Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ADD + driving = just STOP IT (Plus! Bonus gym reflections.)

I know posting has been sparse lately. I don't know why. Maybe it's a mid-summer attitude kind of thing. ::shrugs:: Not sure.

My car is back in the shop again, so I'm getting a well-needed break from driving for the day. Leo went out of town for the weekend, and got back yesterday filled with stories about friends and family, and how his parents totally think I'm selfish for not wanting to have babies. (::sigh:: Yeah, that's what I am. Selfish. Why didn't I see it from that perspective before??? ::roll eyes::) So since he's back in town, he helped me get my car to the mechanic to see what the hell is wrong with it now (I asked them to just run a full diagnostic. I am TIRED of this shit!), and I got a ride to work out of the deal...sweet!

I needed the break. I dunno what it is with people lately, but I have been getting stuck behind an awful lot of the type who think that searching through their car for something while sitting at a red light is a good idea. And then the light turns green, and it's time to go, and I give them my standard 3-Mississippi rule (I count to 3 Mississippily), and then I go ahead and HONK MY DAMNED HORN, BECAUSE IT'S TIME TO GOOOO NOOOOWWW. And inevitably, they have some kind of reaction to me honking at them (I do a quick tappity honk in those cases...I don't lay on my horn unless someone does something truly egregious, like try to merge into my car, or something), and I just have to call them a fucktard to myself, because no one has invented the shortwave radio communicator from car to car yet, like I so wish would be done so I could tell people to their faces what I think of them doing everything but paying attention to their driving when they're, you know...driving down the road.

Monday, on my way home at lunchtime to let the puppies out to run around a bit mid-day, I was behind someone that was slowing down as we approached a green light. And then they stopped at the green light, and that time I did lay on my horn a lil' bit because I had people behind me that were confused as to why we were stopping and they came awfully close to my back end when they realized we weren't actually continuing on as traffic should at a green lighted intersection, so I was pissed. And again, I got a little reaction from the driver of the car that had stopped at the green light, as if my honking was the infraction that happened. As if my honking was rude or some shit. Lemme tell ya something: if the way you're driving on the road is causing a hazard to MY life and limb? You betchyer mutherfucking ASS I'm gonna be a little rude about it. Moron. GOD.

And then at the gym this morning, I'm trying to have a relatively decent (if not labored) conversation with my trainer while she tried to kill me slowly through leg work, and these two guys nearby were all slammy with the weight machine contraption thinger. You know the types...they were all beefy and had shaved heads and tans and tattoos, and they were both working with, like, 190 pounds they were pulling and stuff. And then when they were done with their set, they would just let the weights fall back to their resting place...SLAM! It was loud, obnoxious, and really, really rude. First of all, those aren't their machines. They are essentially renting the time to use them, and we ALL fucking share them, so they should treat them with respect, dammit. Second of all, there's no need for that shit. If you can pull the weight in the first place, then you can very well lead it back to it's resting spot without just letting go of the bar. It's dumb, it's loud, and it's disruptive. Fuckers. I just cannot STAND that type of gym patron. They're right up there on my list along with people who grunt loudly as they do their weight sets, people who wear perfume or cologne when they workout, and the people who get on the treadmill or elliptical right next to the one you're on, even though they have 12 others to choose from.

So this week has just been a challenge, is all. AND it's only Wednesday. Sheesh.

How the fuck do I talk to my inlaws now about my baby issues, dammit? They relate everything to religion, so according to them, really I'm being selfish about not wanting children because it's doing God's work when you have a family. Or some shit like that. We have the means to take care of a child, so we should have them. That's the logic they're using. Nevermind the fact that I don't like children, and have no desire at all to raise them. Nope. Doesn't matter. THAT is why I'm being selfish. Or something. I'm not totally sure what the deal is, but all I'm sure of is that my father-in-law is judging us because we aren't having kids, and Leo didn't tell him the straight up reason why we don't want to have kids is because, well...we don't like them. And so my father-in-law thinks I'm scared and that's why I don't want to have them. Hahahahahaha! Ok, obviously, the dude doesn't really know me all that well. Right? Maybe I should kick him in the nuts when I see him next, to show him how "scared" I am of shit? I'm not sure. But I AM sure that he shouldn't concern himself with my reproductive choices. No one should. It's no one else's business what a woman (and her husband or partner) decide to do about having a family. I find it ridiculously intrusive that anyone would even trouble themselves to think about it or talk about it amongst themselves, actually!

I'm just getting rambly now...this is what happens when I don't post regularly, dammit! But anyway, the net/net is that you need to pay attention to your driving when you're behind the wheel, you should not be an asshole gym patron if you belong to and attend a public gym, and if you are troubling yourself with thoughts about anyone else's reproductive choices aside from your own, then you need to stop it right now. That's about it. Happy Wednesday! Here's to hoping my car issues come in at less than $500 this week! ::crossing fingers::

Friday, June 25, 2010

Flashback Friday!

Last weekend, after Leo and I had had our Saturday night bottle of wine, and finished dinner, I pulled out my old photo albums. There was a specific purpose to it, because I was looking for this one photo I took once in France, but it became a trip back down memory lane, too. It's different looking back through the old photos now, because we know each other better. And he's heard stories that go along with some of the people from the photos. It makes it more fun for him, somehow, now that he knows me the way he does, it seems.

I found some photos that I thought might be fun to share with new friends I have online, as well as here on the blaaawwwwg. Good times.

