Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Yep. Probably Crazy has definitely arrived on my doorstep. Faaabulous.

At lunch on Saturday, Leo let the cat out of the bag about my cross over into the Probably Crazy category: I’ve finally seen a ghost in the house. Up until now, it’s been mostly just objects being moved, and maybe a shadow you can see out of the corner of your eye, but that’s about it.

But last Wednesday, I had gone to sleep, and woke up kind of groggy about 15 minutes later, for some reason. When I opened my eyes (in the dark room) I saw a lady next to my bed. She was bent over, and looking at my face. She was wearing a red housedress from the 40’s or 50’s that had black leaves or flowers all over it. Her hair was dark, and in a short do. She was maybe in her mid-40’s, from what I could see.

I caught all of this detail in a short flash, because it’s literally the first time I’ve ever seen anything like this, and my immediate response was to give a little yell and then cover my face with my comforter.

She didn’t look scary. She looked kinda curious. And she seemed nice enough. (For a ghost…)

Now, I’m actually leaving this one open to speculation. The blue ball being moved all over, and the remote being taken, and the scissors being taken only to return a week later behind a picture of my parents, and the clothing disappearing and then reappearing months later in my laundry – all of that is just random, but definite paranormal stuff. This chick, though...I dunno. I was mostly asleep/in the early stage of falling asleep before being woken up, likely when Leo came in from the living room when he was done watching TV. I didn’t have my glasses on, and it was dark in the room. Was she a figment of my imagination? It’s highly likely, IMO. But I hadn’t been dreaming, so where did her image come from, if it was my imagination that created her? And if she WAS real…then who the FUCK is she???

I was trying to keep this story on the down low until AFTER the Twin’s visit was over. That was why I hadn’t posted about it last week. But then Leo had to go and bring it up when we were having lunch with Nuke on Saturday. (Boys. ::roll eyes::)

So the Twin wound up having to take measures to be more comfortable in the house, particularly after she felt something sit down on her bed when she was going to sleep on Saturday night. ::sigh:: Sorry Twin! And then she and I went down to the records and tax administration in Olathe on Monday morning, to see what we could find out about the house Leo and I live in.

The ownership was pretty much just as I recalled it to be. Before me, a woman had owned it for 15 years. She was single when she moved in, and then she met a dude, they procreated voraciously, and outgrew the house in time to sell it to me. Before her, there was only one other owner, who was the original purchaser in 1952. He bought it for $9,800. He was a “single man” according to the deed (yep…they put that sort of shit on it back then!), and his name sounds nothing like “Jeffers”. I’m pretty sure he passed away while living in the house, though. The lady before me bought it from the bank, so that’d be my clue. If he was in his 20’s or 30’s when he bought the place, he could still be alive, but I doubt it. His name was Donald Geist.

That made the Twin and I chuckle a bit when we saw it!

(If you don’t understand why, here’s the Wiki that should explain it for you.)

We were working with a guy in the administration who was super nice. He helped us look all the way back to the original owners of the property that our subdivision is on. From what we found, a J. Stanley (maybe related to one of the Stanley’s that founded Stanley, KS?) was the original owner, but we’d have to go to the archive building on 151st, or some shit, to be sure. I don’t think that was necessary. J. Stanley sold it to the Hodges Bros., who in turn sold it to the Metcalf’s (George and Lizzie) in the late 19th century, if I recall correctly. It then passed through many, many, MANY more hands, before the Mission Land Co developed it in 1952 into the current subdivision it exists as.

Basically, none of this information helped me figure out who the hell “lives” in our house with us. BUT, it was interesting to learn it all, nonetheless. I love history, and knowing the history of the land I live on, even in such a small and seemingly unimportant way, is kinda fun. :D

I’m probably going to continue to call the ghost Jeffers. It’s what we’re all used to by now. And the lady in the red dress? I just hope she stops waking me up when I’m trying to sleep. It took me a good hour and a half to fall back asleep after that, and now I’m kind of afraid to open my eyes at night in the darkened room! That fuckin’ blows. They can keep living with us, though. I don’t mind them all that much, really. The blue ball didn’t move at all while the Twin was here…just stayed in its little spot in front of the photos on top of our bookcase. I offered to take it down and “put it into play” for the Twin on Sunday, I think it was. But she said no. (If it hasn’t moved for a while, and I’m interested in seeing it in a new spot, I’ll go ahead and pull it down and add it to the dogs’ playthings again. Usually, it disappears within a few hours when we do that.) She said we could go ahead and do it on Tuesday, but what would have been the point? She wouldn’t be here to see it reappear again, dammit. That’d be silly.

