Thursday, April 29, 2010

That's a weird word.

You know what? "Queue" is a weird word. What the fuck is the point to the additional "ue" in there? The first one seems to do the job pretty well, so why is the 2nd one tacked on to the end like that? Any French linguist historians out there reading this that can aides moi on that one?

Oh, and the blue ball showed back up from it's short trip to wherever this week. (Jeffers took it on Tuesday night while Leo and I watched TV.) I got into bed last night, and opened my side table drawer to get my lip balm, and there it was! He even had to move my tube of Neosporin in order to get it to fit. Hahahaha! That was a quick turn around this time. See, you just never know how long he's gonna keep it.

FYI, I totally found this awesome security camera system on sale at Costco in our latest coupon book from comes with something like 8 security cams! And it records to a DVR-like system, which seems pretty perfect. But I don't know if I wanna get it. Still considering it. I'll keep you posted.

Ok, stupid people driving. That is the final topic for today. Every day, I pass through the intersection at Nall and 103rd St on my way home from work. Heading north on Nall, there are several opportunities to block intersections for a small community of attached homes when the signal at 103rd is red. So they have these signs up right in plain view, so the morons that can't put two and two together themselves can see that, yes, they need to keep the intersection clear, dammit.
And 9 times out of fucking 10, THIS is what happens:
Yeah, that would be 4 mutherfucking stupid idiot drivers that can't seem to figure out how to NOT block the intersection with their vehicles.

It really isn't that hard. Seriously.

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clw said...

I think people in LS are the very worse about this - of course I had issues in Belton too when I lived there. Some people are just rude - it's not stupidty - they just don't give a crap! ugh :-)