Thursday, May 13, 2010

Well, that doesn't seem like a horrible idea at all!

Next week, my company is devoting some well-deserved time to raising money/awareness/food for our local chapter of Harvesters, as well as for a national campaign designed to combat hunger in America. Last year, it somehow fell by the wayside, and while the campaign still occurred and the food donations were still solicited, it wasn't made into the usual Big Fucking Deal that other fundraisers/awareness campaigns are usually made into.

They're apparently trying to make up for that this year. Which I have to give them kudos for, absolutely. I like how charitable my company is, really.

One of the events I saw come through the other day was noted as follows:

>Shopping Cart Race (One or more VP/Director from each organization with their Admin IN the cart)
> "Extreme Cart Makeover" (teams will receive carts two days prior to event to decorate)
> Food Toss Challenge (employees will have opportunity to toss food into shopping carts)
> Collection Barrels for food and money will be available

Prize/Trophy: "Food trophies" for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners of the shopping cart race

It was sent out to our entire management team, and I don't know why, but I just kind of ignored it, except for making the mental note that a shopping cart race with an admin in the cart seemed like a recipe for danger/lawsuits.

Then my boss got a meeting invite today for the shopping cart race.

Again, I kinda ignored it. I honestly figured there is no way our company would allow that sort of thing to happen! We may be a charitable bunch, but we tend to be awfully careful about shit happening on our property, and that sort of thing.

For example: Our group is having a picnic next week out on a big lawn we have in our building complex, so we can have a fun day that also works towards raising awareness/food/money for the campaign against hunger. We sent out two reminders to the entire Kansas City team, had several planning meetings, and already bought enough burgers and hot dogs to feed 300 people. And then the person who reserved the space found out on Monday that we cannot grill, we cannot have tables set up, and we cannot have portable seating that have legs on them out on the lawn. They suggested we serve sandwiches instead of hot dogs and hamburgers. Oh, that'd be fine...if we hadn't already bought all the meat! And no chairs? We're gonna be out there for 4 hours, FFS! ::rage::

Anyway, so I went in to heat up my lunch, and my boss was in the kitchen heating up his, too. He told me about the invite to be in the race. I told him I'd seen it...and then I asked him who was gonna be in the cart? "You!"

::shaking head, chuckling loudly:: "Heh. NO, [bossman]. Have you SEEN me? I am too big to fit in a cart! And also? What if you hit a rock or something with the front wheel, and I go spilling out onto the pavement? Dude, I would so sue everyone if that happened!" His response? "Ooh, yes! Let's do that! And then you and I can split the cash!"

I love my boss. :D

Anyway, I'm up for it, but I don't know how good of an idea this really is.

Aaaaand now the point is moot. The boss just IMd me to let me know that the admin-in-the-cart idea was nixed. Hahahahaha!

I knew the executives were much too smart to allow that to happen. I guess it's a good thing. Roadrash is pretty painful, yo...


Catherine VandeVelde said...

It really should be the VP in the cart, with the Admin pushing it!

Faith said...

Hahaha! YES! I like that idea. (Although, depending on the relationship, that arrangement might be more prone to "accidental" tipping over than the one with the admin in the cart! :D)

"The D" said...

That's nothing, at our company picnic, there will be paintball.


Someone is going to lose and eye, I just know it.

Faith said...

I've never been paintballing, or what have you, but I'd assume that one generally signs a waiver of some sort before heading into battle, right?

There are reasons for that kind of shit, people!

Who comes up with these ideas???

faithstwin said...

Hahahahahaaa! Paintball... our brother went painballing recently with friends. Before he left I saw him and he said he chose that over other family ideas. He then glossed over and started a dialogue he was preparing for:

::shoots dude::

Dude- 'You shot me!'

Brother- ::shoots dude again::

Dude- 'You already SHOT me!'

**note**I guess once you are shot you have to move on to the beer room?

Brother- ::shoots another couple shots::

Dude- 'WT...'

Brother- ::one more shot fired:: 'Keep sayin' it'

Dude- 'You can't sh..' :hit by fire: 'STOP it!'

Brother- 'Every time you say something about being hit, I want to hit you more...'

You think I am making this up? Nope. I wish I could post a link to the glint in our brother's eye...