Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Spring cleaning...anyone else do it?

I'm in full-on spring cleaning mode lately. I often get the bug to clear things out, file things away, or generally organize the mish-mosh that escapes through the cracks of everyday life now and then. But it's not until spring when I realize the drawers are filled to a random capacity, the closet is barely navigatable, and the office has gotten downright nasty with paper.

I cleaned out the closet over the weekend. The good news is that most of the "cleaning" involved me needing to move winter clothes to another closet to better accommodate the spring/summer stuff. (I generally throw shit out/donate it when I buy something new. That way, the closet stays manageable. I cannot stand hoarding clothing!) But when I go to pick out workout clothes, I find myself reaching for the same 3 outfits over and over. I really don't even know what else is in that drawer's just basically a nice cushion for the 3 pairs of pants, 3 shirts, and several sports bras I wear all the time!

(And don't even get me started on my comfy clothes/pajama drawer! I can barely get in there without threat of a comfy pants 'splosion when I pull it open! Scary.)

Speaking of workout clothes, last year, I was having an issue with finding proper replacements for the pants that I used to buy through Target all the time. I finally settled on trying some "yoga" pants through Victoria's Secret, and I actually really like them. They sell them in several different lengths, loads of different styles, and the material can totally take the beating I put it through in the fight between it vs. my thunder thighs.

It's been a year, and only 1 pair of the 2 I wear regularly has bitten the dust. It finally split on the inner thigh seam after being washed last week. (Thankfully, I found that out while I was still at home, and not while I was, like, walking on a treadmill, or anything! Heh.) But that was after many, many, many uses. So it's totally ok that it finally had to be thrown out.

The other pair that I wear every week is a pair I bought from the Gap, in hopes that it might be a good option. And they were awesome when I got them! Made from a thick material that is super-soft and very comfy. The construction seemed really decent, too...until I got home from my first workout in them, sat down on the bed to take off my shoes, and felt a rip in the seat.

That's right! After just one workout, the Gap pants totally split up the rear seam when they were slightly taxed by my ass. I sewed them back together with a little disgust and disappointment, and they've been ok since then. Until I noticed on Saturday that they were again splitting apart where I had sewn them back together. ::sigh:: Fuck those pants! (I sewed them together again, because if I threw them out, then I'd have been down to only 1 pair of workout pants, and that is not an option!)

So I just went out to Vic's Secret and bought 5 pairs of new "yoga" pants. (I keep putting yoga into quotes because I don't just use them for yoga...I use them for all workout situations. And for laying around the house as well.) They should arrive early next week. I would highly recommend them, except that it's been a year since I've ordered them. And as I've recently discovered with their undies, they change their fabrics and stuff all the friggen time. (I just bought some super-awesome undies from them that I loved back in December, and decided to replace the rest of the undies in my drawer with more like them now that I know I love them so much. Yeah, they are totally different from the way they were in December, and not in an enjoyable way. Hrmph!) So I'll have to work out in these pants a couple of times before I can properly review them.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed, though!

By the way, I don't know if it needs to be said, but just in case, I don't receive any payment for my reviews on the clothing I wear from anyone at all. I just thought I'd share. Because I have nothing better to talk about today. Unless y'all wanna hear about how fucking tired I am today. Likely due to the fact that I have my period, which I wasn't supposed to get until next month, but I went ahead and did it this week instead, since next month's was going to coincide with my surgery, and I'd rather not deal with that shit when I am on painkillers and dealing with a squeamish husband as my boobie buddy, if at all possible. I didn't think anyone would be very interested in hearing any of that, though. Right? Yeah, that's what I thought.


faithstwin said...

My work out drawer is full of shit, too. But I have three comfy pairs of pants/capris that get me through nicely. The ones I am wearing now (cooling down from a ride on the bike) are Reebok. Got 'em on clearance at Dicks. They actually could double for pj pants if I want to. But I don't.

I'm a freak for big shirts that cover me while I am exercising so that is what is most important to me when it comes to workout clothing.

Every time you spell 'bewbies' I totally hear Leo saying it. Never you, only Leo.

Faith said...

I wear tight shirts when I work out. I can't stand having something all flowy and shit around me. BLECH! I think it started when I was doing yoga, and when I wore a more flowy, bigger-than-me top, it would get all in my face throughout the class, and drive me CRAZY. So I stopped doing that.

I only wear large tops now when I know that all I'll be doing is walking. They don't bug me so much then. If I'm on the eliptical, or doing any kind of work with weights? MUST have my tight top on!