My freshman year, I went to a school in Palos Verdes, CA called Marymount College. It was a junior college, and there were around 350 students total that went there at the time. It was unusual in that we had "dorm" apartment buildings all over the town of San Pedro, which was down in a small area just south of the school. It created little fraternity/sorority-type relationships among the students that lived in their respective buildings. It was a fun way to start off a college career, I thought.

Something my roommates and our neighbors liked to do frequently was head to The Palace on Hollywood and Vine on Friday nights to go dancing. It was 18 and over, and we could sometimes work out a discount in the admission price because we travelled in a large group generally. This is a picture of us one night before we headed out to dance. That's the Twin on the far right, and I'm the one next to her in the smile and the awesome hat. ::raises eyebrow:: Hey, it was 1992...what can I say?

One of the reasons why I loved going to school at Marymount was because I was deathly in love with a boy named Doug Medland at the time, and moving there meant I was only about 20 minutes away from his apartment in Pasadena, rather than the 40 - 45 minutes I'd been when I was at mom and dad's. Doug and I met when I was 18, I think? I can't remember. Anyway, he was about 8 years older than me, and I thought he was just the bee's knees. Unfortunately, he didn't feel the same way about me...until I started dating another boy seriously when I was 20. ::sigh:: It made things very complicated at that point in my life.

Anyway, here's me and Doug when we were hanging out together one day on 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica. I still remember the moment he took this picture like it just happened 10 minutes ago. I thought it was romantic and that it meant something. ::roll eyes at self:: I was such an idiot. (If Doug happens to google his name and find this post...::waves:: Hi! I'm married now! Sorry. :( )
Here's me sitting on Doug's couch, looking through some pictures that made me laugh pretty hard. No idea what they were of...
The guy I started dating when Doug decided he wanted to give an actual relationship a go was this dude...
He was 17. He did not look 17 when I met him. 19, maybe. We were at a party, where I was actually trying to flirt with yet another guy that I had been hanging out with off and on (I was a little permiscuous in college, not gonna lie!), and he started talking to me. We had been talking for an hour when he told me how old he was. (I was about to turn 20 at the time.) But he was so tall! And had such a nice body!
So I said Fuck It! to the age thing, and dated him seriously for a year. And then fooled around with him off and on again for 2 more years after we broke up. I finally had to move to Kansas City to get myself to move on from the damned relationship. And I'm not posting his name here because he's the last person I want to google himself and find this here blog. Fuck that noise!

The summer after I met The Tall Boy at the party, I went to Paris for a school exchange program, where I finished my foreign language requirement, and learned a lot about life. I was tres sad while I was there because I couldn't see The Tall Boy, and I kinda missed my family, of all things. Weird. ;)

Anyway, in my sadness, I spent a lot of time in a park not far from my apartment/school called Jardin du Luxembourg. People went there to walk, run, relax, sunbathe, play bocce, float boats in the little pond/fountain thing they had. It was my first taste of a garden like that. Kind of must be what it would be like to live near Central Park in New York, I'd think. There was an awesomely pretty fountain there that I loved, and I wish I could sit there every day at lunch and hang out, still.
That photo is the reason why I pulled out my photo albums last Saturday, because Leo and I had purchased one that reminded me of it when we were at the Prairie Village Art Fair a couple of weeks ago. And the funny thing is is that the one we bought looks almost identical, except for the quality of the background, and the time of year. I'll have to take a pic of it, and put them up here to compare sometime, because it's really uncanny!

One of the great things about living in Paris when you're there for school, or something like that, is the Eurail Pass you can buy for traveling all over Europe via train while you're there. I got an unlimited pass that lasted the 3 months I was living there. I could travel anywhere, as long as there was a train headed that way, and it was already paid for. So I'd just present my Eurail Pass, my passport, and I was on my way. I'd highly recommend this option for anyone that's headed there. The prices vary based on age.

My favorite travel companions were my friends Jessica and Polly. They lived in the apartment downstairs from me in my building, and I was pretty much with them all the time that I wasn't sleeping. (My roommate was weird. I liked getting away from her when possible.)

Jessica and I went by ourselves to Florence one weekend. We met up with the students from Pepperdine that were there for the Florence, Italy program, and were able to stay in the school's villa there for free. (It was haunted! And old. And gorgeous. And the year before, it had given a bunch of the students salmonella from some eggs they ate that were tainted, so we avoided those when we were there. Bagels were juuust fine, thanks.)

When Jess and I arrived into town, we searched out the famous landmark Il Duomo. After a bit of trouble with some evil dude in a coffee shop who would NOT give us directions to the American Express office so we could exchange out French money for Italian money ("You want information? You buy coffee?" "Um, we can't buy coffee unless you accept francs..." "Ah, then I cannot-a help-a you!" Fucker.), Jess and I climbed the 473,846,745,385 steps to the top of the dome and took this photo:
It was a fucking incredible experience. That's probably one of the oldest buildings I've ever been in. Amazing.

Jess and Polly and I also took a side trip down to Cannes one weekend, only we missed the bullet train (called "TGV" or "muthafuckin' FAST train, yo"), and had to catch a normal train down there. No biggie. During that trip, we made friends with a couple of boys that were traveling around Europe together, I tried going to the bathroom in an old school toilet from God knows when in a train station in BFE France when we were switching trains the morning after we left Paris, and changed my mind (it was a HOLE in the GROUND. Um, no thanks.), and we eventually decided that Nice was just fine, and Cannes could suck it. We were tired of being on the train by the time we reached Nice, and we wanted a beach, fresh air, and to STOP MOVING, so we got off there instead. It was lovely! Jessica is on the left in this photo, I'm in the middle, and Polly is the tall Asian chicky on the right. I can't remember the other two girls' names. We weren't that close.
Jess and I are on the beach...I covered my legs with a towel to save any future viewers from the horror of my upper thighs compared to Jessica's runner thighs. I think they were actually probably just fine, but I was 20...what did I know?
Jess left Pepperdine the following summer, and moved up to Washington to be a part of their running program. She was the best runner at Pepperdine, and wasn't feeling challenged enough. She wound up meeting a dude that was super-religious, and they fell in love, but as I understood it, did nothing more sexual with each other than to hold hands. I missed her a lot after she left! I wonder if she ever got to screw that dude she fell for...

