Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ok, now he just seems to be picking on me, dammit.

Want some Jeffers? I can give you some Jeffers...

Some of you might remember the crazy sunglasses incident that happened waaaay back in 2005. If not, go read here for more info.

Several years later, the next “stage” of teleportation of my personal things began, and that was when Jeffers came into full roommate status at Casa de Leo & Faith. (You can read about that here.)

The sunglasses that were the beginning of it all are actually still in the house. I keep them on a shelf in our master bedroom, where they sit in front of a picture of my grandma Evelyn, and my Grandpa Joe. They’re awesome pictures. Wanna see? Here they are! Anyway, every night as I settle in to bed, I look over at the pictures (to kinda say “goodnight” I guess), and see my sunglasses there. But last night, the sunglasses were gone. Leo had just left the room after giving me a kiss goodnight before heading out to clean up the kitchen. And I suddenly sat up in bed and yelled, “WHERE ARE MY SUNGLASSES?” He came back in pretty quickly, and I pointed at the shelf and said, “Dammit, what the fuck happened to my sunglasses? Where’d they go?” He didn’t know…he hadn’t touched them. He lifted up the frame that holds the photos of my grandparents, and looked behind it. Nothing. I looked in the top drawer next to my side of the bed. Nada.

::sigh:: Why does the ghost insist on taking my stuff? He still hasn’t given back a favorite camisole I used to wear under just about everything, and I’m sad that finding a replacement hasn’t gone well. The blue ball is still sitting in front of the photo of my parents in the living room…hasn’t moved in over a week and a half now.

I guess the sunglasses are better than a pair of scissors, though. :/ Crazy-ass ghost…


Nuke said...

Maybe he steals your stuff, as opposed to Leo's, because he is a cross dresser.

Faith said...


Well, now. That would be interesting.

faithstwin said...

You need to give him a basket of stuff he CAN take. I really think Ms. Pant's suggestion on that is a great one. Can't guarantee it'll work, but it's worth a shot if he keeps things like your camisole for extended periods of time.

Maybe the lady ghost is using it?

I can't wait to see where the sunglasses turn up... =D