Friday, June 25, 2010

Flashback Friday!

Last weekend, after Leo and I had had our Saturday night bottle of wine, and finished dinner, I pulled out my old photo albums. There was a specific purpose to it, because I was looking for this one photo I took once in France, but it became a trip back down memory lane, too. It's different looking back through the old photos now, because we know each other better. And he's heard stories that go along with some of the people from the photos. It makes it more fun for him, somehow, now that he knows me the way he does, it seems.

I found some photos that I thought might be fun to share with new friends I have online, as well as here on the blaaawwwwg. Good times.

My freshman year, I went to a school in Palos Verdes, CA called Marymount College. It was a junior college, and there were around 350 students total that went there at the time. It was unusual in that we had "dorm" apartment buildings all over the town of San Pedro, which was down in a small area just south of the school. It created little fraternity/sorority-type relationships among the students that lived in their respective buildings. It was a fun way to start off a college career, I thought.

Something my roommates and our neighbors liked to do frequently was head to The Palace on Hollywood and Vine on Friday nights to go dancing. It was 18 and over, and we could sometimes work out a discount in the admission price because we travelled in a large group generally. This is a picture of us one night before we headed out to dance. That's the Twin on the far right, and I'm the one next to her in the smile and the awesome hat. ::raises eyebrow:: Hey, it was 1992...what can I say?

One of the reasons why I loved going to school at Marymount was because I was deathly in love with a boy named Doug Medland at the time, and moving there meant I was only about 20 minutes away from his apartment in Pasadena, rather than the 40 - 45 minutes I'd been when I was at mom and dad's. Doug and I met when I was 18, I think? I can't remember. Anyway, he was about 8 years older than me, and I thought he was just the bee's knees. Unfortunately, he didn't feel the same way about me...until I started dating another boy seriously when I was 20. ::sigh:: It made things very complicated at that point in my life.

Anyway, here's me and Doug when we were hanging out together one day on 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica. I still remember the moment he took this picture like it just happened 10 minutes ago. I thought it was romantic and that it meant something. ::roll eyes at self:: I was such an idiot. (If Doug happens to google his name and find this post...::waves:: Hi! I'm married now! Sorry. :( )
Here's me sitting on Doug's couch, looking through some pictures that made me laugh pretty hard. No idea what they were of...
The guy I started dating when Doug decided he wanted to give an actual relationship a go was this dude...
He was 17. He did not look 17 when I met him. 19, maybe. We were at a party, where I was actually trying to flirt with yet another guy that I had been hanging out with off and on (I was a little permiscuous in college, not gonna lie!), and he started talking to me. We had been talking for an hour when he told me how old he was. (I was about to turn 20 at the time.) But he was so tall! And had such a nice body!
So I said Fuck It! to the age thing, and dated him seriously for a year. And then fooled around with him off and on again for 2 more years after we broke up. I finally had to move to Kansas City to get myself to move on from the damned relationship. And I'm not posting his name here because he's the last person I want to google himself and find this here blog. Fuck that noise!

The summer after I met The Tall Boy at the party, I went to Paris for a school exchange program, where I finished my foreign language requirement, and learned a lot about life. I was tres sad while I was there because I couldn't see The Tall Boy, and I kinda missed my family, of all things. Weird. ;)

Anyway, in my sadness, I spent a lot of time in a park not far from my apartment/school called Jardin du Luxembourg. People went there to walk, run, relax, sunbathe, play bocce, float boats in the little pond/fountain thing they had. It was my first taste of a garden like that. Kind of must be what it would be like to live near Central Park in New York, I'd think. There was an awesomely pretty fountain there that I loved, and I wish I could sit there every day at lunch and hang out, still.
That photo is the reason why I pulled out my photo albums last Saturday, because Leo and I had purchased one that reminded me of it when we were at the Prairie Village Art Fair a couple of weeks ago. And the funny thing is is that the one we bought looks almost identical, except for the quality of the background, and the time of year. I'll have to take a pic of it, and put them up here to compare sometime, because it's really uncanny!