One of our field trips as a class was to a chateau called Chenonceau. I looooved it there. It was gorgeous! I decided then and there that my boyfriend at the time and I would totally get married there someday. Or if we broke up, then whoever I wound up marrying would marry me there. I don't even know if they allow weddings there, but I was gonna make it happen, dammit.
The chateau runs across a little river in the Loire Valley. At the time, I don't think we were allowed to tour the 2nd floor, but I can't remember why...mabe renovation was going on? Not sure. Anyway, the hallway that lead from one side of the river to the other was where I wanted to have my wedding ceremony:
LOVE the floors.

Ok, thinking about France and Chenonceau and all that depresses me, and I don't wanna be depressed today! Leo left for Chicago earlier, and I'm home alone for the weekend, so it's time to revel in some girl time! I bought the entire set of Daria DVD's last week when they were on a Target special for $40, and I'm totally watching those suckers, man. See you all when I un-hole myself on Monday...have a good one!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I can make it stop...but do I want to?

I've been mulling something over all morning, and I don't know what to do. Here's the jist, and you guys give me your feedback on what you think:

My hairdresser recently left her salon she had been working at for the past several years. She warned me of the change in advance, and tried to do her best to warn all of her long term, return clients as well. She was just disgruntled when it came to the salon management, and from the stories she'd shared with me about what was up, I don't really blame her.

The salon has called me twice to see if I want to reschedule my appointment with someone else, but I haven't returned their calls. Mostly, this is because, um, no, I do NOT want to see anyone hairdresser and I have been working together to make my hair pretty for over 5 years now, through a couple of different salon changes on her part. But it's also because my appointment was with my hairdresser, and she's not with the salon anymore, so I don't see the point in having a discussion with them about me not continuing to be their customer. Its a waste of my time.

Cut to this week. My appointment was scheduled for this Saturday. Apparently, since I didn't return their calls, they saw fit to send an email that was intended as a sort of follow-up, but also as an attempt to retain my business. I don't begrudge them that attempt...I totally understand why they would want to do that. What I don't understand was why they started off their email in such an unprofessional and inappropriate manner. They shared info that they shouldn't have shared. It was uncalled for. So I called them on it in a response, and then asked them to remove me (and Leo...he goes there for haircuts) from their computer systems.

One of the owners responded to my note with an even more unprofessional response, I again responded to that just saying that I understand that they want to maintain their customer base, but I just disagreed with their way of going about it, and I wished her luck in the future.

Unfortunately, she chose to respond...again. And she shared all kinds of things that she shouldn't have shared with me, including information about "gifts" she and her husband had given to my hairdresser and her husband (who also worked there, and left the same day), and even a loan they had extended to them when they bought a house, and how disappointed they were that they treated them like they did, etc, etc, with the inappropriateness seemingly oozing out of my computer screen.

I mean, C'MON! I just want pretty hair! And I also like my hairdresser, and think she's been treated kinda crappy by these people over the years, and I'm glad she and her husband have set off on their own like they did! This woman has 10 years on me, at least! Why does she think that sharing info like that with me is at all OK???

So. Should I write her back and tell her, essentially, that if they were giving conditional gifts, then maybe they shouldn't have given them at all? And that she needs to maybe consider some therapy to help her grow beyond the 12 year old level mentality she appears to have? I mean, it seems like the loan she mentioned (GAH!) must've been paid back, so why even bring it up? IN AN EMAIL TO A FORMER CLIENT???

I don't understand people. (Btw, my gut is saying that I should let it all go...having the "last word" is not that important to me in the scheme of things, and the fact that this salon owner is basically a grown child should not be my concern. I just thought I'd see what you guys thought...)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cue the crazy-person laughter

Last night, I went to switch off a lamp on the bureau across from my bed, and saw a quarter lying in one of the decorative elements of it's base. I immediately noticed it wasn't a "normal" quarter and got excited, and then picked it up and saw that I was right! It was a 1945 quarter in awesome condition! "Honey! Where did you get this 1945 quarter from?" I called to Leo. "What? What quarter?" "The one you put next to the lamp in here? Where did you get it? It's AWESOME!" "I put all my change into the dish in there. I didn't put a quarter by the lamp."


No matter...I have always loved coins, and collected them in a childish way when I was a kid, even. I had a piggy bank full of what I considered to be unusual coins that I'd found over time. Then, when I took a high school jewelry class and learned that quarters made before 1965 were made of pure silver (and therefore could be turned into jewelry if we happened to find any/obtain one), I started keeping an eye out for a special quarter from pre-1965. I've never found one.

And here one was! Just lying in my room, in a spot that I would so obviously find it in. I think Jeffers gave it to me. Because he's awesome. (I'm still excited about that damned quarter, no joke! I'm a total dork, it's ok to say it.)

Ok, now about what is NOT awesome. What is not awesome is that the mechanics have called me twice today with increasingly bad news about my car. Apparently, the fact that it's been so lovely to maintain until this point has expired. Now, it is getting muthafuckin' expensive to maintain. Today, we have problems with belts, pulleys, and had that topped off with a water pump that apparently was about to fall out, and it's a good thing they had to do the work on the belts and pulleys, or they wouldn't have found the water pump issue. My car was about to fall apart on me, yo. ::sigh::

Only $850 to fix it!

