind a simple, "Ow! FUCK, my legs hurt!" now and then when he's getting up or sitting down, it's when he launches into full-on Man Cold style complaining about the soreness that gets me a bit peeved.'s called working out for a reason. It's not like you're going in to the gym to play with some puppies and kittens for an hour. (OMG, how fun would THAT be, though? :D) So if I complain less, I'm hoping it'll rub off on him a bit. And to be fair, he has been better about it so far, so I'm hopeful for the future.

But as for the immediate future, I'm just hopeful that some Advil and alcohol will help ease the pain. Because ooooowwwww. ::sobs quietly::

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Yep. Probably Crazy has definitely arrived on my doorstep. Faaabulous.

At lunch on Saturday, Leo let the cat out of the bag about my cross over into the Probably Crazy category: I’ve finally seen a ghost in the house. Up until now, it’s been mostly just objects being moved, and maybe a shadow you can see out of the corner of your eye, but that’s about it.

But last Wednesday, I had gone to sleep, and woke up kind of groggy about 15 minutes later, for some reason. When I opened my eyes (in the dark room) I saw a lady next to my bed. She was bent over, and looking at my face. She was wearing a red housedress from the 40’s or 50’s that had black leaves or flowers all over it. Her hair was dark, and in a short do. She was maybe in her mid-40’s, from what I could see.

I caught all of this detail in a short flash, because it’s literally the first time I’ve ever seen anything like this, and my immediate response was to give a little yell and then cover my face with my comforter.

She didn’t look scary. She looked kinda curious. And she seemed nice enough. (For a ghost…)

Now, I’m actually leaving this one open to speculation. The blue ball being moved all over, and the remote being taken, and the scissors being taken only to return a week later behind a picture of my parents, and the clothing disappearing and then reappearing months later in my laundry – all of that is just random, but definite paranormal stuff. This chick, though...I dunno. I was mostly asleep/in the early stage of falling asleep before being woken up, likely when Leo came in from the living room when he was done watching TV. I didn’t have my glasses on, and it was dark in the room. Was she a figment of my imagination? It’s highly likely, IMO. But I hadn’t been dreaming, so where did her image come from, if it was my imagination that created her? And if she WAS real…then who the FUCK is she???

I was trying to keep this story on the down low until AFTER the Twin’s visit was over. That was why I hadn’t posted about it last week. But then Leo had to go and bring it up when we were having lunch with Nuke on Saturday. (Boys. ::roll eyes::)

So the Twin wound up having to take measures to be more comfortable in the house, particularly after she felt something sit down on her bed when she was going to sleep on Saturday night. ::sigh:: Sorry Twin! And then she and I went down to the records and tax administration in Olathe on Monday morning, to see what we could find out about the house Leo and I live in.

The ownership was pretty much just as I recalled it to be. Before me, a woman had owned it for 15 years. She was single when she moved in, and then she met a dude, they procreated voraciously, and outgrew the house in time to sell it to me. Before her, there was only one other owner, who was the original purchaser in 1952. He bought it for $9,800. He was a “single man” according to the deed (yep…they put that sort of shit on it back then!), and his name sounds nothing like “Jeffers”. I’m pretty sure he passed away while living in the house, though. The lady before me bought it from the bank, so that’d be my clue. If he was in his 20’s or 30’s when he bought the place, he could still be alive, but I doubt it. His name was Donald Geist.

That made the Twin and I chuckle a bit when we saw it!

(If you don’t understand why, here’s the Wiki that should explain it for you.)

We were working with a guy in the administration who was super nice. He helped us look all the way back to the original owners of the property that our subdivision is on. From what we found, a J. Stanley (maybe related to one of the Stanley’s that founded Stanley, KS?) was the original owner, but we’d have to go to the archive building on 151st, or some shit, to be sure. I don’t think that was necessary. J. Stanley sold it to the Hodges Bros., who in turn sold it to the Metcalf’s (George and Lizzie) in the late 19th century, if I recall correctly. It then passed through many, many, MANY more hands, before the Mission Land Co developed it in 1952 into the current subdivision it exists as.

