Monday, May 03, 2010

Ok, it's been 3 years now. Figure out that I don't like the phone, already.

I have a coworker who prefers to interact via the phone. Anyone else know someone like that? It's apparently a throw back to the way her company did business prior to merging with ours, and while I understand that, it's starting to get a little old. She called me this morning while I was away from my desk. I listened to her message, and then IM'd her, but she was apparently away from her desk at the time, and instead of losing any additional time on the issue, I just sent her an email that included by request, and answered her question.

Did she respond to the email in kind? Um, no. Of course not. She just tried calling me again. (Again, I was away from my desk, so I missed the call.) And she left me a message, and I bet you a gazillion bobillion dollars that she talks some more about the shit I already emailed her about, and then at the end, asks me to call her back when I have a second.


No. Just...just answer the email, yo! That's all! In fact, all that needs to happen now is for her to send new meeting invites to my boss, really. So reponding to the email would be a little silly in itself, I'd think.

Ok, I'm going to go listen to the message now. And those of you who prefer to do inane and stupid business shit over the phone? Just respect that about 75% of the population fucking haaates the phone, ok? I don't wanna chit chat with you about the weather where you are, and I don't care if you think it's faster to do shit over the phone, because IT'S NOT. I sent my email this morning at 9:30. It's currently 1 p.m., and I still don't have new meeting invites from this person. What is she waiting foooorrrr? Permission from God? Jeezy!


faithstwin said...

Ugh- just call her back already. Some people never learn and unfortunately we are the ones who have to step up when that happens.

However, I am in the throws of a terrible pms episode (the shit I am feeling is reminding me with maaaassive force why I took prozak to treat this) and if I were in your shoes she would get a very irrational email. Lots of caps and italics and maybe even some bolded stuff.

Faith said...

Yeah, I called her back. I half-lost my bet with myself, in that she did, indeed, ask me to call her back at the end of her message. But her message itself was not about the stuff we'd already covered via voice message/email earlier in the day, unless you count the part where she said something like, "I got your email earlier, and just want you to know I've seen it." Which was super-helpful in that not-so-helpful kind of way. (That's sort of her "thing" though. So I'm used to it.)

No, her message wound up being about how to order something on the internet, but have it sent to someone other than the person ordering it.

I wish I was joking.

Why I was the person she turned to in this particular time of need is beyond me. But I took a deep breath, went and refilled my water mug, came back to my desk, and called her to help her out.

Because I'm not as much of a heinous bitch as I make myself out to be much of the time. And also, I ran over a mouse on the way to the gym last Friday morning, and I totally feel that this was my way of making up for that murderous act, karmically speaking.

If you need some PMS relief, go read some Hyperbole and a Half. That bitch is so funny, I have a hard time sounding normal at my desk while I read her.

Faith said...

OMG! She just called me AGAIN.

I feel like I'm being stalked! WTF.

faithstwin said...

lol! I saw a rat run across the street on the way to the mall on Saturday. It was one of those, "Did I just see that? That was a rat, right? Am I the only one?," moments.

I would totally pretend I have never had to order something for someone else and have it billed to a diff location. I would be all, "Wow, Merna. I order my sex toys about 6 months in advance, play with them a bit (just to make sure Sarah will like them, you know; were you aware 'strap on' spelled backwards is 'no parts'? Me either!), clean them with bleach and then wrap them in homemade giftwrap with a satin bow according to the occasion. I've never heard of this order-it-for-someone-send-it-to-them-but-use-your-billing-information mumbo jumbo before. I think it's a scam!"

That'll teach her!

Ahhh- my fav word: hyperbole. Will do, even though it's 11:20 p.m. now. I hate the moon- fucking moon!!! And this heat can suck my ass!