I know that things could be worse. Much, much worse. But that doesn't make it hurt any less!

Anyone want to buy a 1945 silver quarter for $500? ;)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Guys, I'm just tired.

Started back with the trainer again this morning at the cockamamie hour of 5 a.m., so I'm just tired, dammit. (We're just working on legs and abs until the doc gives me the go ahead to lift again, and even then, I'm supposed to start with 5 pound increments which just seems silly to me. But I will do what the doctor says I should do, and I'll be happy with it I'm sure.) I did try to tell my trainer that the doctor also warned me that doing lunges of any kind would absolutely ruin my boob job. Just tear it all up inside. She didn't fall for that one, though. ::kicks dirt::

This week, I have a gyno appointment (annual check up), a dentist appointment (6 month cleaning/check up), an appointment for the BMW at the mechanic (a belt in there sounds really pissed off, so we're having it checked out), and then to top it all off, I get to drop Leo off at the airport on Friday for a trip to Chicago for a few days. I wish I could go, too! He's going to spend some time with his brothers and his friends, and enjoy himself. He deserves it, really. I can't spare the time from work right now, and also, the boobs need tending to. The one on the left might have some infection going on in one of the incisions...not sure yet. So I need to keep a close watch on that, and take care of the puppies, and hopefully have a peaceful (and likely boring, but I like boring so that's ok) weekend at home.

Last week, we tried a new restaurant in Overland Park called Intentions, thanks to a tip from Fat City. We were planning on heading out to the Sushi Train (a.k.a. Sakura) in Shawnee, but hearing about a place that was only a little over a mile from our house seemed like divine intervention, so we headed to Intentions instead. Let's just get this out of the way before going any further: Intentions is a stupid name for a restaurant. It sounds more like a bad soap opera on CBS, or a store that sells lingerie than a restaurant/bar/live music venue, if you ask me.

That said, I'm not sure what kind of judgement to pass on the place at this point. It's only been open for a couple of weeks, and it's in a quirky stretch of 80th Street that includes a bead shop (seriously? They still have those around?), 3 hair salons, a skate shop/psychic materials shop, as well as The Other Place, and a few empty storefronts for good measure. I'm inclined to give it another try before shutting the door on it all together. Leo was just...uncomfy in the place. That was my initial reaction to it, too, but I can't quite put my finger on the reason why. The sushi was ok, except they seem to want to put cucumber into everything they make. I caught on to that trend when I was reviewing the menu, and asked for our spicy tuna roll to be made without it, if possible, and they were happy to comply. The roll was a bit loose because of it, but it was still tasty, IMO. Otherwise, the nigiri was good, and decently priced. We got there in time for happy hour and were able to try out a couple of their happy hour maki (rolls) for 1/2 price, so that was nice.

Maybe it's the weird bar/nightclub-type thing they have at the one end of the place that made it feel weird...I dunno. The sushi guys apparently came up from Ra Sushi in Leawood, so no doubt they know what they're doing. But if they're trying to make the place similar to Ra in any way, decor-wise? They missed the mark. It's too fucking dark in there, and it's just the wrong place for something like that. Also, the furnishings were a bit too cheap to be able to pull off a Ra feel, unfortunately. Maybe that was it...the cheapish furnishings. Hrm. I just don't know, exactly.

The server was really nice, though! And the owner came over and gave us his card and checked to see if we enjoyed our visit when we were done, so that was a good sign, I thought. They have an extensive menu of really different sounding sushi options, as well as some pretty standard stuff like a teriyaki chicken sandwich that I might not mind trying sometime. (I love teriyaki chicken sandwiches, though! I'm weird like that...) We'll probably head back there again sometime in the next month. We'll see. In the mean time, I'd love for some other locals to head in there, and give their opinion of the place. So go! And make sure to post about it!

Alright...I need to go mentally prepare for my hoo-hah appointment this afternoon. ::squinty face:: Being a girl is fun.

Friday, June 18, 2010

ABC sucks. The Lakers do not.

This is pretty much what I looked like for most of the 3rd and 4th quarter of the Laker game last night:
The Twin. On the terrifying-looking "Xcelerator" ride at Knott's Berry Farm. Hahahahaha!

I enjoyed the game, for the most part. Aside from Kobe playing like a wet rag that kept being tossed on a flame to put it out, making me lose my mind and scare my dogs with all the yelling, I was able to see beyond the bad shots that were being taken much of the time, and have a hope in my heart that the Lakers would be able to eventually pull it out and win the game. (And I love me some Kobe, so don't think I'm bashing on him at all...his rebounding was phenomenal! His shooting was just off, is all. Everyone can have a bad night, so it was a good thing that the Lakers wound up pulling together an playing like the team I know they can be!)

What I did not enjoy was ABC's decision to run a little retropective in the 4th showing all the close call championship wins (and one not so close call) the Celtics had over the Lakers in the past. It was biased, and stupid, and it pissed me right the fuck off.

Also? The announcers sounded fucking retarded. At one point, one of them was talking about how cute Jennifer Garner's daughter is, and I'm not kidding when I say that maybe Jen and Ben might want to look into getting a restraining order against that dude, just in case. It made me uncomfortable to hear him after a minute, to be honest. I don't understand his motivation to even bring it up, and the digression was so distracting, I was tempted to change the channel to get away from it.

BUT NO! There was also a kick-ass game on at the same time as the weirdo pedophilic rambling! So I stuck it out, and was rewarded for my pain.

