Friday, June 04, 2010

Don't worry...I got paid back for making fun of the Beaver Lake people. Like, times TEN.

Well. It seems the dogs might be a little under the weather this week. It sucks just a lil' bit. I mean, they're up to their normal activity levels, happy as can be, chasing each other around, or lounging all over my lap keeping me at a nice, toasty temp of about 150 degrees, enjoying the life of a lap puppy one minute...

Awwwww! Love my puppies!

And the next, they're throwing up their entire stomach contents all over the bed and/or couch.

Izzy got sick the other night in the middle of the night...about 3 a.m., I'd guess. I woke up when I heard her hork something up, but she's always horking up hairballs, and shit. We have her on medicine for it, actually. So I didn't think much of it. I soothed her a bit, we went back to sleep, and I planned on dealing with whatever she did in the morning when I got up and it was light enough to see what had happened.

When the room finally lightened up enough to see, it was like Mount Izzy had gone off on the end of our bed! I had no idea she had been so sick, as I'd only heard a little bit of noise from her that sounded relatively normal. Poor puppy! So I cleaned it off the comforter cover, asked Leo to please throw it in the laundry later that day, and left him to the job of cleaning the carpet she'd managed to hit.

She seemed fine, though. He took the dogs to the play place yesterday, because we were getting all of the trees in our yards trimmed and cleaned up.

They seemed normal when I got home from work...happy, upbeat, a wee bit tired from all the playing at the play place. Otherwise, totally normal. When I went to bed at about 9:30, I was surprised Jake didn't follow me into the bedroom since that's his standard deal...but it was fine. He wanted to watch College Football Live with Leo. Cool. He'd change his mind soon, I figured.

Izzy and I were lying in bed - me reading, and her licking her paws as usual - when Leo suddenly burst into the room yelling, "He's throwing up! Jake is throwing up ALL OVER!" And waited for me to get out of bed and throw on my robe, and then follow him back out into the living room. Sure enough, that little guy had really given the couch a lovely bath. He had vomited with a capital VOM. It was bad, guys.

Jake was scared to hell. He was a mess, and he was all freaked out because that's never happened to him before, and so he went to cower by the back door, for some reason. I went after him with a wet towel to try to clean him up a bit, and he whined at me as I tried to calm him and clean him at the same time.

Cleaning the couch was fucking exhausting, but we managed to get the cushions cleared and the back of the couch cleaned as well. Leo got the carpet in front of the couch cleaned up, too, and then we left everything to dry overnight.

I honestly don't know what to think of this. Can dogs get the flu? Jake seemed fine 10 minutes after he got sick, and came to bed with me as usual. (I am so glad that his puppy sense kicked in and kept him out in the living room for the fun empty-the-tummy moment he had, though! If he'd been in bed with me...gah, I don't even wanna think about it!) We've been giving them a little peanut butter twice a day because we're regularly giving Izzy medicine right now for her coughing issues she has. (And if Izzy gets a peanut butter treat, Jake has to have one, too! Sans medication, of course.) But we've been doing it for almost 2 weeks now...could it have taken this long for them to develop some sort of problem with the peanut butter, somehow?

Jake seemed pretty out of it this morning, too, so I asked Leo to call the vet to get their advice, and told him to call me if he needs me at all. I don't think Jake drank any water after he unloaded like he did, so he's likely just a bit dehydrated, but I hate seeing him so listless like that! Poor puppy!

It's been a gross couple of days. I totally deserve wine tonight, I think. ::sigh::


faithstwin said...

Oh nooo! Yes, dogs can get stomach flu's just like people. Maybe check with the play place to see if any of the other dogs have gotten sick as well.

I'm so sorry you have to deal with that and poor Jake! Hopefully the vet will have some advice and if the throwing up continues they can take something that will help it stop.

Faith said...

We're getting some of the mellow-on-the-tummy special food for them for a couple of days, and we're just keeping an eye on him for now. Izzy seems fine, except she still has her damned cough, so we need to do something about that. But they think maybe Jake just ate something (maybe a mushroom?) that didn't set well. They said if he throws up again, we need to do something to keep the dehydration at bay, since he's under 20 pounds.

He was chasing after a ball that Leo threw after I left this morning, so that's a good sign!

faithstwin said...

Yes- chasing balls is always a good sign. =P

When Phoebe would throw up she would drink and drink and drink... I'm sure he must be happy that he just feels better. He'll get back to normal in no time.

I can totally see Leo running in yelling about Jake throwing up everywhere though. It kinda makes me giggle.

It would drive me nuts if Puppy had a cough. When he does the little 'hech-hech-hech' thing after eating sometimes I get all freaked out and kinda pat him on his back. Any type of sign of illness in this house is really alarming, ya know? *sigh* It's been 2 months since Phoebe passed. =(

Faith said...

Aw, I'm sorry dude! I miss her, too. :(