Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A little blue ball for ya...

In case anyone was wondering what ol' Jeffers is up to lately, he's pretty much just doing his normal gag with the blue ball. But here's the detail:

Almost two weeks ago, Leo lost his wedding ring. He searched high and low for it, and couldn't find it. We even called the gym to see if it had been turned in, by any chance. (Since he's lost so goddammed much weight, his fingers are skinnying up, too. So it's all slippery on him. ::grumble::) They hadn't seen it, unfortunately.

There were two options: Either the guy who helped us replace the doors in the house took it, or our klepto ghost took it. Since we want to think the best of the people we hire to come in and do work for us, we turned our attention to Jeffers. I asked him to give it back if he had it, because it made me feel less connected to my husband! (Oh yes...I absolutely did try to appeal to a ghost's emotional side. I'm a lot cause, y'all.)

It still hadn't shown up by Saturday night, so I started tossing the blue ball around in hopes that Jeffers would pick that up, and then when he decided to return it, maybe he'd give us back the ring, too?

Took a week, but both items finally turned up. The ring was underneath a quilted centerpiece thingy that Leo's mom made for us a few years ago. We keep it on the table in the kitchen because...well, it's where it belongs! Anyway, I swear we both looked under there when we were initially searching for the ring, but regardless, there it was! So we were both happy with that.

The blue ball was still gone, though. Wasn't sure what was going on there. Until I hopped into the shower later that afternoon, and found it sitting in the windowsill. Hehehe! The Twin replied to my text about it as follows: "He's a creeper watching you shower." Which, let's be honest, if you were a ghost, wouldn't you be taking advantage of some situations like that? Although, if I were Jeffers, I wouldn't be watching a fatass like me in the shower, but to each their own.

I took the ball out of the shower window, and put it into the windowsill that's closest to my bathroom sink, so I could keep an eye on it. Jake found it the following day, and brought it to me to play with. So we'd been playing with it since Sunday, until last night when Jeffers apparently took it again. (It's so weird! We're sitting there in plain sight of it, and it just suddenly isn't there any more. I'd give anything to catch it as it happens, dammit.) So we'll have to see where he decides to put it this time!

For those that suggested that I try contacting a paranormal investigation group to come and check out the house, I did check out a few local teams. I finally contacted one called Ghost Vigil, although I wasn't sure that they still did any investigations based on the most recent info on their website. And I was right...they don't do them anymore. ::kicks dirt:: They did respond to my request for help, though, and said the following:


This is Jen Wagner Case Manager of Ghost Vigil Investigations in Kansas City. And we received the request for assistance that you sent us. It sounds like there is a lot of interesting things going on in your home."

She went on to explain that (a) ghosts can't hurt me (not that I'm worried about that in my case, though. Although, I wouldn't put it past him, I guess! I mean, if Jeffers can take a pair of scissors/remote control and hide it wherever the fuck he hides stuff for any given period of time, only to put it back in a completely random spot, I wouldn't trust that he doesn't have the power to, say, put that pair of scissors back inside of my lower intestine, if he so desired...), and (b) sometimes what people think are hauntings are caused by other things, like "pipe noises, the air system, electronic malfunctions, creaky boards, house settling, tiredness, imagination, dreams, etc...", which I totally understand, and think we can safely rule out in our case, thanks to the objects moving around.

And a large number of hauntings are actually residual. We don't have a residual haunting. Jeffers interacts with us too much for it to be considered residual.

She then went on to tell me that they don't do investigations anymore, but recommended a couple of groups I could check with if I'm still interested in having it checked out. I dunno, though. I don't think the blue ball will disappear on command, or even necessarily on the same day that we ask Jeffers to take it. (Like last weekend...I put it on the floor on Saturday, but it didn't disappear for another full 24 hours. Sometimes, like when the Twin was in town, it doesn't go anywhere at all. And other times, it disappears without us even saying anything about taking it, like yesterday. It's all over the place, is my point. There's no way of predicting what might happen.) And I don't know what else could be investigated, really. Maybe some EVPs could be captured, but who knows? And do I want to know if they are? I really don't think I do!