To put it simply: that game was fucking awesome. Long live the Lakers. Phil Jackson is my hero.

Happy Friday. :D

Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's been, what? 6 Years? It was time for a change.

I missed my blogoversary this year, if you hadn't noticed. (Which I'm sure you all were like, "And we had cake for you, too, bitch! How could you forget to even take notice of it?") It was May 24th. I started writing this blog 6 years ago on that day, and dammit, it was time for a change! (Oh, and if you do actually have cake? Let me know...I will totally have a piece.)

So I've updated the template. Finally. I blame Blogger for coming out with some new nifty template options, and fun advanced ways of making them more personalized. Don't be surprised if I tweak it a bit more over the next few weeks, too. I reserve the right to be persnickity with my 6 year old blog, thankyouverymuch! :D

I like this new background, because it looks more newsy to me. And if there's one thing I like about a blog background, it's when it looks less blog and more research/work related. Because I read blogs at work, and my boss is less likely to have his attention drawn to my screen if there's a more plain background that looks like email or Word or PowerPoint, or something, than if there's something that's all black or red or orange with big huge side bars and screamingly large titles on my screen! So hopefully this new template works as well for you as it does for me.

Happy belated anniversary to me!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What do you call someone who's afraid of hallways, anyway?

I'm back at work today. I just couldn't stand to be home anymore, sitting in front of the TV and trying to keep the dogs from using my chest as a ladder to the back of the couch, and having to restart my computer again because the work software interface broke down and kicked me out for a 3rd time in 2 hours. (Although I have to admit, afternoons are better than mornings for the software, for some reason. So after a 3rd restart, I was generally good to go after noon passed by.)

I'm walking pretty gingerly, though. It's funny how many regular, everyday things kind of feel different now that I have new boobs basically sewn on to the front of my body. Doors that were easy to open and close before are now very clearly moving at a force heavier than 5 pounds. (I'm not supposed to lift more than 5 pounds at a time, so pushing or pulling a door open when it's a heavier weight is painfully obvious to me these days.) When I come up on a blind intersection of hallways, or pass a corner of cubes that could have someone rushing out to get to a meeting, I have mini-anxiety attacks at the thought of running head on into a person as I move as quickly as I can myself toward the relative safety of the somewhat stationary chair at my desk.

I've also wondered if anyone is going to ask if I'm pregnant. Now that I don't have DD's to push out the top of my shirts/blouses, my stomach is more prominent, IMO. And since I've been gone for a week and a half, I'm afraid that people will notice the belly more than ever before, and think that I've got a bun in that thar oven. I've been making it into a joke with friends, actually. "Hahaha! Where the hell did that stomach come from? Damned boobs were hiding it from me all these years! Why didn't you guys tell me it was there?"

It's just weird the way clothes fit me now, is all. I'm working on getting used to it. Good thing a lot of my stuff is pretty stretchy, and my boobs didn't leave them misshapen at all. T-shirts, cardigans, and blousy shirts that simply fall a different way now are definitely my bestest friends at this point in time.I don't think any major shopping will need to occur, which is a good thing! Just new bras, when I'm allowed to wear something other than this damned therapeutic one I'm required to wear for 2 more weeks. I kinda hate it. I mean, it serves it's purpose, and holds me in place, and I like the feeling of being held in place better than being all exposed and stuff right now. Especially with the incisions still being somewhat's hard to even bend slightly over when I'm nekked without feeling like I'm gonna lose a nipple.

But you try wearing one single piece of clothing almost 24/7 (just taking it off for showers), and tell me how much you love that thing after 4 or 5 days. You won't...I guarantee it. You might just start daydreaming about burying it in the back yard, giving it to the dogs as a chew toy, or throwing it in the grill to help get the charcoals going the next time you're having a barbecue, even. You know it's good for you, but you hate it all the same.

Plus, I really cannot wait to buy pretty new bras!

I've been thinking of taking updated pictures as the healing has continued, but really nothing has changed since last week, except for the actual boobs themselves! And I'm not posting pictures of those out here, of course.

But so far, so good! At least I'm back out in the world again, where bigger and better things than just my boob situation are going on. Hopefully, I'll have more to post about soon. Because even I'm getting tired of all this. Sheesh...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Overdoing it. It's what weekends are for, right?

I think maybe the doctor removed my ability to handle technological issues while he was at it last week. I've been trying to post pictures of my flowers that I received (from the mother-in-law and Twin, respectively) since Friday, and couldn't figure out why the fuck I couldn't get it to work!

Yeah, I was in html edit mode. ::sigh:: I'll blame the codeine, since I didn't take any today, and I just recognized my mistake.

Pretty flowers!

I overdid it on Saturday. I worked out (rode a recumbant bike and walked on the treadmill at a slower than usual pace), showered and washed my hair, then did my hair, went to the bar, and had waaa-haaay too much to drink! I didn't take any pain killers that day, since I was feeling better. And also so I could have some wine. Sunday wasn't a good day, as a result.

But otherwise, the recovery is going pretty well. I'm sleeping better, and I'm working my way off the coedine and just taking Advil right now. Seems to be going pretty well. I'd still walk around with ice packs permanently attached to me if I was able, but that's why I'm working from home for as much of this week as necessary. I think I might go back on Wednesday. We'll see.

Sorry for all the surgery-focussed crap. It's all that's really going on aside from all the gardening Leo has been doing, and us trying to deal with all the rain that keeps fucking falling in Kansas City every few days. Hopefully that's done with for a bit, though, and we're not in a floody type area anyway, so it's not that big of a deal aside from being kinda obnoxious when leaving the house in it. I've been wanting to get a pedicure for days, but pedicures + rainy weather aren't all that compatible!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I'll get on more of a regular posting schedule again here soon...promise.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm alive! (Which is a good thing, IMO.)

