Friday, April 02, 2010

Ah, hello lovely squall line. Come on in!

Just a quick update on the bewbies: I have made my surgery appointment for early in the morn on June 8th. ::fist pump::

So. excited. GAH!

The Twin arrives later this afternoon/early evening, and I'm really looking forward to having her as a guest. She hasn't seen the addition on the house yet, and she's never met Jake in person. And he really is a dog that everyone should have the chance to meet, I think. All of his little nuances can't be captured in videos and photos, to be sure. So, that should be fun. We're having him shaved down today (poor dude has been so hot this week with the weather change we had!), so he'll look something akin to this little guy in the following video. Which you MUST watch. It's 37 seconds, so just do it...

::dies from the cute::

(That's my little Easter gift to y'all, btw. Hope you liked it! Sorry it wasn't chocolate-coated, as is the tradition at Eastertime. But go get yourself a Hershey bar and watch it again. SO CUTE!)

With the storm we had move through here about an hour ago, I'm hoping the Twin's flights will be quiet and non-eventful. Speaking of the storm that moved through here, the emergency system was implemented here at work, and we were instructed to take cover during the Severe Thunderstorm Warning. Is this unusual? Yes. But was it still required? Um, YES. You would not believe the fuckers that stayed in their cubes, or even crowded by the windows even though they were being told to take cover. I had to stand there and wait for them all to get up and physically start moving toward a safe place. Which is ridiculous. Do I like that we have to take cover when it's "just" a severe thunderstorm warning? No. But they're likely making us do it for a reason, DUH. And there was a reason. Hurricane force winds ripping roofs off of buildings near by, and flipping semis over like Tonka trucks, ok? So yeah...MOVE INSIDE A SAFE PLACE, MORON. Jeezy chreezy...

Looking forward to seeing some of you at lunch tomorrow! Seeing the Twin and I together in one place can be trippy, just to warn ya. Happy weekend!


Catherine VandeVelde said...

Hope lunch tomorrow is fun! Excellent news on your June "event." Yay!

lyn said...

It's already Tuesday and you are nowhere to be found. Too much fun with the twin???