Friday, May 28, 2010

I'm all about length right now. ::sexy eyebrow raise::

Ok, first things first. This? stupid. Don't do shit like this, ok?

Now, on to important things. Did you all know I was growing my hair out? 'Cause I am. For reference, this is what it looked like about a year ago...
I haven't been growing it out all this time...I only decided to maybe back in January, or so. And I've considered giving up and going back to short because growing out hair is hard sometimes! (Hey! Maybe that's what's causing all my headaches! :D

No? Fuck.)

But anyway, I had it colored last night, and had the bangs cleaned up, and didn't really have anything to post about today, so I came up with the groundbreaking idea to show you all the efforts I go through to be pretty.
I prefer the shorter bang with my longer hair. I had grown my bangs out between last May and February this year, but I just love 'em so damned much, I had them reinstalled. I think I look younger with them cut in. My hairdresser agrees with me, and she's known me for, like, a gazillion years, so I'm pretty sure she knows what looks good on me vs. what doesn't.

(I was just looking those pictures over again, and DAMN. I am pale. Wow. Good thing I like pale, though.)

I'm planning on growing the hair out to about my boob level. And then maybe putting in extensions to thicken it up a bit. That's a long way off, though, so I'll update again when I get there.

Hair is fun. :D


clw said...

Looks great - love your color!!
I grew mine out - its now at the boobs but I REALLY want to cut it back short bc it gets SO hot in this damn summer weather. But I just can't do it - so I'll be up in a ponytail I guess :-)

Faith said...

I like ponytails. I'm totally serious when I say that one of the reasons I'm growing mine out again is so I can wear a high single ponytail again like I used to years ago! Love it!

Nuke said...

I am afraid I don't "get" the license plate.

As for the hair, it's looking good. I mean IMHO it looked good short, but I am always a fan of pony tail length hair on women.

Faith said...

The license plate says ML55. And the car is, in fact, an ML55. It's just stupid. It costs money to personalize a plate, and to waste it in shit like that every year? Just makes me pity them, is all.

Thanks for the comments on the hair! I like it short, too, really. But it's just been such a long time since it was long, it seems like...

Nuke said...

And here I was trying to make it mean MILF. I was over thinking. But in the same spirit, of pointless plates, my brother noticed a Ford pickup sporting "RAM TUF" plates while we were out this weekend.