Wow. Surgery is weird. I'm happy to say that I didn't wake up during the actual surgery as it was being performed (which was one of my nightmares throughout this whole thing), and I feel pretty good now that it's all over and done with, except for a couple of hours of each day that I just feel like hammered hell and want to sleep but I can't because I sleep on my side, and guess what you aren't supposed to do after having a breast reduction? Yeah. ::sigh::

It's ok, really. I've rigged up a way to sleep kind of tipped to one side with a pillow stuffed behind me, and that tricks my body enough to let it fall asleep in that position without giving me horrible nightmares/hallucinations that make me want to jump out of my skin to get away from them. (The first night after surgery, I thought there was a small monkey-type beast sitting on my chest, ripping away at my bandages. An hour after I calmed down from that, I thought there was a crane - like one of those ones from a toy machine that grabs toys and drops them down a chute - next to my bed trying to remove my internal organs from my chest. That time, I actually woke Leo up and asked him if there was a crane in the room.) Last night, I slept much better than the first night, and I felt pretty awesome this morning as a result.

That, of course, led to a crash this afternoon around lunch, but it's ok. Lifetime shows reruns of Grey's Anatomy around that time, which is just about the most perfect companion to napping ever. So that worked out.

Then I got up and started the process of trying on clothes that haven't ever fit before. (I went to the doctor today to have my drainage tubes removed, which means I can move about much easier now, and also that Leo will stop gagging when he has to look at me. Hopefully...) Here's what I used to look like in one of my favorite tops...

And here's what I look like now in another favorite top:
For reference, I used to have to start the buttoning process on that shirt at the button that lands right below my breasts, because the top ones wouldn't even come close to closing. It made me cry to see what I look like in that now!

Here's how I look with just my recovery bra on. Hopefully, this isn't too offensive for anyone to look at. I'm pretty covered up, thanks to the size of the bra, so it's not that big of a deal for me to show it, IMO.

I didn't think to take any before pictures of other clothes, although I sure wish I had! Regardless, I'm happy. I'm in a little bit of pain around the sutures, but it's not bad, really. The tape they had on me seemed to do more damage than anything to my skin, because I'm so sensitive to sticky stuff, and so that sucks a bit. But I'm working on mellowing it all out.

Overall, I'm doing well, and the recovery seems to be going as it should. Now I'm going to go back to sitting around a bit more, and hopefully Leo and I can go for a walk in a bit, if I'm still feeling ok. Thanks to everyone for their well-wishes!

Monday, June 07, 2010

Health Update, again!

Tomorrow is the momentous day when I change my frontal landscape forevaaahhhh. I go under the knife at about 9:40 CST, in case you would like to think fond things of me at that moment, which will almost assuredly help the surgery go smoothly and perfectly.

I'm a little scared. But mostly, I'm just excited about it all. Leo started having nightmares over the weekend about what kind of monster I'll turn into in recovery. Lots of yelling...lots of pouting...there might've been some hurling of smoothies that apparently weren't smooth enough. Whatever. I don't even drink smoothies, yo. He's weird.

So this will be my last update until maybe Friday, depending on how I'm feeling. I'll have my computer with me at home, so if I'm feeling up to it, maybe an update on Thursday isn't out of the question. I'm thinking tomorrow afternoon and Wednesday are pretty much gonna be my Totally Out of It days. We'll see.

That all said, I had my weigh in/measurements done by my trainer this morning to see how we've progressed thus far. My last health update was on May 4th. So it's been about a month. Here are the updated stats:

April 1st - a.k.a. The Starting Point
Weight: 214
Body Fat: 35.8
Neck: 14 in
Upper arm: 12 in
Forearm: 10 in
Chest: 42 in
Waist: 47 in
Hips: 49 in
Thigh: 24 in
Calf: 16 in

June 7th - a.k.a. NOW
Weight: 210
Body Fat: 34.3% (She said that I gained 1 pound of muscle and lost 5 of fat. YAY!)
Neck: 14 in
Upper arm: 12 in
Forearm: 9 in
Chest: 41 in
Waist: 46 in
Hips: 47.5 in
Thigh: 22 in (Yes that's right...down to 22 inches. ::fist pump::)
Calf: 14.5

So an overall loss of 7 inches. Not too shabby. If anyone is wondering what I do, here's my standard weekly routine:

Monday: Work out for 40 mins with trainer at 5 a.m.
Tuesday: Rest or cardio, depending on rest of week's plans.
Wednesday: Work out on my own at 5 a.m., using a previous week's routine that trainer wrote for me. Generally, this only takes me about 30 minutes, so I do 20 mins of cardio either on the treadmill or elliptical that day.
Thursday: Rest or cardio, depending on weekend plans.
Friday: Work out for 40 mins with trainer at 5 a.m.
Saturday: Cardio on my own, if didn't work out on Thursday.
Sunday: Cardio of some sort. Kind of an easy day...yesterday, for example, we walked the dogs.