Basically, none of this information helped me figure out who the hell “lives” in our house with us. BUT, it was interesting to learn it all, nonetheless. I love history, and knowing the history of the land I live on, even in such a small and seemingly unimportant way, is kinda fun. :D

I’m probably going to continue to call the ghost Jeffers. It’s what we’re all used to by now. And the lady in the red dress? I just hope she stops waking me up when I’m trying to sleep. It took me a good hour and a half to fall back asleep after that, and now I’m kind of afraid to open my eyes at night in the darkened room! That fuckin’ blows. They can keep living with us, though. I don’t mind them all that much, really. The blue ball didn’t move at all while the Twin was here…just stayed in its little spot in front of the photos on top of our bookcase. I offered to take it down and “put it into play” for the Twin on Sunday, I think it was. But she said no. (If it hasn’t moved for a while, and I’m interested in seeing it in a new spot, I’ll go ahead and pull it down and add it to the dogs’ playthings again. Usually, it disappears within a few hours when we do that.) She said we could go ahead and do it on Tuesday, but what would have been the point? She wouldn’t be here to see it reappear again, dammit. That’d be silly.

(I think Leo is fine with the break from objects moving right now, anyway. He gets more irritable lately since he’s been seeing his psychologist. Don’t know what that’s about, but I think it might be because he’s getting all confident, and shit. :\ No, really, I’m happy about it! But still…I don’t like a pissy husband any more than he probably likes a pissy wife. Blargh.)

So what do you guys think we should do? Just live with things the way they are, and deal? Or hire a psychic or something? I don’t need that woman showing up again in front of my face. Srsly.

Back to work. ::sigh::

I took Monday and Tuesday off, since the Twin was here until late Tuesday afternoon. Sorry for the break in posting! I just tend to not go near a computer when I'm out of the office, is all. This is one of the reasons why I don't Twitter, and I'm not on Facebook. Constant updates take away from the eventual and actual post for the day. You think I'm a bore now? I can only imagine how boring I'd be if I were updating multiple social media sites constantly! Blech.

We had a great was good to have a visitor, and for that visitor to be the Twin, no less. We didn't do much of anything. I wanted to go to the Royals home opener on Monday, but couldn't figure out how to get tickets. (Leo and I have friends that work in the bar out in right field, and were planning on sitting in there, but I lost steam on the project once the Twin said she didn't even like going to baseball games. I don't think she's done them right, but that's ok. I'd rather her enjoy her visit than feel like she's forced to do things she doesn't wanna do.) She and I went to the county records office on Monday to look up the history of ownership on my house, and try to track down who Jeffers might be. And then Tuesday, before she left, we went to visit the John Wornall House in Brookside. I've always wanted to go there, but Leo didn't even know it existed! It was neat. When we were done there, we headed on up to the airport, and the Twin went to Houston to visit our older sister, and to pick up her kids. (They were staying down there with the older sister while she came here to get a little R&R.)

Hope everyone is having a good week! I'll be back with more details on stuff that's going on when I get more into the groove and have a better idea of what to talk about. Just wanted to get an updated post up for the time being...

Friday, April 02, 2010

Ah, hello lovely squall line. Come on in!

Just a quick update on the bewbies: I have made my surgery appointment for early in the morn on June 8th. ::fist pump::

So. excited. GAH!

The Twin arrives later this afternoon/early evening, and I'm really looking forward to having her as a guest. She hasn't seen the addition on the house yet, and she's never met Jake in person. And he really is a dog that everyone should have the chance to meet, I think. All of his little nuances can't be captured in videos and photos, to be sure. So, that should be fun. We're having him shaved down today (poor dude has been so hot this week with the weather change we had!), so he'll look something akin to this little guy in the following video. Which you MUST watch. It's 37 seconds, so just do it...

::dies from the cute::

(That's my little Easter gift to y'all, btw. Hope you liked it! Sorry it wasn't chocolate-coated, as is the tradition at Eastertime. But go get yourself a Hershey bar and watch it again. SO CUTE!)

With the storm we had move through here about an hour ago, I'm hoping the Twin's flights will be quiet and non-eventful. Speaking of the storm that moved through here, the emergency system was implemented here at work, and we were instructed to take cover during the Severe Thunderstorm Warning. Is this unusual? Yes. But was it still required? Um, YES. You would not believe the fuckers that stayed in their cubes, or even crowded by the windows even though they were being told to take cover. I had to stand there and wait for them all to get up and physically start moving toward a safe place. Which is ridiculous. Do I like that we have to take cover when it's "just" a severe thunderstorm warning? No. But they're likely making us do it for a reason, DUH. And there was a reason. Hurricane force winds ripping roofs off of buildings near by, and flipping semis over like Tonka trucks, ok? So yeah...MOVE INSIDE A SAFE PLACE, MORON. Jeezy chreezy...

Looking forward to seeing some of you at lunch tomorrow! Seeing the Twin and I together in one place can be trippy, just to warn ya. Happy weekend!

Thursday, April 01, 2010


Leo and I decided to give the new BRGR Kitchen* in PV a try this past week. We were going to go during the week, but wound up with too many perishables in the fridge that we needed to cook. So we attempted it on Friday night, but I knew it was a stupid idea...which it was. It was an hour and a half wait.