Anyway, they did recommend that I keep a "diary" of all the activity, and since I've been pretty much doing that through the blog, I figured I'd update on the latest stuff going on. Not too exciting, but that's ok with me. Oh, and when I told Leo where I found the blue ball after I got out of the shower last week, he laughed pretty hard. Which is a good development, IMO. He seems more comfortable with what's happening, and I appreciate that from him. Either that, or the new ADD drugs he's on are making him high...hrm. :/

So that's the latest! Let me know if you have any questions/suggestions/ideas.


Old Fart said...

You need to set up a webcam to take and store pictures at rapid intervals (say every 10 seconds) or video. Put the ball in plain view of the camera. When the ball disappears... check the evidence.

faithstwin said...

I agree with OF. It REALLY doesn't encourage anything (like I feel an EVP session might). You are just getting evidence of movement. It's not like you are saying, "Ok... here I am Jeffers. I am placing the ball right here and you need to do something with it..." or anything.

A simple camera would just give you note of when something came and went.

I guess our Bro-In-Law has just been too busy to get back to us with that other guy's name...I am sure you can have someone come and 'vestigate sooner than later though.

I still think Jeffers is a creeper for putting the ball in the shower. Oh! And the ring? Ummm, heeelllooooo? It was under the quilted thang she gave you? He TOTALLY took it and put it there. You need to make him aware that stuff like that is OFF limits. He's like a big kid.

Fuckin' kids...

Ms. Pants said...


Sorry, just had to finish that thought from Twinsie up there.

I think the idea of a webcame is good. I think the idea of an EVP session is not. EVPs have the ability to open the space to things that aren't already just there. You already know that Jeffers is there--you're not searching for clues of activity. You know he's playful. You don't need to EVP for him. He communicates with you alright now.

I'd recommend reiterating to Jeffers that some things should be off limits--like important jewelry. But I do think you should have a "Jeffers approved" group of things that kinda of "belong" in a certain area and make it known that these are for him to do with as he pleases. Get a basket or something and put stuff in there you think he'd like--the ball, an old remote, maybe a shoe or something, and some junk-costume jewelry. (Spirits are often drawn to shiny things.) Let him know that you're up for playing the "Where's the...?" game with anything FROM THIS BASKET ONLY. And that when you find it, you'll let him know and then return it to his basket for him to hide again.

I'd also suggest that near the basket, you set up a small Jeffers appreciation vase or something. A little vase that you keep flowers in that honours him, or a plate you can leave a piece of fresh fruit on for just him. (Replace as needed.) It's just a nice show of respect that he will hopefully return by only hiding items from his designated basket. Hell, put his name on it--he may get a kick out of it.

Faith said...

Hahaha! I like all these ideas, guys!

And yeah...I didn't mean that I want to do an EVP session of any kind. I meant that if an investigative group came through, and that sort of thing. I'm not a professional...I like my amateur ghosty status very much. :D

emawkc said...

Have you considered that it's not a ghost at all? I suspect that what you're dealing with is one, or a series of highly localized black holes throughout your house -- possibly related to an accidental release of Higgs bosons from a future LHC collision.

faithstwin said...

Emaw, as usual you crack me up. I had never really contemplated the black hole theory. It could be a serious contender.

Ms. P has a great idea. Maybe a cup of tea and a scone? Some M&M's? One of those 7 day Jesus candles?

Seriously- I think the basket and offering is a good suggestion.

Faith said...

Well, all I can say is that if we DO have a series of black holes in the house, thank GOD they aren't apparently big enough for my ass to fall into! I like this dimension!

Meh...I dunno about the offering thing. He's not Buddha. :P

But putting stuff he's allowed to "play" with in a basket and making it clear that he can only touch that stuff is a good idea, fo sho.

statia said...

I think I told you about my poltergeist or ghost or whatever. Sad that I won't see you on Ghost Hunters! haha.