That's an ideal week, anyway. Last week, I only worked out on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and then we walked the dogs on Sunday before dinner. I also washed Jake, which can be quite a workout itself, but I don't count it, of course. ;) If I know I'm not going to get in for a cardio day on Tuesday or Thursday, I'll eat lighter, typically. Lots of salads without dressing, for example. (I put things like a couple of pickled beets, and a couple of tablespoons of blue cheese crumbles and vinegar on there to give it yummy flavor.) Dinners typically consist of fish with a veggie of some sort, or whole wheat pasta with buffalo meatballs, or buffalo steak marinated and then grilled, and cut up for a salad or put into a whole wheat tortilla (or I like to use lettuce leaves instead to wrap them up) and eaten with guacamole, pico, and a little lowfat cheese. Breakfast is usually a high fiber/low cal english muffin with one egg, lowfat cheddar cheese, and a couple of slices of deli turkey. On really hungry days, I'll also have a half a cup of lowfat cottage cheese and half of an avocado drizzled with balsamic vinegar. That's my favorite breakfast, anyway.

It's taking time, and there are definitely some pit stops along the way (like the ribs we got for dinner last Saturday...YUM!), but for the most part, we're doing really well with our healthy choices, and we're not feeling deprived at all. I hope that this time around, the changes last for me, dammit! ::crosses fingers::

Friday, June 04, 2010

Don't worry...I got paid back for making fun of the Beaver Lake people. Like, times TEN.

Well. It seems the dogs might be a little under the weather this week. It sucks just a lil' bit. I mean, they're up to their normal activity levels, happy as can be, chasing each other around, or lounging all over my lap keeping me at a nice, toasty temp of about 150 degrees, enjoying the life of a lap puppy one minute...

Awwwww! Love my puppies!

And the next, they're throwing up their entire stomach contents all over the bed and/or couch.

Izzy got sick the other night in the middle of the night...about 3 a.m., I'd guess. I woke up when I heard her hork something up, but she's always horking up hairballs, and shit. We have her on medicine for it, actually. So I didn't think much of it. I soothed her a bit, we went back to sleep, and I planned on dealing with whatever she did in the morning when I got up and it was light enough to see what had happened.

When the room finally lightened up enough to see, it was like Mount Izzy had gone off on the end of our bed! I had no idea she had been so sick, as I'd only heard a little bit of noise from her that sounded relatively normal. Poor puppy! So I cleaned it off the comforter cover, asked Leo to please throw it in the laundry later that day, and left him to the job of cleaning the carpet she'd managed to hit.

She seemed fine, though. He took the dogs to the play place yesterday, because we were getting all of the trees in our yards trimmed and cleaned up.

They seemed normal when I got home from work...happy, upbeat, a wee bit tired from all the playing at the play place. Otherwise, totally normal. When I went to bed at about 9:30, I was surprised Jake didn't follow me into the bedroom since that's his standard deal...but it was fine. He wanted to watch College Football Live with Leo. Cool. He'd change his mind soon, I figured.

Izzy and I were lying in bed - me reading, and her licking her paws as usual - when Leo suddenly burst into the room yelling, "He's throwing up! Jake is throwing up ALL OVER!" And waited for me to get out of bed and throw on my robe, and then follow him back out into the living room. Sure enough, that little guy had really given the couch a lovely bath. He had vomited with a capital VOM. It was bad, guys.

Jake was scared to hell. He was a mess, and he was all freaked out because that's never happened to him before, and so he went to cower by the back door, for some reason. I went after him with a wet towel to try to clean him up a bit, and he whined at me as I tried to calm him and clean him at the same time.

Cleaning the couch was fucking exhausting, but we managed to get the cushions cleared and the back of the couch cleaned as well. Leo got the carpet in front of the couch cleaned up, too, and then we left everything to dry overnight.

I honestly don't know what to think of this. Can dogs get the flu? Jake seemed fine 10 minutes after he got sick, and came to bed with me as usual. (I am so glad that his puppy sense kicked in and kept him out in the living room for the fun empty-the-tummy moment he had, though! If he'd been in bed with me...gah, I don't even wanna think about it!) We've been giving them a little peanut butter twice a day because we're regularly giving Izzy medicine right now for her coughing issues she has. (And if Izzy gets a peanut butter treat, Jake has to have one, too! Sans medication, of course.) But we've been doing it for almost 2 weeks now...could it have taken this long for them to develop some sort of problem with the peanut butter, somehow?

Jake seemed pretty out of it this morning, too, so I asked Leo to call the vet to get their advice, and told him to call me if he needs me at all. I don't think Jake drank any water after he unloaded like he did, so he's likely just a bit dehydrated, but I hate seeing him so listless like that! Poor puppy!

It's been a gross couple of days. I totally deserve wine tonight, I think. ::sigh::

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I grew up on Beaver Lane. True story.

So Leo and I are both lake people...he of the Great variety, and I of the smallish mountain variety. We both grew up going to lakes pretty frequently, is the point, and so our goal is to someday have a vacation home on one somewhere.

My neighbor that I carpool with goes to some lake with his family on a regular basis for vacations. Last week, we were talking about it as we drove home from work, because they were going out of town for the holiday weekend. (We might have put up a KU flag on their house while they were gone, and then sent them a picture of it to reassure them that their house was doing well while they were gone for the holiday. They're K-Staters. He feels the house is tainted now. Hehehehe!!!) He was telling me about this really pretty lake down in Arkansas called Beaver Lake, and I thought it'd be fun to check it out sometime.

This week, since my boss is out on vacation, I have a little extra time on my hands, so I was looking at Beaver Lake on Google Maps yesterday to fill up some time. And DAMN.

That is one fucked up looking lake!

On the sidebar for my Google Map search for the lake, a little link popped up for the Beaver Lakefront Cabins and Suites. Handy! So I clicked and learned about the little "resort", and figured it might be a fun one to try staying at sometime this summer, so I went to look at a map and directions for the place. What follows is their directions from the Kansas City area, word for word. I couldn't make this shit up if I tried, I swear! (I added my own notes in the brackets, as you might notice as you read through these ridiculous directions. And seriously, keep reading them, because they get better and better as they get closer to their destination!)

