Friday, May 14, 2010

The seed was planted. I didn't even have to do anything to make it grow!

A couple of weeks ago, Leo asked me if I was counting down how many days left until the boob reduction at all, yet. At the time, I really wasn't. It was more than a month away...that was what I was focussed on.

But now we're down to less than a month. And I think about it pretty much every 5 minutes, if not more. So I figured out how many days are left until I can say BYE-BYE, BOOBIES!

As of today, there are only 24 days until the surgery.

Twenty. Four.

I haven't been this excited about something since my dad got his lung transplant back in February 2008. (Not that I'm comparing the two things, of course. Just the excitement levels. Hopefully that makes some sort of sense. :S)

Not one day passes at this point where I don't look down at my boobs, and wish bad things on them. And tell them (out loud, mind you), "Not much longer, you fuckers. You are GONE in less than a month!" Usually it happens when I'm stuffing them into my bra again in the morning, or looking at the weird way they squish around while I do certain arm exercises at the gym.

I have my post-surgery bras that I was supposed to buy, and one week from next Tuesday I'll owe the full payment for the surgery to my doctor. I imagine that's when we'll schedule my mammogram, too. Not looking forward to that part, dammit.

Anyway, it's coming. And the excited feelings are in full bloom. 24. Days. :D


faithstwin said...

Yaaayyyy for losing boobies!!!

I can't wait to see how it turns out. I don't want complete disclosure (unless I have to witness another video you are unaware Leo has taken on the sly) but it'll be nice to see how they turn out so I know how mine will in the next year or so...

Mammogram? When does that happen?

Faith said...

It has to happen before the surgery, but I don't know how or where to set it up. I guess I could call the doctor's office to find out, eh...?

(It's not like I'm exactly excited about that part, though. So I've been holding off because I'm basically a pussy. I don't want pancake boooobs!)

Catherine VandeVelde said...

What size are you going to?

Yay, happy for you!

Faith said...

The doctor said he was advising a large C/small D. That's as small as he'll go on my frame, which makes sense to me. (He likes to make the bewbies proportional to the rest of the body.)

He said he should be removing about 2 pounds per boob. :O

Catherine VandeVelde said...

That will look fahhh-bulous!