Tuesday, April 27, 2010

::spins around uselessly::

It's 4 p.m. already. Jeezy mcfuck, where'd the day go?

Ok, but finally, the boss shut his office door, and is on a most secretive conference call that he set up all by himself. I think it's only fair that I take this time to write a quick blog post. I mean, if he's gonna be doing my job and everything...it's an even exchange, no?

I'm now in actual pain from whatever it is that's going on in my stomach. It's getting to the point that I don't know what to eat in order to keep it mellow, which is making me want to avoid food all together. This is NOT such an even exchange, because I. love. food. So it upsets me mightily when I think about it, and I bounce back and forth between nothing sounding good at all, or I'm hungry but everything I consider sounds scary. SALAD SHOULDN'T BE SCARY! ::cries::

Basically, the doctor told me last week that she thinks I have IBS. But we're still trying to figure it all out. I tried a nice cleansing process over the weekend (i.e. drank a bottle of something called magnesium citrate...it's not as delicious as it sounds, fyi), as there was a fair amount of stuff in places it shouldn't have been, according to an x-ray I received last week. So she wanted me to try to empty that out of my system, and then see how I felt early this week.

I feel worse. So, moving on to the next step: blood tests. We will test my liver and kidneys to make sure they're doing ok. I'll head over to get those done tomorrow.

After that, if we still aren't sure-sure about what's going on, she recommended I get an ultrasound and possibly a CT of my belly.

I said, "No colonoscopy?" And she said, "Well, if you want one, I'm sure it wouldn't be declined..." At which point I held up my hands and said, "Dude...who actually WANTS a colonoscopy? I just thought that it was going to be the only step, and I'm very glad there are lots of other things we can try first!"

This stupid thing pretty much dominates my brain these days. I keep watching for blood in the toilet, I keep working out because, believe it or not, it makes it feel better, and I keep trying to adjust my eating so I don't feel so bloated I might actually explode.

Its IBS, right? I mean, not that that would be exactly fun to deal with, but hell if it isn't a better option than lots of other things it could be! Also, it requires no meds to control it...just diet changes. And damned if I'm not used to doing that at this point in my life.

::sigh:: I'll keep you posted. But for now, I'm going to try to find a decent snack that won't make me look 5 months pregnant in a half hour...


faithstwin said...

How 'bout soup? There are a few soups you can try that might not bother the ol' bowel, right?

Or turkey in a pita with some tomato, a little lettuce...

Dude, I'm sorry you are dealing with something not only elusive but also so uncomfy. That sucks!

JennySchu said...

You might want to ask for the celiac antibody blood test. I started getting the same type of symptoms last year (horrible bloating, pain, etc). After lots of various tests to try and figure out the cause, my doc finally figured out that it was celiac (which was the last thing I ever guessed it could be!). It doesn't hurt to throw in the test if only just to rule it out. It's actually a lot more common than people think (1 in 100).

Faith said...

I'll do that, Jenny. Thank you! I went to get my blood taken today, and it turned out I needed to fast for one of the types of tests they want to run. Which is not what they told me yesterday when I called.

They also forgot to tell me they'd need me to pee in a cup again. And I'd just gone to the bathroom before I left to go there. Oh well! I'll go in tomorrow morning, and make sure that I request they run that test.

Spyder said...

I had stomach issues this year. It's diverticulitis. Have you ruled that out?