1. From Kansas City, take US 71 South to I-44. Do not get on I-44! [Well then why did they even mention it? Jeezy!]

2. From I-44 CONTINUE south under I-44 without exiting onto US 59 South 12.3 miles to US 60 East. [Ok, this is just confusing. Shouldn't Steps 1 and 2 just be combined to say, "From KC, take US 71 South to US 59 South, and continue on for 12.3 miles to US 60 East"? FFS...]

3. Turn Left on US 60 East and continue east 21.9 miles to MO 37 South which is in the town of Monett. [Good to know. Having a landmark city to go by helps after following the oddly-worded Step 1 and Step 2.]

4. Turn Right onto MO 37 South and continue south 33.4 miles to US 62 East which is in the town of Gateway, Arkansas. [This is a surprisingly succinct step, too. I may have been a little harsh on the writer of the directions in my commentary on the first 3 steps. Sorry about that.]

a. After 17.4 miles, you will come to the first of two stop lights in the town of Cassville. There is a Wal-Mart Supercenter on your right. The is the best place to buy groceries prior to arrival. This Wal-Mart also sells liquor. [Fabulous! I like things like food and liquor, particularly when I'm headed to heavily wooded, sparsely populated areas that I'm unfamiliar with. Yay! I am now feeling like a hug for the writer of the directions is in order once I reach the hotel.]

b. Another 15 miles past the Cassville Wal-Mart Supercenter just after passing though the town of Seligman, you will see Ruby's Liquors on the left. This is the best place to buy liquor or gas prior to arrival usually beating Wal-Mart for both selection and price. [Well, shit! Why didn't they mention this in Step 4, substep a??? Now I already loaded up on expensive Wal-Mart liquor, and I didn't even get to choose from a decent selection there! GAH!]

5. Turn Left onto US 62 East for and continue east 8.7 miles to State Road 187 West. [Oh, for pity's sake...this is being put up on a professional website, people. PROOFREAD, DAMMIT.]

a. About one mile before your next RIGHT turn onto AR 187 West, you will see a sign and a left turn for AR 187 East. Do Not Turn Left onto 187 East, go another mile and you will see the RIGHT turn onto 187 West. [Wait...what?]

b. There is a large brown government sign that says 'Beaver Dam 2 ½ miles' where you turn right. [Oh, thank GOD. Because if I had to use the direction in Step 5, substep a to go by on this, I'm pretty sure I'd be on my way to getting lost in the woods, and be ready to pull out my over-priced Wal-Mart liquor to keep my spirits up...]

6. Turn Right onto AR 187 West and continue for 5.5 miles to Carroll County 120. [Ok, ok! I got it, already! Turning right onto mutherfucking AR 187 West, now. Geez...]

a. You will go over the dam and past the fire department on the left. [Shit...I wish I'd known about this back when I got frustrated with step 5, substep a. Now I'm on the lookout for a police station, too, because heell-loooo! Open liquor in the car is a no-no pretty much everywhere, right? Am I still in Missouri? Maybe it's ok in Arkansas? Hrm...]

b. After the fire department, you will see C & J Sports on your left. You can purchase beer and normal convenience store food here or sign up for scuba diving lessons. [Fuck. Yeah! I was worried I'd have to go back to Step 4, substep b to pick up more beer, and then I'd have to deal with Step 5, substep a all over again, and I have to admit, I really don't want to deal with that section of the directions again at all, if I can avoid it. And I'm sorry, but scuba diving in a lake? WTF is the point? Oh, hai murky water and're so interesting to swim through with heavy scuba gear on...???]

c. You will also go PAST the road with all the signs pointing right for the other resorts. We are Beaver Lakefront Cabins and are occasionally mistaken for Beaver Lake Cottages. [Great. I had to go and choose the hotel where a dead body would most likely go undiscovered for several days. Awesome.]

7. Turn Right onto Carroll County Road 120, also signed Oak Ridge Lane, also having our sign on the right for Beaver Lakefront Cabins, also being directly across from the Beaver Lake Fellowship Church. [Good Lord! Am I EVER going to ARRIVE at this mutherfucking hotel???]

8. Once on Carroll County 120 / Oak Ridge Lane, you will see signs with a sunset on them with arrows underneath. Follow the sunset 1.25 miles to our door where you will see a large parking lot, the main lodge, and the office off to the right. Please park in front of the office and check-in. ["Follow the sunset"? Really? Was this a result of an arts and crafts project at the Okie-Dokelie Middle School that cousin Barby Sue went to before dropping out and becoming a stipper in Rogers when she was 14?]

Hmmm. Maybe Beaver Lake isn't the place for us after all. :/

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Pine nuts = fruit of the devil?

As of yesterday, most things I eat taste bitter. Really, really gross bitter, along with the usual flavor they have already. Like, an english muffin with egg and deli sliced turkey tastes like all that stuff, but also has a bitter punch to it. Last night, buffalo strip steak with leeks and white beans? Delicious! Except for the bitter chaser.

It's continuing today. Lovely. So I looked it up online, and apparently it can come from GERD (which I don't have), or it can also be from eating pine nuts. Which we tend to do on a relatively regular basis. We had some last Thursday on a salad. They were effing delicious.

But if they're the reason my mouth and tastebuds are all fucked up, I'm afraid I might have to give them up! ::sobs:: I already had to give up my damned Greek yogurt! Why is my body hating on me like this???

Has anyone else ever had something this random happen? Tell me about it, so I'll feel less freaky!