One of the great things about living in Paris when you're there for school, or something like that, is the Eurail Pass you can buy for traveling all over Europe via train while you're there. I got an unlimited pass that lasted the 3 months I was living there. I could travel anywhere, as long as there was a train headed that way, and it was already paid for. So I'd just present my Eurail Pass, my passport, and I was on my way. I'd highly recommend this option for anyone that's headed there. The prices vary based on age.

My favorite travel companions were my friends Jessica and Polly. They lived in the apartment downstairs from me in my building, and I was pretty much with them all the time that I wasn't sleeping. (My roommate was weird. I liked getting away from her when possible.)

Jessica and I went by ourselves to Florence one weekend. We met up with the students from Pepperdine that were there for the Florence, Italy program, and were able to stay in the school's villa there for free. (It was haunted! And old. And gorgeous. And the year before, it had given a bunch of the students salmonella from some eggs they ate that were tainted, so we avoided those when we were there. Bagels were juuust fine, thanks.)

When Jess and I arrived into town, we searched out the famous landmark Il Duomo. After a bit of trouble with some evil dude in a coffee shop who would NOT give us directions to the American Express office so we could exchange out French money for Italian money ("You want information? You buy coffee?" "Um, we can't buy coffee unless you accept francs..." "Ah, then I cannot-a help-a you!" Fucker.), Jess and I climbed the 473,846,745,385 steps to the top of the dome and took this photo:
It was a fucking incredible experience. That's probably one of the oldest buildings I've ever been in. Amazing.

Jess and Polly and I also took a side trip down to Cannes one weekend, only we missed the bullet train (called "TGV" or "muthafuckin' FAST train, yo"), and had to catch a normal train down there. No biggie. During that trip, we made friends with a couple of boys that were traveling around Europe together, I tried going to the bathroom in an old school toilet from God knows when in a train station in BFE France when we were switching trains the morning after we left Paris, and changed my mind (it was a HOLE in the GROUND. Um, no thanks.), and we eventually decided that Nice was just fine, and Cannes could suck it. We were tired of being on the train by the time we reached Nice, and we wanted a beach, fresh air, and to STOP MOVING, so we got off there instead. It was lovely! Jessica is on the left in this photo, I'm in the middle, and Polly is the tall Asian chicky on the right. I can't remember the other two girls' names. We weren't that close.
Jess and I are on the beach...I covered my legs with a towel to save any future viewers from the horror of my upper thighs compared to Jessica's runner thighs. I think they were actually probably just fine, but I was 20...what did I know?
Jess left Pepperdine the following summer, and moved up to Washington to be a part of their running program. She was the best runner at Pepperdine, and wasn't feeling challenged enough. She wound up meeting a dude that was super-religious, and they fell in love, but as I understood it, did nothing more sexual with each other than to hold hands. I missed her a lot after she left! I wonder if she ever got to screw that dude she fell for...

One of our field trips as a class was to a chateau called Chenonceau. I looooved it there. It was gorgeous! I decided then and there that my boyfriend at the time and I would totally get married there someday. Or if we broke up, then whoever I wound up marrying would marry me there. I don't even know if they allow weddings there, but I was gonna make it happen, dammit.
The chateau runs across a little river in the Loire Valley. At the time, I don't think we were allowed to tour the 2nd floor, but I can't remember why...mabe renovation was going on? Not sure. Anyway, the hallway that lead from one side of the river to the other was where I wanted to have my wedding ceremony:
LOVE the floors.

Ok, thinking about France and Chenonceau and all that depresses me, and I don't wanna be depressed today! Leo left for Chicago earlier, and I'm home alone for the weekend, so it's time to revel in some girl time! I bought the entire set of Daria DVD's last week when they were on a Target special for $40, and I'm totally watching those suckers, man. See you all when I un-hole myself on Monday...have a good one!


faithstwin said...

Awww- I love photos! I don't remember all of that- and Tall Dude looks way diff than I recall.

I highly suggest putting up more photos with ME in them though. Younger Me was so much better than Old Me. =P

Faith said...

Um, younger me is ALWAYS better than older me, at least at this point in our lives!

Maybe we'll get to 45, and look as hot as Kristen Davis does, or something. Can you believe she's 45? I can't believe she's 45. I wanna look like that when I'm 45!!!