(I think Leo is fine with the break from objects moving right now, anyway. He gets more irritable lately since he’s been seeing his psychologist. Don’t know what that’s about, but I think it might be because he’s getting all confident, and shit. :\ No, really, I’m happy about it! But still…I don’t like a pissy husband any more than he probably likes a pissy wife. Blargh.)

So what do you guys think we should do? Just live with things the way they are, and deal? Or hire a psychic or something? I don’t need that woman showing up again in front of my face. Srsly.


Nuke said...

Shitshitshitshitshit, I totally forgot you hadn't posted that. I am WAY sorry.

I hadn't intended to post any of our discussion until I had such a similar one Sunday, then the "shove".

As for crazy, I don't think so chica. Lilly's aunt and uncle, my friends H & B, an old colleague Fred, and my mom have all seen people (well a dog in Mom's case, but really the same thing).

Sounds lie the Twin really didn't want to see it. I think she got enough of a taste for this visit.

Faith said...

Oh no! You weren't the problem at. all. Leo was the one that someho forgot that I wasn't going to tell the Twin about the lady showing up, and then blabbed about it when we were all at lunch together. You can write about it all you want on your blog, yo! :D

Also, thanks again for coming and meeting up with us for lunch. It's always nice to see you, and I'm so glad you got to meet the Twin finally!

emawkc said...

A couple of things you should do.

First, check Leo's closet to make sure he hasn't worn his circa 1945 red housedress. This sounds like the kind of thing he would probably do just to mess with you, what with his new found confidence and all.

Next, if you don't have on, get a carbon monoxide detector or three for your house. The phenomena you've been describing sound a lot like the effects of low-grade CO2 poisoning. You might want to have the gas co. check your house for gas leaks as well. Heck, get a radon check while your at it.

Faith said...

Wait just a cotton-pickin' minute. ::looks seriously at Emaw:: CO2 has the ability to move objects in my home?

What. The. FUCK? (:P)

If you're talking about the hallucinatory nature of the lady in the housedress, I totally get you. We do have detectors in our house, though, and they aren't detecting anything. So...::shrugs::

If you're talking about the objects that are physically disappearing for anywhere from several hours to several months? Well, dude...I don't know what to tell ya. Neither CO2 nor radon have that kind of power, last I'd heard.

:) said...

What's your email address? My response to this is a bit longer than a comment. In short, I don't think you're crazy.

- Maine

Faith said...

You can email me at faithsista at yahoo. Thanks Maine!

Catherine VandeVelde said...

I think you should bring in a professional who deals with this sort of thing. I don't know how you would find one. Do they offer ghost hunters on Angie's List? :)

Faith said...

Hahahaha! They totally should! I use Service Magic, though. Maybe they should. I mean, c'mon! The word "magic" is in their name, dammit!

Nuke said...

Google shows a couple different defunct groups used the name KC Ghost Hunters or a variation.

This group updated their website this month so somebody is home

These guys still working and you can go to their meeting this month

And THIS one I have actually heard of before

faithstwin said...

Yeah. I was pretty much freaked out the first night with the noises and shit and my 'energy' level not helping me sleep. But that second night with the sit-and-shove? NOT cool. (My response was to sit up, turn on the lamp and say, "Ohh heelll no! Get out get out!") The louder fan helped with the noises.

I would be insterested in hearing what a paranormal investigation team could come in and find. I don't know what to think about the lady- she was in such detail, I'd say she was there NOT in your imagination. That's just me, though.

statia said...

Ugh. I SWEAR I have an animal ghost following me. It never bugs me in my own bed (possibly because we have a dog sleeping in it already. But whenever I sleep somewhere else. I almost ALWAYS feel four little feet jump up and walk across the bed to me. It's seriously freaky. I hate the feeling. And I know I'm not dreaming.