Monday, April 26, 2010

Wow. That takes me back!

Someone in my office is eating something that smells so much like the BBQ Pioneer Chicken I grew up eating in Southern California, it's almost making me cry!

While that might seem like an extreme reaction to the smell of some BBQ chicken, you just don't know. You can't know unless you used to eat that chicken, like I did. So just shut it, ok? ::sobs::

Today is a fun day for flashbacks, apparently. On my way to work, I was all hyper because I've been up since 4:30 (went to the gym to do my strength training on my own today - oy!), so by the time 8 rolls around, I'm a little buggy, to be honest. And then some songs came on that took me right back to their videos (Morrissey doing his "Last of the Famous International Playboys" dance, anyone?) or dances that I used to do to songs thanks to one of my brother's friends making up a dance to go with them specifically at one point in my life...::sigh:: I love car dancing.

Anyone else having a flashback kind of day? Or had an issue with flashing back to anything recently that made you all nostalgic-like for a different time/different size/different era?


faithstwin said...

Oh, you have no idea. Remember my kindergarten boytoy? He friended me on facebook- and we've been chatting back and forth a bit. Because of him, that one kid that was born in the same hospital as us on the same day pretty much at the same hour? The one with the crappy dad? He requested to be my friend, too...

Oh, and a LOT of our Lake Arrowhead people are total christian, mention-god-in-every sentence types now.

Facebook is kinda scary. =/

(Just the mere mention of Morrissey makes me swivel my hips and pull my hand across my face the way he did in that video.)

Faith said...

(I like to dance with my hand in the air a lot when that song is on. And there's punching involved, although that's more the fault of the protagonist in the video than it is Morrissey. God, I'd forgotten about how his shirt is just suddenly *open* at that one point at the end of the video, like all, "Oh hey...those buttons came undone. Oops! How refreshing, though, I think I'll leave them that way..." Hahahahaha! I love Morrissey.)

Holy crap. All the people you're back in contact with are the exact reason why I don't wanna be on it at all. GAH.