Monday, May 10, 2010

I walk around, heavy hearted and sad...

I have this weird thing that happens to me when idols of mine pass away. It's like they were a friend that I knew...even though I've never met them, and never even knew anyone remotely related to them! I still mourn them as if they were in my life in some way.

And I guess they sort of were, really.

Lena Horne was an amazing woman. Who overcame amazingly stupid barriers in her lifetime. She was gorgeous. And her voice was like butter, syrup, and rainbows all wrapped into one thick, beautiful, crooning masterpiece.

I feel like a piece of me died when I saw the news this morning, as I walked on the treadmill to warm up for my deathmatch with my trainer, and the picture of Lena popped up on the screen. An immediate tear came to my eye when I saw it. I fought it off until I got home, and then I cried while I laid down on the couch trying to recover from the beating I had just received, and allowing myself to be sad for the loss of such a wonderful spirit.

I think my earliest exposure to her was due to her guest appearances on shows like The Muppet Show, and the time she was on The Cosby Show. But when I was working on my vocal career in 1999, I discovered Lena in full. I sang "Stormy Weather" in one of my classes, and failed miserably, because there's a middle section of the song where the tone changes from major to minor key, and as much as I could sing along with it just fine when I was practicing with the CD, I just could not make the change work when I was performing it alone with the piano accompaniment. My teacher let me try it over and over. ::sigh:: I don't know what my block was to doing it properly, but dammit, just know that that song? Is not an easy one to sing!

She lived a long life. She did good while she was here. She will be missed!


faithstwin said...

I'm sad too! She always reminded me of Mom in the Sesame Street clip, so it's hard for me to watch anything on her.

She did have a long and relatively lovely life, so I'm only sad because it's sad when people die in general. She will be missed!

Faith said...

Ok, good. I'm glad I'm not alone on the reminding me of mom thing. :D I was wondering if I was crazy! I think it's her mannerisms, or something. She was just so mom.