(*Seriously, why do websites feel a need to have a soundtrack that accompanies them? It's fucking obnoxious. FYI - in case you haven't figured it out - there's sound on their website. You can turn it off in the upper right hand corner of the page if you click that link.)

So we planned it into this week's dinner schedule, and headed over there last night. No wait this time! Woo!

This place is a magnet for families, just to warn. (Although the one lady who had a screachy kid was, to her credit, very on top of the issue. And eventually left when she realized it wasn't controllable. ::applause:: She really made me happy, dammit.) We weren't the only ones there without kids, but we were in the minority for sure.

The menu is diverse, and I'd like to try a bunch of different stuff off of it in the future, to be honest. But the name of the place is BRGR. So we started there, and we'll work our way around.

Leo thought it was necessary to begin his BRGR experience with the Jucy Lucy. I chose the Knob Hill myself, because I'm a sucker for a burger on parmesan sourdough, yo. One of my favorite restaurants on the planet (Ruby's Diner) has a burger they call the Super Burger, and it's served on parm sourdough. It is the fucking BOMB, and I love seeing another restaurant pulling out the specialty "bun" like that, taking me back to some very fond memories. Oh, and also? YUM.

We decided a side of the "truffle" fries, and a side of the onion straws to accompany our dinners.

The burgers were perfect. Cooked well, seasoned well, dressed well (although Leo did add some mustard and BRGR's homemade ketchup to his)...they were really very much worth the $7.50 we were charged for them. I couldn't finish mine...not because I didn't want to, because I did! But in my attempts to be less of a fat ass, I try to keep my splurges under control, just like I do my dinners at home. So I ate one half last night, and had the other half for breakfast this morning. It was just as good today, surprisingly.

I don't think we'll have those sides again, though. The onion straws were too thin to really get a good bunch together. I'd grab some, and they'd all break, which made it hard to dip them into the yummy BBQ sauce that was served with them. I tried whipping out a fork to eat them with, but that was unsuccessful, too. We made it through about a 1/4 of the basket. Seemed like a big waste, and I even mentioned to Leo that I wonder how many baskets go back to the trash area in the kitchen with a bunch of onion pieces still in them. What I was able to put in my mouth was pretty good. Maybe a little overcooked, but still tasty.

The "truffle" fries were NOT truffley in the least. We paid an extra buck for those things, and they weren't worth it. Shoulda just ordered the regular fries or the sweet potato ones. I mentioned it to our server (I said they "weren't very trufflerific", if I recall correctly), and he said they've had issues with them not being truffley enough for folks. He told me that next time we get them (um, we won't, thanks!), we should ask for them to make them trufflerific, and that should do the trick. But the problem is? We shouldn't have to ask. If you're going to offer truffle fries, make the truffle bit more obvious. It's not a tough equation. I said that they have a tough act to follow, thanks to Blanc, and their truffle fries? Are TRUFFLE fries. And if they want to be judged against local competition like that - which, let's be honest, is gonna happen! - then they should make the "truffle" fries more distinctive. Or just take them off the menu. (I didn't say that to the server, but still...I'm thinking it now, so I figured I should add it. However, they were still reasonably priced, IMO. I just wish they'd do some side-by-side taste tests to see what truffle fries should taste like, and use Blanc as their comparison. Blanc may charge a lot for their version, tastes like it's worth it, you know?)

This whole exchange seems like it took a while, but it was really just a minute or two of feedback we were giving. I also mentioned it on the comment card we were given with our check. Hopefully, they find the info constructive. Because the food really was very good overall!

It was a hot night, though, and I'm not big on sitting in a people-filled room that is flanked on one side by a big, hot, busy kitchen, and only being ventilated by a couple of open windows on the other. One end of the place (over by their bar) has a garage door wall that they had open, and that might've been a better spot to be sitting in. But on the side we were on, I was sweltering. There was a huge ceiling fan above us that was in the "off" position. ::sad face:: I only started to get really hot after we'd finished eating, and had been sitting in the still air for almost an hour, or else I would have said something about it. The season changed over quickly this week to Fuck Spring, Here's Summer Instead!, so maybe it was a problem with building management not being ready, and the A/C not being available. Who knows? I felt bad for the folks in the kitchen, though! (I mentioned the heat on the comment card, too. So hopefully they found that info helpful. I dunno...)

We liked the place. We had our 2 burgers, 2 sides, and 2 beers all for under $31. We will be back, for sure. Maybe we'll try their "brunch" menu this weekend when the Twin is here...