Monday, May 10, 2010

Selling things on Craigslist...

::sigh:: I was up for some adventure, I guess. Or, another way to add to the already crappy Monday I was having...YAY! ::gives Monday the side-eye::

So we're selling our current deck furniture on craigslist, right? I put it all up at about 4 p.m. on Sunday, and half of it was already gone by 7:30 p.m.

A lot of people are expressing interest in our bar that we have, as seen here in it's glory days of last year, right after we refinished it:

But then it sat out in the weather all year long since then, and it got all worn down again. We figured, what the hell? We'll ask for $50, or best offers. So we had some interest right away, and we wound up selling it for $40 today at lunchtime.

Of course, with the ease of selling items like that, there also must come a little bit o' crazy. Like the person in St. Joe (about 40 minutes north of KC, for those unfamiliar with the area) that wanted it delivered. They were willing to pay extra!

"No, I'm sorry...we won't deliver the set. Please let me know if you would be interested in picking it up."

"ya should be able too.. where are you located. and do you have any more detailed pics available?"

Oh, thanks for the craigslist etiquette lesson, random weird person. But I really don't want to deliver the set...? So I'm not gonna. Alrighty buh-bye.

And now that I'm reading that over again, do you think they meant to say, "Yeah, I should be able to pick it up."???

Oh well. I was polite in my response, and just told them that I sold it at lunchtime, so I was sorry it was no longer available.

Anyway, I'll post up pics of the new deck furniture when it comes in, hopefully later this week. Should be pretty sweet!


faithstwin said...

I need to sell the girls bunkbeds. Some glitch has kept me from being able to post as of yet, but I am not looking forward to the crazies that come with Craigslist...

'Ya should be able too...' ? I dunno- maybe they meant they could but they weren't clear, so boo on them. And GAWD the people who ask for more detailed pics!? They drive me buggy!

Ms. Pants said...

I like the people who say that X price is fine, but when they arrive, ask if you will take Y instead...then ask you for change.

Donna said...

Yeah, there are some crazy people on CL. If they have the nerve to try and get me to come off the price without looking at the item, I withdraw the ad and put it back on at a HIGHER price. So far, such an item has never failed to sell. I don't know what we'd do without Craigslist!

Faith said...

If it weren't so damned easy to sell shit on there, I'd definitely avoid it!

And just an FYI, the photos I posted of the bar set? Were all up close ones. Not like the on in this post. They were current, showed the detail of the current state of disrepair the set was in, all the way down to the damage on the top of the bar to the spideys that had built their webs on the inside over the winter. So more detailed pics? ::shaking head:: Nuh-uh.

faithstwin said...

The crazies are obviously working at McD's today- gah! I still have not been able to post my bunk beds for sale. It's getting annoying with the lack of response from CL on why I keep getting the page that pops up (phone authorization) that doesn't let me keep going.

Tor Hershman said...

I wan dat bar set (hic), ya deliver it, (hic) cool. (hic)

Faith said...

Hahahahaa! Awesome!