Thursday, June 24, 2010

I can make it stop...but do I want to?

I've been mulling something over all morning, and I don't know what to do. Here's the jist, and you guys give me your feedback on what you think:

My hairdresser recently left her salon she had been working at for the past several years. She warned me of the change in advance, and tried to do her best to warn all of her long term, return clients as well. She was just disgruntled when it came to the salon management, and from the stories she'd shared with me about what was up, I don't really blame her.

The salon has called me twice to see if I want to reschedule my appointment with someone else, but I haven't returned their calls. Mostly, this is because, um, no, I do NOT want to see anyone hairdresser and I have been working together to make my hair pretty for over 5 years now, through a couple of different salon changes on her part. But it's also because my appointment was with my hairdresser, and she's not with the salon anymore, so I don't see the point in having a discussion with them about me not continuing to be their customer. Its a waste of my time.

Cut to this week. My appointment was scheduled for this Saturday. Apparently, since I didn't return their calls, they saw fit to send an email that was intended as a sort of follow-up, but also as an attempt to retain my business. I don't begrudge them that attempt...I totally understand why they would want to do that. What I don't understand was why they started off their email in such an unprofessional and inappropriate manner. They shared info that they shouldn't have shared. It was uncalled for. So I called them on it in a response, and then asked them to remove me (and Leo...he goes there for haircuts) from their computer systems.

One of the owners responded to my note with an even more unprofessional response, I again responded to that just saying that I understand that they want to maintain their customer base, but I just disagreed with their way of going about it, and I wished her luck in the future.

Unfortunately, she chose to respond...again. And she shared all kinds of things that she shouldn't have shared with me, including information about "gifts" she and her husband had given to my hairdresser and her husband (who also worked there, and left the same day), and even a loan they had extended to them when they bought a house, and how disappointed they were that they treated them like they did, etc, etc, with the inappropriateness seemingly oozing out of my computer screen.

I mean, C'MON! I just want pretty hair! And I also like my hairdresser, and think she's been treated kinda crappy by these people over the years, and I'm glad she and her husband have set off on their own like they did! This woman has 10 years on me, at least! Why does she think that sharing info like that with me is at all OK???

So. Should I write her back and tell her, essentially, that if they were giving conditional gifts, then maybe they shouldn't have given them at all? And that she needs to maybe consider some therapy to help her grow beyond the 12 year old level mentality she appears to have? I mean, it seems like the loan she mentioned (GAH!) must've been paid back, so why even bring it up? IN AN EMAIL TO A FORMER CLIENT???

I don't understand people. (Btw, my gut is saying that I should let it all go...having the "last word" is not that important to me in the scheme of things, and the fact that this salon owner is basically a grown child should not be my concern. I just thought I'd see what you guys thought...)


Erin said...

It's not your fight. Don't invite the drama.

Xavier Onassis said...

Gotta ignore 'em. They're like anonymous commentors. If you interact with them, they'll just keep coming back.

Don't feed the pigeons.

Anonymous said...

I agree that you should let it go ... but after you send what the salon owner said on to your hairdresser. If your hairdresser is running a new business, and the salon owner is saying anything that is false, your hairdresser should follow up. I'm no lawyer, but it may potentially be illegal for one business to slander another business in this manner.

Faith said...

That's what I was worried about, too, Cate. I started thinking about that after I posted earlier, while I was out running errands.

I worry about upsetting my hairdresser, though. I already forwarded the original email to her, when I received it yesterday morning. But the additional information her former boss has shared with me wouldn't have been shared had I not responded to that original email in the first place, right? So, maybe I'm the only person hearing about all the crap she's saying. And it's not changing my mind to hear it, at all! It's making me feel better about my hairdresser getting away from that salon, if anything!

Drama is right, Erin. It's all so stupid...

Ms. Pants said...

If I were you, I'd forward the emails (or print them) for your hairdresser in case she'd like to take up a slander charge.

Hell, because I'm a spiteful bitch, I'd probably also send the emails to Consumerist and hope they get published and the salon goes under.

Angi said...

Its obvious the business owner wants your insightful opinion and is going to change based on your responses....maybe not. I'd reply in a very short note that you feel she is being very unprofessional regardless of the circumstances and to please not contact you in the future.