Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cue the crazy-person laughter

Last night, I went to switch off a lamp on the bureau across from my bed, and saw a quarter lying in one of the decorative elements of it's base. I immediately noticed it wasn't a "normal" quarter and got excited, and then picked it up and saw that I was right! It was a 1945 quarter in awesome condition! "Honey! Where did you get this 1945 quarter from?" I called to Leo. "What? What quarter?" "The one you put next to the lamp in here? Where did you get it? It's AWESOME!" "I put all my change into the dish in there. I didn't put a quarter by the lamp."


No matter...I have always loved coins, and collected them in a childish way when I was a kid, even. I had a piggy bank full of what I considered to be unusual coins that I'd found over time. Then, when I took a high school jewelry class and learned that quarters made before 1965 were made of pure silver (and therefore could be turned into jewelry if we happened to find any/obtain one), I started keeping an eye out for a special quarter from pre-1965. I've never found one.

And here one was! Just lying in my room, in a spot that I would so obviously find it in. I think Jeffers gave it to me. Because he's awesome. (I'm still excited about that damned quarter, no joke! I'm a total dork, it's ok to say it.)

Ok, now about what is NOT awesome. What is not awesome is that the mechanics have called me twice today with increasingly bad news about my car. Apparently, the fact that it's been so lovely to maintain until this point has expired. Now, it is getting muthafuckin' expensive to maintain. Today, we have problems with belts, pulleys, and had that topped off with a water pump that apparently was about to fall out, and it's a good thing they had to do the work on the belts and pulleys, or they wouldn't have found the water pump issue. My car was about to fall apart on me, yo. ::sigh::

Only $850 to fix it!

I know that things could be worse. Much, much worse. But that doesn't make it hurt any less!

Anyone want to buy a 1945 silver quarter for $500? ;)


faithstwin said...

Cool beans on the aged quotah. It had to be Jeffers- but where did he get that from? Is he stealing from the rich and giving to the middle class? If so, I need to have a little convo with him. =D

Sorry about your car. Did you get the a/c fixed too? Or had that already been done? Either way, I'll only ride with Leo if you don't ever fix that a/c.

Old Fart said...

I just got my eclipse out of the repair shop today. Brand new Tensioner Pulley and Serpentine belt. $300

Faith said...

Yes! It was the tensioner pulley and the serpentine thingy in mine, too, OF! I was complaining about how much the damned things cost, and the mechanic was all, "Well, it is a BMW." I was thinking, dude, it's no different from a damned Chevy in that regard! Silly mechanic...

Twin, yeah, I got the AC fixed last month. It just needed the freon, or whatever.

I picked it up last night, and it wound up being $100 less than they had expected, so that was nice. I'm thinking of sending them a basket of fruit, or something, because it running so smoothly now. There is a definite difference in the drive, for some reason. Amazing.