Monday, April 12, 2010

So rioting has become the popular thing among the kids in KC these days, hm?

Apparently there was a riot of sorts on the Plaza over the weekend. My trainer told me about it this morning, and I just remembered to look it up a little while ago on KMBC to see what happened.

::laughing:: I don't know what else to do except to laugh. I'm so disgusted by the whole thing, and the follow-up of comments on their website, that I can't think of what else to do! Well, except to write about it. Thank goodness for the bloggy outlet thinger!

I flagged this comment, and hope that it comes down soon, but this is the kind of thing that pushes me beyond comprehension in cases like this here in Kansas City:

"Why don't blacks build something in their own communities that they can support and enjoy (without government aid or YT assistance). The black population in America is greater than that of many self sufficent European countries with good economies. Even if blacks only did business with one another they could still have a vibrant way of life. Unfortunatley crime ridden jungle behavior seems to be the norm and accepted practice."

::laughs again:: Um, "crime ridden jungle behavior"? Really?

The thing is, this comment isn't the only one like was just the first to push over an edge that was being danced upon by a few other commenters.

And it's not that I'm not disgusted by the behavior that videos of the incident show as occurring...I am disgusted by that, for sure! It's sad, and weird, and makes me cock my head to one side with my WTF? look on my face.

But, that aside, this comment is suggesting segregation. And even though the commenter tried to put a spin on it like, "This would be good for black people! They could be together, and have a vibrant way of life! Happiness and rainbows and puppies, YAY!" the fucktard is STILL suggesting that we segregate a whole community/race in order to solve the, um, "jungle behavior" issue.

God, I feel like throwing up. Seriously. People, please help restore my faith in humanity/society, and make some genuinely good suggestions about what you think needs to happen in order to keep "riots" like this from happening agan! I thought another commenter had it right with their suggestion that curfews should be in place, and enforced. What do you think?


Maine said...

That was fun. I hope the guy whose kids are at home doing chores to earn money for their rafting trip knows that kids go on rafting trips to get stoned and screw.

Idle hands, devil's playground. If you want to keep kids from rioting in malls (or destroying the house, screwing around in school, experimenting with drugs or making all kinds of babies), give them something better to do than standing around doing nothing.

Sports, activities, whatever.

emawkc said...

Okay. Time for me to admit my part in this whole riot business.

faithstwin said...

I agree Maine.

In the past year we have had a crackdown going on in cities around me by police enforcing curfew. It's sort of sad when you read the comments from some of the parents who said they never knew there was such a thing. ???

One thing I have been wanting to do is open a sort of 'kid center' where anyone 10 to 18 can come and hang out... just lease a warehouse space (we have a good amount of them local), get some games, a pool table, ski ball, video games, etc and have a place where kids can come and hang so they aren't wandering around town taking joy rides in grocery carts (then leaving them sitting in front of someone's house a mile away) or causing trouble.

Problem is figuring out how much it would cost to do this, how much I should charge, how to get the word out, etc etc etc...

In any case, kids are also dumb. So there's always that difficulty to factor in as well. Add stupid parents to the mix and you have a recipe for disaster.

Maybe someone can have a 'Let's get together and discuss the ideas' meeting only once everyone shows up someone just announces over the loudspeaker that everyone attending is stupid, the solution is for them to stop being stupid, thankyouforcoming now get out. =/

Faith said...

The liability associated with a place like that would be astronomical, I'd think, Twin. Insuring it would be damned near impossible.

Besides, kids already have places like that to go to. Skating rinks, arcades attached to bowling alleys, mini golf courses that have fun centers...but they don't use them. And so the places wind up having to close down because they don't have enough customers, and shit.

When I think back to what I did in high school once I was at the too-old-to-hang-w/-mom and dad, but too-young-to-go-to-a-bar stage (i.e. 16 - 18) was go over to friends' houses and watch movies or go to Denny's for coffee and pie. And then I started sneaking into the over-18 club in Laguna when we were 17, I think. That was fun. (And relatively safe in the late-80's/early 90's, I think.)

I just think that in this day and age, the "flash mob" option isn't helping when it comes to teen boredom. Kids are going to wanna get out of the house. It's a given. How do we counter-act that as grown-ups? I think a huge part of it is taking responsibility for the actual parenting part of having a kid. I think a lot of kids can handle the responsibility of an occassional night out (until 11 or 11:30 or so) with their same-age friends. But this group proved that they cannot handle that responsibility. In fact, some of them have proved it several weekends in a row now. It's time for their parents to step forward and accept that they need to pull back on the reigns a bit.

faithstwin said...

True- parenting is obviously one of the lacking components in this situation and it is pathetic. How can that be fixed, though? I can't believe this is an ongoing problem! That's just crazy.

Operating a youth center isn't as risky as it seems IMO. YMCA's and church's do it every day. The problem is the YMCA is boooorrrriiinnnggg. And not everyone is religious. In any case, I am spending today looking into a not-for-profit thing where I can get grant money to operate something like this.

I need to pick some brains, too.

Maine said...

Should probably add.

Kids need something to do that doesn't cost money. I seem to recall being a teen and not having a dime to spend in any arcade. We did, however, have parks that would lend kids basketballs and that sort of thing. Free + fun = kids will do it.

It would also help if those parents would be willing to host kids at their house for activities. We used to spend a lot of time on each others' couches watching music videos.

Faith said...

Yeah, that's very true, Maine. I didn't get an allowance when I was growing up...I just had to decide what I was doing, and then ask the parents if they would donate to the cause of me being out of the house for the night! If Dad wasn't willing to give me more than $20, then whatever I did with my friends had to cost less than that.

Twin, that makes sense. I would just think that there would be some insurance liability issues that might gum things up, is all. But you have a point. Maybe you WILL be able to figure out a way to help!

faithstwin said...

Yup- I actually started looking into creating a 501 c 3 so that I can offer an alternative to what YMCA is offering and have found a shit ton of foundations willing to grant money to people like me looking to make a diff in the community. We'll see (and it would be free for kids!).