Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ADD + driving = just STOP IT (Plus! Bonus gym reflections.)

I know posting has been sparse lately. I don't know why. Maybe it's a mid-summer attitude kind of thing. ::shrugs:: Not sure.

My car is back in the shop again, so I'm getting a well-needed break from driving for the day. Leo went out of town for the weekend, and got back yesterday filled with stories about friends and family, and how his parents totally think I'm selfish for not wanting to have babies. (::sigh:: Yeah, that's what I am. Selfish. Why didn't I see it from that perspective before??? ::roll eyes::) So since he's back in town, he helped me get my car to the mechanic to see what the hell is wrong with it now (I asked them to just run a full diagnostic. I am TIRED of this shit!), and I got a ride to work out of the deal...sweet!

I needed the break. I dunno what it is with people lately, but I have been getting stuck behind an awful lot of the type who think that searching through their car for something while sitting at a red light is a good idea. And then the light turns green, and it's time to go, and I give them my standard 3-Mississippi rule (I count to 3 Mississippily), and then I go ahead and HONK MY DAMNED HORN, BECAUSE IT'S TIME TO GOOOO NOOOOWWW. And inevitably, they have some kind of reaction to me honking at them (I do a quick tappity honk in those cases...I don't lay on my horn unless someone does something truly egregious, like try to merge into my car, or something), and I just have to call them a fucktard to myself, because no one has invented the shortwave radio communicator from car to car yet, like I so wish would be done so I could tell people to their faces what I think of them doing everything but paying attention to their driving when they're, you know...driving down the road.

Monday, on my way home at lunchtime to let the puppies out to run around a bit mid-day, I was behind someone that was slowing down as we approached a green light. And then they stopped at the green light, and that time I did lay on my horn a lil' bit because I had people behind me that were confused as to why we were stopping and they came awfully close to my back end when they realized we weren't actually continuing on as traffic should at a green lighted intersection, so I was pissed. And again, I got a little reaction from the driver of the car that had stopped at the green light, as if my honking was the infraction that happened. As if my honking was rude or some shit. Lemme tell ya something: if the way you're driving on the road is causing a hazard to MY life and limb? You betchyer mutherfucking ASS I'm gonna be a little rude about it. Moron. GOD.

And then at the gym this morning, I'm trying to have a relatively decent (if not labored) conversation with my trainer while she tried to kill me slowly through leg work, and these two guys nearby were all slammy with the weight machine contraption thinger. You know the types...they were all beefy and had shaved heads and tans and tattoos, and they were both working with, like, 190 pounds they were pulling and stuff. And then when they were done with their set, they would just let the weights fall back to their resting place...SLAM! It was loud, obnoxious, and really, really rude. First of all, those aren't their machines. They are essentially renting the time to use them, and we ALL fucking share them, so they should treat them with respect, dammit. Second of all, there's no need for that shit. If you can pull the weight in the first place, then you can very well lead it back to it's resting spot without just letting go of the bar. It's dumb, it's loud, and it's disruptive. Fuckers. I just cannot STAND that type of gym patron. They're right up there on my list along with people who grunt loudly as they do their weight sets, people who wear perfume or cologne when they workout, and the people who get on the treadmill or elliptical right next to the one you're on, even though they have 12 others to choose from.

So this week has just been a challenge, is all. AND it's only Wednesday. Sheesh.

How the fuck do I talk to my inlaws now about my baby issues, dammit? They relate everything to religion, so according to them, really I'm being selfish about not wanting children because it's doing God's work when you have a family. Or some shit like that. We have the means to take care of a child, so we should have them. That's the logic they're using. Nevermind the fact that I don't like children, and have no desire at all to raise them. Nope. Doesn't matter. THAT is why I'm being selfish. Or something. I'm not totally sure what the deal is, but all I'm sure of is that my father-in-law is judging us because we aren't having kids, and Leo didn't tell him the straight up reason why we don't want to have kids is because, well...we don't like them. And so my father-in-law thinks I'm scared and that's why I don't want to have them. Hahahahahaha! Ok, obviously, the dude doesn't really know me all that well. Right? Maybe I should kick him in the nuts when I see him next, to show him how "scared" I am of shit? I'm not sure. But I AM sure that he shouldn't concern himself with my reproductive choices. No one should. It's no one else's business what a woman (and her husband or partner) decide to do about having a family. I find it ridiculously intrusive that anyone would even trouble themselves to think about it or talk about it amongst themselves, actually!

I'm just getting rambly now...this is what happens when I don't post regularly, dammit! But anyway, the net/net is that you need to pay attention to your driving when you're behind the wheel, you should not be an asshole gym patron if you belong to and attend a public gym, and if you are troubling yourself with thoughts about anyone else's reproductive choices aside from your own, then you need to stop it right now. That's about it. Happy Wednesday! Here's to hoping my car issues come in at less than $500 this week! ::crossing fingers::


Anonymous said...

Geez, you are having a bit of a rough one. If it's any consolation, later today I'm having like a bucket full of dye pumped up my hoo-ha to see if there's any blockages ... because we are trying to have a baby. And, on that issue, I have two things to say: 1) Wanting to have children is pefectly natural (obviously--biology), but it is in fact, inherently selfish. I can think of no greater homage to the id than to want to create a mini-me; 2) you and Leo are family. When you get married, the two of you become the primary family and every other family member becomes secondary family (in my opinion). With this in mind, it is your responsibility to stand up for your primary family. Something along the lines of, "Well, this is what we've decided together, so it's not really a topic for discussion. I appreciate the concern, Dad, and yes, I know you'll be praying for us every night to see the light, but we now need to drop it." It's fine for family to want you to be happy, but it's not their business.

Good luck with the car!

Faith said...

Thank you. THANK YOU. You are so right. I don't know if people (especially the ones who think it's only natural to just take that next step to family after one gets married) realize how intrusive and rude they're being, or what. My father-in-law apparently took the opportunity to share his feelings with Leo when he was pretty drunk, so obviously he's been holding back on the topic for a while. I'll probably take it up with my MIL when I see her in November, woman to woman. Hopefully, she'll be able to find a way to explain it to her husband, because that man is beyond me, really.

Good luck with the tests! I'll send good vibes your way today. :D

Ms. Pants said...

Tell your father in law that your vagina isn't his concern. Use that terminology. It makes them uncomfortable. And also, reiterate how SELFISH it is for him to not take YOUR concerns into consideration.

Also, tell him you had lunch with God last week and She's cool with your not procreating.

Finally, and more realistically, tell Leo he's got to reign in his parents meddling or YOU will and it won't be nearly as pleasant or forgivable.

Faith said...

He was doing his best, it sounds like. Keep in mind, he was also approaching people in the bars they went to and asking them if they were Catholic (the bar tender made the mistake of telling him that he had gone to a Catholic school for 1st - 12th grade, I think, and the waitress was nice enough to tell him that she was raised Catholic), and taking the opportunity to chat with/preace at the ones that gave him an answer.

Leo also told him to back the hell off when he started talking about me being "scared". He said, "You can't talk about my wife that way," to him, and pretty much stopped that dicussion in it's tracks.

They have 3 other sons. At some point, one of them will bring home a grandbaby for them. In the meantime, they should enjoy the damned silence, if you ask me.

faithstwin said...

"...They should enjoy the damned silence..." you said it sistah! Gawd the girls are driving me BATTY lately! Sheeeeit.

Catherine, good luck with the tests! I'll send positive, fertile vibes your way.