Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Saving it for later. When I need a snack, or something. DUH.

I just found a piece of sandwich from lunch just sort of nested on my buttons at the top of my cardigan that I'm wearing.


I've been walking around doing stuff since lunch. People have come over to my desk and chatted with me. I went to the bathroom even, and observed the fact that I needed to pull a brush through my hair to smooth it out a bit, but I did NOT see the piece of sandwich nested on my cardigan buttons.



faithstwin said...

Oh jeeze- I was thinking it was something much bigger (the picture wasn't there for me earlier). I think it probably was just blending in so no one noticed or, hey, they really ARE looking you in the eye when they chat with you!

That's funny, tho...You're a dope.

Faith said...

Yeah, it wasn't huge, but it wasn't like a teeny crumb. Dude, it was the size of my fingernail!!! (I put up the photo after I originally posted, just so you all would have evidence of my coolness.)