Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Health Update!

I'm feeling worlds better this week than I did last. I think there are several factors to the improvements, and they include the fact that I'm taking an acid reducer every day for a couple of weeks, I'm also taking a gas reducer (in the form of Phazym), and I also gave up the greek yogurt, which seemed tragic at the time, but now that I'm able to walk around without looking 5 months pregnant? I'm sort of ok with it.

I'm trying to cut back on other dairy, too, and even bought some of my old timey favorite fake cheese over the weekend. I ate some on Sunday morning. And all I can say is that now that I've had real cheese again for the last year, or so? It would be very hard to transition back to the non-dairy stuff. I could do it, I'm sure. But damn. Real cheese just tastes good, man!

Today, I went in and got the results from the blood tests we did last week to make sure my liver and kidneys were functioning ok. We went ahead and did a fasting blood test, and I asked them to run the lipid panel, since I was planning on doing it in May, anyway. Close enough, I figured.

My glucose has remained normal.
My liver tests (AST an ALT) are showing in the normal range again at 25 and 33, repectively. They had been at 51 and 48 in February. So yeah...cutting out alcohol has made a HUGE difference, apparently! (We tend to only drink wine on Saturday night now, and I allow myself a beer now and then, but it's rare.)

My cholesterol went down 20 points, from 208 to 190. Which is in the normal range, but can still be improved, I think. Still...yay!

My triglycerides...::happy sigh:: They went from 320 down to 192. In 3 months. Again, the doctor attributed that to my diet and exercise, of course, but mostly to the lower alcohol intake. It's still high (should be below 149), but it's on it's way to a normal range again, and that's what's important, I think.

Mind you, I wasn't drinking ridiculous amounts of alcohol prior to February by any means. I generally had a glass or two of wine on random nights during the week, and then would have a few vodka drinks on Saturdays when we go to the Moose to see friends. That's it. Now, we rarely drink during the week at all, and we have maybe 4 glasses of wine while we're at the Moose on Saturdays. Weird, eh?

I also got measured at the gym by my trainer last week. My weight barely budged, which is mildly frustrating. But you know what helps? The fact that I was able to put on a pair of jeans on Sunday that I haven't been able to wear since the week after I bought them several months ago. Check out these numbers!

April 1st - a.k.a. The Starting Point
Weight: 214
Body Fat: 35.8
Neck: 14 in
Upper arm: 12 in
Forearm: 10 in
Chest: 42 in
Waist: 47 in (whoah.)
Hips: 49 in
Thigh: 24 in
Calf: 16 in

April 30th
Weight: 213.2
Body fat: 35.8
Neck: 15 in
Upper arm: 12 in
Forearm: 9.5 in
Chest: 40 in
Waist: 44 in (whoah!!!)
Hips: 49 in
Thigh: 22 in (awesome!)
Calf: 14 in

By the way, do I ever eat a bagel? Yeah, every now and then. Do I ever eat a french fry? Hells yes...just had some last week, actually. But do I eat like that all the time? Uh-uh.

Do I still get nauseaus in the afternoon for no good reason? Yeah, I do. Still working on that one.

But for the most part, the changes in our diet and exercise routine have proven to make some pretty big changes for us relatively quickly here. I hate that I can't drink beer with reckless abandon like I used to, dammit. But I had that time in my life, and it's over now. That's ok with me, really. Maybe I'll start doing it again when I turn 65, so I can go out with a massive coronary, and not have to worry about getting old and wrinkly and annoying. (Ok, ok, more annoying.) Who knows?

But for now, I'll skip potatoes often, I'll keep eating salads with no dressing for lunch (I do blue cheese crumbles and red wine vinegar instead...yum!), I'll only have one serving for dinner every night, and I'll keep on working out.

Having half of my boobs removed in June probly won't hurt either, I'd think!

Thanks for all the advice and concern over the past couple of weeks, everyone! I can't believe it was something as simple as eating greek yogurt twice a week that was doing it, but it really does seem to have been the case. Crazy!


Erin said...

Good news, all around!

faithstwin said...

Go you!

(OMG- there are eraser shavings all over my f'ing desk... GAH!)

Nuke said...

Glad you are feeling good dude!

Catherine VandeVelde said...

Yay, that is all great news ... minus the having to give up beer part. Ah well. You should be quite proud of yourself!!