Thursday, April 22, 2010

I bet he won't ask THAT question again!

I returned to the office today after a day off yesterday (sick, tired, etc...), and my boss returned to the office today after a 3 day trip to another company location for meetings. We got together to go over his future schedule (yes, my job IS just. that. easy!), and as we were finishing up, had the following exchange:

Me: "Oh, I have a doctor appointment tomorrow morning at 9:30. Hopefully they can figure out what's wrong with me." Since he knew I was out of the office yesterday, I thought it would be best if he knew I was following up on what I'd stayed home because of.

Him: "What's going on?"

Me, thinking quickly about whether to be honest on this or to be coy and say allusive things about what's going on: "Um, well...I guess the best way to put it is that I don't know. But I think it might be my colon, which is slightly worrisome." [Feeling the shades of red spread across my face...shoulda gone with more allusive!]

Him, looking truly worried: "Oh no! Well, I hope you can figure it out."

Me, trying to save face: "Well, just in case you thought I was looking pregnant, I'm not! I'm just bloated! Hahahaha!"

He laughed, too. Being bloated is funny. ::Feeling like an ass:: Really, anything can be funny after you've brought up a doctor appointment to identify a possible colon problem with your boss, though, right? ::sigh::

It's been over 3 years that we've worked together, and I don't even know if I should tell him what I'm really doing in June, or if I should just let him figure it out after he gets a load of my new top half when I return from "vacation". Jeezy chreezy...


Erin said...

Tell him.
Embracing awkwardness usually dissipates it at the same time. It's magical.

Ms. Pants said...

At one point during busy season, my filter fell off somewhere and I found myself blurting to a coworker: "Do you ever find yourself just going about your day but every now and again, you get a weird whiff of something but nothing's around that would smell like whatever it is and so you're totally convinced that it's you and that you totally stink?"

The look on her face told me immediately that the cheese stands alone on that one.

And then we laughed really hard. (But another gal knew exactly what I was talking about, so I felt vindicated.)

Faith said...

Ahahahahahaha! And I totally know what you mean, too. Except, sometimes, then the smell goes away, and you're all, "The fuck?"

Erin, you have a point there. I mean, the dude knows that my mom had colon cancer that metastecized to her liver, and that's how she died. So maybe he understood right away why I would have reason to worry about something like this. I dunno...I just felt kinda stupid right after I told him that. And I was already waffling on the boob job thing, but I figure that if there are any complications and I need to work from home, or something, it'd be best that he knows what's up before I take the time off, right?

faithstwin said...

You need to tell him about the boob thing. You don't need to go into specifics but he needs to know you will be having surgery (NOT related to your ass) and give him the confident, "I'm sure nothing will go wrong, however..." speech and move on.

WAY too much talk about smell and smelling and all that- make it stop please!

Average Jane said...

I like the term "intestinal." It covers a wide variety of internal organs and somehow sidesteps the ick factor of the word "colon."