Monday, May 24, 2010

Apparently, they aren't so good with the customer service skills.

A few weeks back, I ordered a new table and chairs from West Elm for our back deck. I've been wanting to replace the ailing furniture out there for a while, but prior to the construction on the house a couple of years ago (good god, has it been so long? Wow!), we had a big cable line and electrical line running right over the deck, so umbrellas were an impossibility prior to us moving those lines.

And then after we finished the construction, we were kinda poor. Which will happen after you add a crazy huge bathroom and closet onto your house! So we kept the old furniture that we had out there, and just made due by refinishing it, and stuff.

But now we're good to go, with a bonafide savings account, and everything! So I'm free to buy the deck furniture that I've always wanted. We need a table out there in the worst way. But since we only have a one-car garage, storage options for wintertime are slim. So we bought this set from West Elm, because the chairs are stackable!

See? We bought the set in the chocolate color, and then I bought a white umbrella...

...and the cushions will be in "steel" color:

We actually received the cushions, and the umbrella cover, and the bench and stuff, a couple of weeks ago. But the table and the umbrella and the chairs hadn't been sent yet. So I contacted West Elm last week, and got all that straightened out. They're so nice!

So on Wednesday, I was contacted by the freight company that receives furniture for West Elm, and we set up a day for the delivery to occur. Their first availability was on Saturday. Fine...sounds good. So they tell me someone will call me the day before my delivery to set up a 2 hour delivery window. Great!

Someone called me on Thursday, actually, and we set the time for delivery to be between 3:30 and 5:30. Meh...not my optimal time window, but I want my furniture! So happy to finally be getting my furniture!!!

Saturday rolls around, and Leo and I have all day to do stuff like sleep in, and work out, and get some paint supplies to fix a wall we had patched this last week, etc,'s hot out, too, and I discover that my car apparently needs it's AC serviced, so I call and make an appointment for that, and then I shower leisurely, and have a quiet afternoon, really.

But the window for the furniture delivery came and went, and no one showed up with our stuff. And Leo and I are usually at the Moose by 4:30 to meet our friends, so we're already an hour off from that schedule, so I call at 5:35 and leave a message at the delivery people's place of business. (Which is closed on Saturday. Of course.)

A couple of minutes later, the delivery guy calls me to tell me that they're "running behind". I tell them that we have stuff to do! We can't keep waiting around for them...when will they be there? Thinking they would say in something like 15 minutes or so.

"We think we'll be there in about an hour, hour and 15 minutes or so."

"Oh, no! No, no, no, no...I've already left a message at the office for them to call me Monday to reschedule. An hour and 15 minutes? No! Just an FYI, I am very angry right now!" I was trying not to yell, so I wasn't sure if my anger was being properly conveyed.

That dude called me back at 6:05, if you can believe it..."Ma'am, we're about 20 minutes away from your location right now, so we can bring your items if you..." I interrupted him, though, "No, sir. We aren't at home. As I told you earlier, we have better things to do on a Saturday night than sit around our house all night long. We had plans! And another 20 minutes? You must be joking! Please stop calling me." He apologized, and we hung up.

Man, was I mad!

And I haven't heard back from that damned freight company still, and it's halfway through the workday on Monday. What is wrong with these people???

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